Savannah Sauce Company

When life throws tomatoes at you; make salsa!

Last Funded September 2020


raised from 82 investors


In less than 24 months, we on-boarded Savannah Sauce Company's signature sauces into 46 Whole Foods Market stores in the Southern Region
Creating sustainable programs to empower young people
Created the "Tiny Homes for Big Heroes" cookbook to sustain tiny house communities for homeless Veterans
The sauce and condiment industry is a $21 billion dollar industry.

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Our Team

This idea sort of chose us. We had no idea that we would be in the sauce business. Circumstances placed us into this industry. When life gives you lemons; make lemonade. Savannah Sauce Company is our lemonade.

How it all began...

  • We started Savannah Sauce Company by accident. After military service in the United States Army, Tracey was working as  a medical technologist and Mike as a project manager at a university. Life was great. Mike had gotten a promotion and was on the fast track for success. While on vacation in Jekyll Island, Georgia , the two [Tracey and Mike] attended  a Shrimp & Grits Festival, where they met a couple selling their  Caribbean sauces. Tracey noticed that the couple offered distributorships. They purchased two sauces and after trying them, they purchased a distributorship with the understanding that the couple could keep up with demand and quality requirements. Shortly after getting the couple's product into retail stores, Tracey and Mike noticed increasingly declining quality issues which caused them to sever their ties and create their own signature sauces, Savannah Sauce Company turned this misfortune into an opportunity. 
  • After examining the sauce and condiment market; the two [Tracey and Mike] saw a void in the marketplace for great tasting sauces that were all-natural and met the dietary  and quality requirements of health conscious consumers. They introduced their signature sauces to this $21 billion dollar industry. Tracey and Mike love doing special evens like the Shrimp and Grits Festival.  Venues like this have been a powerful medium for building consumer awareness of the brand. Covid-19 has impacted these types in venues negatively as a result of social distancing. With more people practicing social distancing an staying at home and watching  television to pass the time; Savannah Sauce Company will employ the use of technological tools to build brand awareness through regionally targeted commercials aired on multi-media platforms such as NetFlix and Hulu. Clever, memorable commercials will make the Savannah Sauce Company brands a house-hold name.
  • We have gained so much traction since 2014. We started out in one store with one sauce. We have set goals to acquire shelf space in (2) new retailers each month. Service companies such as Amazon and Instacart have increased our sales during the Covid-19 social distance regulations; more people are eating at home and preparing their own meals. We offer a solution by way of our sauces for novice cooks to create  gourmet quality meals. Many who try our sauces for the first time realize how convenient Savannah Sauce Company makes creating memorable and delicious meals. Once they try our sauces and are pleased with the results, they increase their confidence and expand their creativity to create new meal ideas.   They [customers] like  sharing this experience with friends and families and other SAUCEHEADS (Savannah Sauce Company Foodie).