Christine Outram

Giving every student their own digital tutor.

location: Culver City, CA

Company: Everydae

Role: CEO

On Everydae.

For too long, expensive tutoring services have exacerbated an ever-widening achievement gap between the haves and the have-nots. Given a potential future of rolling pandemics it is vital that we make online learning as engaging as in-person teaching. It must also be affordable. That's why we're building Everydae.

On being a founder.

To me, being a woman founder means changing the landscape and the conversation. I set myself a mission to further prove what data has shown – women-led teams generate 35% higher ROI compared to all-male teams.

In terms of a role model, I prefer to stitch together advice and support through conversations with a wide variety of women and men. Every person’s story is different and I don’t like to hold one person up above others.

Despite writing and having an impressive resume, I still have to teach and remind myself to be confident and believe in my business abilities, leadership and instincts. Women entrepreneurs have to learn to carve their own path. The predominant narrative in the space is male-focused and revolves around a message of VC as the only option for growth. I was surprised by how little VC goes to women founders, but entrepreneurs don’t have to follow that road. They have to decide on their goals (whether it's a bootstrapped lifestyle business, a 500+ person conglomerate or something in-between) and understand why they are doing it - then they will create their own path. It’s why I like platforms like Wefunder - it gives everyone with a solid business an opportunity to thrive, no matter their gender or background.

To gain success, I had to stop apologizing and being too humble. I now own that I am successful. I have this incredible, powerful past and unique expertise that has enabled me to be in a position to have a massive impact on the world. I am proud of that every day. Meeting other men and women who are also here to change the world is the best thing about being a woman founder.