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๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€Just 2 days to go! $$$TRILLIONS. Hear me out.

on Apr 21 2021

At this point, I'm literally holding the elevator door wide open for our campaign watchers to jump in!

Or... maybe the elevator analogy is a little too modest for some: I'm holding the rocket liftoff countdown for you to come onboard!

We're addressing a market segment that is worth trillions of dollars. Trillions. We've proven market fit and are in hot demand โ€” to put it mildly. At our initial planned capacity, we are backordered till January 2023 (!) and paid reservations are still pouring in daily!! We've had to revise rollout plans twice, and are implementing a partnership model to increase capacity and launch in Texas and Florida this fall to meet surging demand โ€” from almost all 50 states!

This will be our lowest valuation ever! Our $7.5m valuation cap was set to maximize returns for all our early investors. I encourage all who are undecided to come onboard.

To our amazing investors already in... Please prepare for liftoff.

3... 2...

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