Brynne Caleda & Julia Bond

For 20 years, Yoga Ed. has supported adults who work with youth – such as educators, healthcare professionals, and caregivers – with trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness resources to improve physical and mental health outcomes across all ages.

location: Honolulu, HI

Company: Yoga Ed

Role: Co-founders

On Yoga Ed.

Teaching adults and kids to take care of their health and wellness is as important as learning to read and write. Yoga Ed. is uniquely positioned to address this crisis now with trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness tools that have been studied and proven to work.

On being a founder.

Being a woman founder means a deep embodiment and connection to one's feminine energy that allows her to lead from a place of compassion, empathy, and clarity.

As women founders, we’re familiar with the many challenges that women face in business, from gender biases in the form of questions about personal circumstances to glaring gender inequalities. One of the biggest obstacles that we’ve faced so far is access to risk capital.

We’ve learnt that success does not equal money. Success is in the work environment you create for employees to thrive, the connections and community you create for your customers, and the impact your work has in the world. As a woman founder, ask for what you and your company need and want. We are often afraid of the ask, but if you never ask, you will never receive.

The best part about being a woman founder is shattering glass ceilings that were built too low in the first place. There is a collective lack of awareness around the system of patriarchy and how it works against women in the workplace and in society as a whole.