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Housing is amongst the most basic of human needs, and yet, it's becoming increasing elusive — even in wealthy countries like the US. Technology has changed every sector leaving construction as the last industry prime for revolution. We care because escalating costs of rent and home ownership is becoming unsustainable for the working middle class.

🚀🚀 Today is the Last Chance to invest!!! Lift off is today! 🚀🚀 Meet Nest. An affordable disaster-proof smart house that keeps you safe, happy and healthy.

We present to you a high quality and eco-friendly modular Smart House that is affordable for everyone. It is engineered to withstand storms, earthquakes and even stop burglars. Nest comes built-in with IoT sensors and an operating system for health, security and comfort. It is built in a factory with precision engineering that is difficult to achieve in traditional field construction.

Why we built Nest. 

There’s a severe housing shortage that is affecting millions of people across the globe today. In the United States, it’s a crisis. The demand for affordable housing is enormous and the supply is limited. Over three million affordable homes must be built quickly to make an impact.

Due to low supply of housing, home prices are rising at twice the rate of wage growth. The cost of renting or owning a home is becoming an increasingly large percent of household income — even for the middle class. Homelessness is on the rise.

Conventional methods of building homes are slow, expensive, and produce high amounts of waste. The timeline for building a single-family home could span anywhere from 6 to 18 months, and could easily go two times over budget. We need to build high quality inexpensive eco-friendly homes to make a difference in the global housing crisis.

Traditional houses in the US are not built to withstand severe storms. These weather-related disasters are becoming more common due to significant changes in the earth’s climate caused by global warming. Each year, it takes longer to rebuild communities after a hurricane or other natural disasters.

So we assembled a team of architects, civil engineers, human interaction designers, and software/hardware engineers to rethink housing.

We have created an affordable home that’s both elegant and functional, light on the environment, built tough to survive natural disasters, and promotes health and happiness for everyday living. A home thoughtfully designed to be loved and enjoyed.

Nest is a beautiful Smart House built with a rigid steel frame core. It’s lightweight, burglar-proof and disaster-resistant — so you can put it virtually anywhere: in a backyard, or completely off-grid in the middle of nowhere.

It’s built with eco- and health-friendly materials and comes in three sizes: Solo (12' x 40' — 480 SQ FT), Nano (12' x 28' — 336 SQ FT) and Pico (12' x 20' — 240 SQ FT).

To make Nest truly affordable for everyone, we had to embed clever value engineering into the entire product lifecycle:

  • Take advantage of economies of scale by building homes like a product in a factory
  • Democratize high-end architecture for everyone by designing the models once and reusing the blueprint (architecture fees are a significant cost item in building)
  • Design homes to withstand storms and earthquakes
  • Make homes highly efficient by design to utilize less energy over its lifetime
  • Use technology for automation to reduce power usage and increase lifetime value
  • Optimize homes for easy adaptation into multi-family dwelling units


Smart House
Nest is a fully integrated high-end house. Think of it like hardware, with all components working in tandem to provide comfort for everyday living. The house offers a mobile app with built-in automation for Android and iOS.

A Healthy Home
Built with your health in mind using toxin-free materials. Nest features embedded sensors that intelligently monitor indoor air quality and filters out dust, viruses, and other pollutants hundreds of times daily.

Highly Efficient by Design
We use four layers of glass for windows, premium insulation in walls and a smart HVAC to reduce the need for heating or cooling all year round. The external glass façade is a tough composite burglarproof layer that is rated to survive debris impact from hurricanes.

Fully Fitted Kitchen
Enjoy happy cooking with full-size appliances. You get an electric induction cooktop, dishwasher, pullout pantry, over-the-range oven, and a French door fridge. Choose your built-in kitchen from GE, Bosch, Miele, LG or Samsung.

Yes to Shower Time
Cheers to a compact house with a spacious bathroom! We spent months optimizing every square inch of the bathroom floor. Features accessible shower and toilet spaces, washing machine and dryer, rain shower, bidet spray, and a ceiling speaker.

A Space that Works
Every aspect of Nest is thoughtfully designed to match form with function. We've centered its elegant design around modern day lifestyle and activities. Each Nest features a cozy WFH corner that's great for deep work.

Let there be LIGHT
LIGHT is a modern dual inverter and battery system. Enjoy up to 6KWh of solar energy storage for all year off-grid living, or as backup power — even to your main home.

Our Smart Houses come with a powerful computer and encrypted operating system called RoomOS. It runs on modern Intel and ARM coprocessors. With up to 10TB of local storage, there is enough space to hold security feed history for years. No cloud storage subscription needed.

Extend your Happy Space. Let's go Modular.

Roombus XO is an “Extended Option” for adding blank modular spaces to increase your home floor space up to 5,000 SQ FT. With many configurations, the possibilities are endless.

Roombus XO features 3 module sizes that can be mixed and matched in any orientation. This modularity of Nest/XO can cover several use-cases — from home offices, to family rooms, and private gyms.

Let's Go Vertical
The structural steel core of Nest allows it to be stacked for truly affordable housing. It is engineered to be stacked up to 4 floors in seismic-active areas, and up to 6 floors in inactive areas.

The Market is RIPE for the taking.

We believe our addressable market will grow 2X in five years. There is currently no market leader in Smart Housing. We believe we are positioned to become the company that pieces together the software, hardware, and design components into a compelling product everyone wants. In this case, a well-built home.

In a nutshell...

  • Well designed affordable high-end homes. (Yes! High-end can be affordable.)
  • Eco-Friendly construction with safe materials
  • Disaster-Resistant steel frame design
  • IoT Automation powered by AI built-in
  • Solar and intelligent high-density battery storage system
  • Streamlined purchase process that includes home financing and installation
  • Rapid click-to-installation timeline in as little as 2-4 weeks (depending on local city permit processing times)

We have beautiful homes that people absolutely love. From design to lifecycle and pricing, our homes are made to be loved and enjoyed.

The future of housing is smart. Join us.

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