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Invest in RYN

For your protection encrypt your files today with RYN-It our free service.


RYN focuses on providing the tools to millions of micro-business to protect their client's data
RYN's security dashboard provides the 60 M freelancers the tools to run a business on the web.
RYN's compliance features can assure their clients that their data is safe in motion and at rest.
RYN's free version allows our business clients to extend RYN's tools to their clients for FREE.
RYN-IT IS FREE - register in minutes, encrypt files in seconds, and protect your files for life.
Encryption is one of the fastest-growing markets, and RYN is positioned to capitalize on the growth.
The Encryption Software Market is forecast to be $20B by 2025 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 15.5%.
RYN's BIOMETRIC PATENT #7,844,832 IS PRIVACY-any biometric, using any type of media on any device.

Our Team

It's Personal! We have friends and family who had had their lives devastated when their stolen personal and private information was sold on the Dark-Web. The only way to stop the theft of our information is to encrypt every file with RYN, because an encrypted file is useless to a hacker. Registration and use are FREE!

The Story of RYN!