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Mind + Body care rituals powered by indigenous Latin American botanicals

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raised from 25 investors
$3M valuation cap Future Equity
$2.5K, $5K, $10K, $25K
Ryan & Celeste Henry
Last year my wife was able to get some samples of the Sanara products; she has been using them every day since, and telling everyone she can about it! We have gotten to know Rebekah more. We believe her drive, and her ability to overcome obstacles while continuing to build a brand from her own home is almost unmatched. It is clear to see that Sanara is her passion! The quality of the product, and the importance of bringing attention to Latin American elements that are underutilized in the skincare and beauty market, is something we want to get behind. When she approached us about investing, we looked at Sanara’s growth in just the past few months, combined with testimonials from skincare therapists at high end spas, and our decision to move forward was an easy one. We were most impressed by their organic growth with little marketing so far and the high engagement rates of repeat users. We believe this brand could take off as Sanara closes more partnerships with luxury facilities, and continues to build on their B2C brand.


🚀$9.6 Billion U.S. Spa Market CAGR 12.1% from 2021-28
🚀$10.6 Billion U.S. Luxury Cosmetics Market CAGR 3.9 % from 2021-28
🚀 Launched at Four Seasons Vail, Nov 2021 creating 2 of their signature rituals
⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8 star average customer review
📣 Currently in talks with Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons spas and more
🏆 Voted Best In Show Finalist Body Scrub at the 2019 Indie Beauty Expo Nationally
🏆 Voted Buyer Favorite at the 2019 Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas, TX
📣 Featured in Women of Today by Camila Alves McConaughey

Our Founder

It all started in my kitchen. I've been living with Psoriasis since my teens and it wasn't until my mid-30's that I decided it was time to take my skin into my own hands. I wanted to know the ingredients I was putting onto my skin so I began formulating my own products and just like that Sanara was born.

Latin American botanicals and the beauty industry, please allow me to introduce you.

Introducing Sanara 

Sanara is a plant based skincare line developed and created for those with skin sensitivities. Sanara celebrates indigenous Latin American botanicals, my way of paying homage to my Latin roots. "I want to celebrate and share the beauty of Latin America".

The Meaning of Sanara

Sanará means, 'you will heal' in Spanish. Acting as the beacon to the ingredients I use and products I create.

My Why....

I found a major ingredient gap in the cosmetics market.

Sanara creates beauty rituals powered by indigenous Latin American botanicals for those moments in life when you need to step away and heal.

What have I been up to?

From TRANQUILA Collection launch to present

Who is our target customer and market? 

$10.6 Billion U.S. Luxury Cosmetics Market CAGR 3.9 % from 2021-28

Increasing demand for premium and high-quality cosmetics and personal care products among millennials is driving the market.

$9.6 Billion U.S. Spa Market CAGR 12.1% from 2021-28

The rise in hectic lifestyles brings compound growth for the next 6 years in the spa and wellness markets. 

I have BIG plans.....

Crunching the numbers for success.

If you want a unicorn brand, you must first start with strategy.

The last 4+ years were spent, studying the spa + wellness and luxury beauty markets, launching our minimal viable product, testing market fit, building relationships, elevating the Sanara story and secondary packaging, and that resulted in us LAUNCHING INTO OUR FIRST LUXURY SPA!

TRANQUILA RITUAL & EL CUERPO RITUAL created by Sanara now at Four Seasons Vail.

Next Steps. Scale.🚀 

Take a look at Sanara's growth potential for the next 5 years!

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

And you can help us get there!

How my first capital investment will help Sanara grow in the spa + wellness and luxury beauty markets.