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AfterrHome uses A.I. to help users book remote live stream inspections.

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Over $500 Million Market Opportunity
Remote-Live Stream Inspections
Uses Artificial Intelligence to scan property neighborhood data for environmental hazards
Self- Analyzing SMART Inspection Report Scalable Inspection Technology
Subscription model for home inspection payments
4 ways to generate revenue: Inspections Realtor Programs Maintenance Plans Moving Services
Growth and innovation potential on parallel with platforms like Amazon and Zillow
Experienced Team with over 20 yrs Tech+Real Estate Experience

Our Team

Not only is this a major market opportunity; but it is also an opportunity to respond to a growing need in the real estate process. By adding A.I. and remote live-stream inspections, our model revolutionizes a traditional process & aligns to the modern buyer who is accustomed to technological advances in real estate and remote options.

The Story of AfterrHome

We developed the concept of AfterrHome in 2019 and we are already changing the future of home inspections!

While much of the real estate industry have adapted to changes in technology, the home inspection process has remained antiquated. 

After the countless stories of home inspection nightmares that can be found on social media, we decided to revolutionize the home inspection industry by addressing the top complaints of :

1) Finding reputable, quality and transparent inspectors

2) Scheduling in-person inspections around their schedule

3)slow inspection reports

4) out-of-pocket costs of inspections

We decided on Artificial Intelligence!!

After doing more research, we decided that homebuyers also needed some assistance in choosing the appropriate environmental inspections for their home. 

So we created a platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to scan the address of the property and suggest environmental inspections based on the neighborhood data.

AfterrHome also allows users to pay only 50% on the costs at booking and the rest they can pay over three months. 

We attended YC Start-Up School to further develop our concept and received invaluable instruction from tech industry professionals 

We learned more about how to launch a successful start-up. We also learned how to talk to users. We conducted many surveys with realtors, existing homeowners and future homeowners to assess their needs, experience with home inspections and our ability to respond to "pain points". We got lots of positive feedback!

We got set to Launch... Then COVID-19 happened...

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed our launch. We then had to figure out how to pivot...

We knew that we needed to rethink our approach and decided that whatever we did next...had to be innovative

Remote Live-Stream Inspections

After experiencing social distancing, we realized that this was our new norm and we have to find a way to conduct inspections but adhere to social distancing. 

We did some research and realized that social distancing offered a chance to innovate home inspections by introducing remote live stream inspections.

Our inspectors would do on-site home inspections, and provide a live-stream link for the homebuyer and realtor to attend remotely. 

While it is definitely a response to the pandemic; it also offers a long-term solution to the longstanding problem of scheduling with the inspector, home buyer and realtor. With remote live stream inspections, the realtor and inspector can stay in their offices and watch the inspection via live stream link.

To Gauge the Interest of the Tech Community...

We Entered a Pitch Competition!!

We felt we had a great idea but we wanted to pitch it to the tech community! So we entered the DC StartUp Week 1st Virtual Pitch Competition,

After competing with 9 other companies, AfterrHome emerged as the winner! We won $1,000, a free month at WeWork, in-kind services from Technology Rivers and the validation of the community. 

Ready to Launch: November 1st

We received lots of positive feedback from users and industry professionals and are set to launch on November 1, 2020. 

We are pioneering the future of inspections 

By integrating A.I. and remote live stream inspections, we are changing the way home-related inspections are conducted. 

In the next 12 months we are looking towards the following milestones:


-Establish 5 brokerage partnerships 

-Add all advanced features fully integrated on our site

-Establish partnership with the Baltimore Department of Health for Environmental Inspection Hazard Prevention Programs

-Fully launch in at least 5 states 


Thank you for choosing us! We hope that you'll stay connected with us and follow us along our success journey!!