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🚀Named a 1000X company by Neil Patel and the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network.
🏆 Founded by Harvard & MIT grads. Sold our last company in this sector in 2018.
💪91% of trials CONVERT into paid subscriptions. (Healthy Recurring Revenue Business Model!)

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Ever struggled to learn something new? If yes, then you'll like what we do. We believe that online learning is broken and yet it is more vital than ever. It's not good enough that students see the same thing regardless of their needs, that systems can't detect blindspots or that the completion rate for courses is 3%. So we built a better way.

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1.8 Billion students were introduced to online learning during COVID 19. Yet the online learning systems we have today are completely subpar.

They're not engaging, they're not gamified and smart and they're definitely not designed for this generation of learners.

Slide showing why online learning is broken - students see the same thing regardless of their needs, systems can't automatically detect blindspots, the UI will put you to sleep, 3% course completion rates etc.
Every student has different skills and online learning should adapt to them.

🚀 That's why we built Everydae. The award-winning, gamified online learning system that gets students to mastery faster, without the stress.

We sell directly to students, but our biggest growth area is our white-labeling business. 

We're growing globally and we'd love for you to invest. Read on for the ten reasons why you should invest today.

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#10. Our business model is smart and designed for profitability

Companies across the world white label our online learning solution to either replace their current system or launch a new online learning experience from scratch (in as little as 8 weeks).

#9. The market opportunity is HUGE

Growth in the Learning Systems Market - to $37.9B by 2026
Fueled by COVID, the need for effective and engaging online learning solutions has exploded. We’re expertly positioned to ride this wave.

Image showing 17 different education sectors where Everydae can provide a scalable online learning platform. This includes tutoring, test prep, higher education, workforce development etc.
Our online learning system provides everything that serious education companies need to scale. Our partners love us because we’re DATA-DRIVEN, ENGAGING and we make it easy to launch and grow.

#8. Our competitive advantage is clear

Competitive analysis grid showing Everydae's competitive advantages compared with Benchprep, Docebo, Kajabi, Thinkific and others
Whether you're selling directly to students, or selling into schools or districts. Everydae is the only platform on the market that is fun to use with serious data-driven analysis under the hood and all the features you need to scale.

#7. We're laser-focused on enterprise deals and are poised to accelerate

#6. Microlearning works: we've proven it

#5. We're the right team for the job

#4. Investors love us

    #3. We keep winning AWARDS

    We're thrilled to keep being awarded for our hard work. In 2021 we were named one of the Top 25 most innovative EdTech companies in the world as well as being finalists in several EdTech competitions and a member of the "Elite 200" early stage EdTech startups in 2022.

    #2. We’re riding an unprecedented online learning wave

    With our background in both education and tech, we're uniquely positioned to dominate the online learning platform market.

    #1. Because every learner deserves to reach their full potential

    Don't miss out. Invest today.

    ✅Experienced founders with previous exits
    ✅HUGE market size with global scaling opportunities
    ✅Proprietary tech
    ✅Attractive B2B business model with recurring revenue
    ✅We look forward to sharing our success with you

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    Tell me clearly, what does your company do?

    Everydae redefines how learners realize their potential. We’re a gamified online learning platform that can use microlessons and adaptivity to maximize student gains in the minimum amount of time.

    Companies white-label our tech to achieve a superior online learning experience: one that engages, guides and helps students achieve mastery, no matter their starting point.

    Where do you want to be in 5 years?

    In five years, our hope is that we've created an online learning platform that's smarter than a human and more engaging than Instagram. The goal is to integrate proprietary algorithms and use world-class design to effectively assess student strengths and weaknesses and adapt content to maximize progress in the minimum amount of time. By creating this tech we estimate (though with no guarantees) that we can bring in over $100M+ in ARR.

    What do you see as the exit strategy for Everydae?

    We are building for global domination but are very aware that we’ll also be an attractive acquisition target in a couple of years. Acquisition by a large strategic buyer in the education space is very plausible given recent M+A deals. We are continuously thinking of how to best position ourselves for a successful exit down the road, and the value that a buyer could gain from us - academic content, adaptive learning platform, multi-year aggregated data on students and their college/career trajectory, etc.

    What's your current burn?

    Our burn-rate is really healthy and has come down significantly since we switched off our B2C advertising and focused on B2B. With 5 team members, a network of freelance academic content creators and infrastructure, G&A etc., it is $55k/month.

    How fast are you growing / how's your revenue?

    After a tumultuous year for SAT prep in 2020/2021 we switched our primary focus to being a white-label solution and have seen revenue growing ever since. We now have 5 white label partners with a goal of closing at least one new enterprise deal per month. Each deal is worth an average of ~$24k/year. However, because of the revenue-share structures we have implemented, as our partners grow, we do too.

    Lastly, we are currently interviewing B2B sales people to speed up our partner acquisition process.

    Why did you choose this idea? Why do you care?

    Ever struggled to learn something new? If yes, then you'll like what we do. We believe that online learning is broken and yet it is more vital than ever. It's not good enough that students see the same thing regardless of their needs, that systems can't detect blindspots or that the completion rate for courses is 3%.

    So we built a better way.

    Why is this a good idea, right now? What changed in the world? Why wasn't this done a few years ago?

    We are facing one of the most paradigm-changing events in our lifetimes. COVID-19 has the power to fundamentally reshape education and usher in a new era of online learning.

    We envision a world where students are motivated to learn and can reach mastery in less time and with less stress.

    5 years ago an online learning platform like this wouldn't have been possible. Today, thanks to advances in technology and AI, we believe it is not only possible, it's essential.

    This is our mission and Everydae is the team to deliver.

    How far along are you? What's your biggest obstacle?

    We have proven that our online learning platform is ENGAGING and gets RESULTS.

    Now, we're laser-focused on one thing: increasing the number of companies who white-label our tech so we can spread engaging online learning to the world.

    Our biggest obstacle thus far has been COVID-19. In 2020, the market for SAT prep (our previous flagship product) evaporated due to exams being cancelled and colleges no longer requiring SAT scores for admission. To combat this unexpected change, we nimbly pivoted and accelerated our roadmap by years - allowing others to build on top of our platform, improving learning outcomes and generating more revenue for the companies we work with.

    Now is the time to put our foot on the gas.

    Who competes with you? 

    There are a few competitors in the online learning platform space (Benchprep, Docebo etc). But unlike us they don't have the ability to integrate the three things that high-stakes learning companies want:
    - AI adaptivity
    - Gamification
    - Microlessons

    Everydae was built on these foundations. We're here at the exact right time to provide a scalable online learning solution to companies across the globe.

    How do you make money?

    Our direct to consumer business starts at $39/mo for SAT prep and high school courses.

    But it's our B2B aspect of the business that brings in more money for us. Each deal has a monthly guaranteed minimum with a rev share. The average deal size is $24k/year.

    We also work with non profits to ensure that every student has access to an engaging way to learn online

    What are the biggest risks? If you fail, what would be the reason? What has to go right for you to succeed?

    Our biggest risk is keeping our burn-rate low while we finish our fundraising round and until we establish a roster of B2B clients.

    Do you still sell SAT prep?

    Yes, but it's not where the money is. Now we allow other companies to white label our tech so they can launch their own online learning experiences.

    We also license our SAT content to other test prep providers.