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What does your company do?

Creating virtuous games, that are not only super fun to play, but also in the end, make the player a better person. RiseAngle has 5 VR and AR game titles on the market, all original IPs, with over 300,000 lifetime installs and entitlements over all 5 games across 6 different platforms. World of Mazes, an episodic game series, is RiseAngle's first morally upstanding and super fun game universe, and the company's most valuable IP, which will release on various Non-VR and VR platforms soon.

Where will your company be in 5 years?

- RiseAngle will establish "moral gaming" as a new popular game genre with raving fans, other companies will follow and try to show their support (similar to diversity today) - RiseAngle will be the #1 trusted brand in the game industry and the go-to place for gamers searching for virtuous games as well as parents looking for trustworthy games for their kids. - World of Mazes game series will be a household name, known for its innovation in every dimension from storytelling to NFTs.

Why did you choose this idea?

I am personally an avid gamer. I've played thousands of games, of every genre, in my lifetime. As I spent many hours playing games, I searched for fun games that are morally uplifting and make you a better person after playing them. As my search failed, I came to realize that this specific breed of games is rare to find, a problem we want to fix.

How far along are you? What's your biggest obstacle?

- Team: We have a small rockstar core team who have worked together for a few years, and a reliable network of 50+ experts we can rehire as needed. - Technology: We have successfully released 5 games across 6 different platforms. We have an established proprietary methodology of low-cost game development. - Product: We have our flagship product, World of Mazes game series, which has shown huge potential based on a limited release on Oculus Go. - Marketing: We have tried and true low-cost marketing trade secrets that have resulted in 300,000+ game installs. Biggest obstacle: It is the funding to bring the World of Mazes to most VR and Non-VR platforms and scale the marketing, make the game a household name, and monetize it properly.

Who competes with you? What do you understand that they don't?

The game industry is a very fragmented industry with many big and small players. So any of these companies could change direction and compete with us in the future. What differentiates us is that we are the first game company with a sole focus and dedication to building morally upstanding games, and we will brand ourselves as such as well. Since we have already developed World of Mazes, our first game series and universe presenting our views and values, we will receive a lot of feedback from the gamers once we publish the game on more mainstream platforms soon. That means unique, valuable data and insights that other companies will not have access to and also a unique community and fan base with trust in our brand.

How will you make money?

We are going to publish our games on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and PC, as well as VR for Oculus Quest, Rift, and HTC Vive. Thereby, we will make money from our games using different methods, depending on the game and the gamer's platform of choice, varying from premium model; paying for a game upfront, to freemium model; monetized with ads and in app purchases. We may also make money from exclusive deals and partnerships with platform companies. For World of Mazes game series, there will be various income streams coming from selling upcoming chapters as separate games as well as selling virtual in-game currency, purchasing hints to puzzles, unlimited energy, and exclusive collectible artwork and stories for fans.

What are the biggest risks? If you fail, what would be the reason? What has to go right for you to succeed?

- Hit or miss nature of the game business: As with the movie industry, the games have a hit or miss nature, meaning it is difficult to predict one game title's success. > With the limited release of World of Mazes on Oculus Go and data-driven insights, we are very optimistic on its success on other platforms. We have worked heavily on getting the game mechanics right for each platform. - Conventional fundraising difficulty: Other channels of fundraising haven't been very efficient for game companies specially in the concept phase. > We have tried to manage our cash flow properly and use low-cost game development methods so we can get to the point where we have our flagship product ready to show, and have an easier fundraising.

What is moral gaming?

Creating virtuous games, that are not only super fun to play, but also in the end, make the player a better person, through compassion, empathy, consideration and understanding of others’ perspectives, engagement in deeper thinking, promoting peace, kindness, self-worth, diversity and inclusion, learning about history and cultures, and improving memory and problem-solving skills.

What is the World of Mazes Universe's relation with the blockchain technology and NFTs?

We are very excited about the recent exponential growth of the NFT space and the emergence of opportunities for innovation in that space. World of Mazes is a vast universe of unique mazes, fantasy creatures, and wanted treasures. That allows for introducing various collectibles that can be enjoyed by the fans and can become a major source of revenue for the company. We are working on a series of mini games within the World of Mazes universe that contribute to the main storyline and add past, future, and backstory dimensions to the mazes, NPCs, and items. As the gamers play and replay these challenging mini games, they may receive NFT rewards that they can take with them, collect, and trade elsewhere. The other NFTs may be purchased from the company and collected directly.