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The first company with a focus on virtuous gaming; a great cause & multibillion dollar opportunity
2 Groundbreaking NFT Products
Huge fan base with 300,000+ installs and entitlements across 5 games, on 6 VR and non-VR platforms
Valuable original IPs including World of Mazes game series and metaverse

Our Team

I am personally an avid gamer. I've played thousands of games, of every genre, in my lifetime. As I spent many hours playing games, I searched for fun games that are morally uplifting and make you a better person after playing them. As my search failed, I came to realize that this specific breed of games is rare to find, a problem we want to fix.

The Story of RiseAngle

We started in late 2016. We saw the virtual reality's opportunity and potential for great impact and we believed one of its main use cases would be storytelling. We started small by trying to develop a simple game to learn about VR development and publishing.

Our first game

A few months later, we released our first game, Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding, an exploration and puzzle game, on Gear VR platform. We released the game as a paid game first, and soon after we made it a free game, released it later for Google Cardboard on Google Play, and later on for Oculus Go. The game has been a top free game on Oculus Go and Gear VR platforms for most of the months it's been live. 

With that release we built our core team, learned about VR publishing and specific VR challenges such as locomotion and motion sickness, and learned about successful marketing and ASO (App Store Optimization) for VR. 

More tests and a pinch of AR

We kept creating and releasing new games to learn and find our direction. Meanwhile the VR industry and its dominant platforms kept changing. We released Jigsaw Puzzle VR, a puzzle game on the Gear VR platform (and later for Oculus Go), and Coin Billionaire AR, an augmented reality strategy game using ARKIT, on iOS. 

World of Mazes

Being the big believers who we are in the impact of immersive storytelling and its potential for good, we started creating the World of Mazes universe. After a lot of hard work, we test released the game and received a lot of valuable feedback from the gamers. 

We fixed most of the issues the players reported and then did another test release on Oculus Go platform in December 2019. This time, we re-released the first two chapters of the game as separate games, World of Mazes: Chapter 1 - Saving Princess Maya, and World of Mazes: Chapter 2 - Secrets of the Ancients

Despite Oculus Go being a small platform with tiny market, the game received a lot of praise from raving fans, with great retention and monetization metrics as leading indicators for other platforms, and at that moment we knew that we had a winner. 

We just needed to bring the game to more popular platforms, customize the game mechanics for each platform, execute low-cost and scalable marketing, and find the best monetization models through A/B testing.

We decided to tell everyone about our moral gaming philosophy and bring the World of Mazes to non-VR platforms to build a stronger community around the valuable IP, while we keep working on the VR versions to create the future of VR storytelling. 

We now have astonishingly beautiful Non-VR versions ready for iOS and Android, and the 6DoF VR version ready for Oculus Rift, all passing the final test stages, ready to release soon. We are working on getting the amazing media coverage that the game deserves. 

Blockchain, Crypto, and NFTs!!!

As we were working on the World of Mazes universe, Bitcoin became a household name, the cryptocurrency space passed 1 trillion dollars in market cap, lots of cool applications were developed on top of Ethereum, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) exploded to compete with DeFi! 

If you are not familiar with the crypto space and the last paragraph sounded gibberish to you, it's enough to know that blockchain technology has allowed for digital assets to become as valuable or more than their physical counterparts, so now you can own rare or limited edition, verifiable, and tradable digital assets such as art, music, and a lot more. 

Meanwhile, the gamers have fallen in love with NFTs. They love owning rare in-game items they collect for real, taking them out of the game, showing them off to their friends, and trading them as they wish. According to Google Keyword Planner tool, average monthly searches for "NFT Games" in the US exploded from 12,000 searches in June 2020 to 5,000,000 searches in January 2021; more than 400 times increase! Talk about a hot space!!!

But what do NFTs have to do with the World of Mazes universe? Short answer: A lot. The expandable nature of a fantasy universe of mazes with many secrets; strange inhabitants residing in each maze (cool creatures); traveling to unknown mazes in search of treasures, collectible cards, and ancient coins; puzzle mini games to play with astonishingly beautiful artwork rewards... Do you see where we are going with this? The World of Mazes collectibles scream NFT, NFT.... 

Long story short, World of Mazes NFTs are unique digital collectibles based on the WoM universe, stories, NPCs, and treasures, varying in format and style from game-based 2D artwork and collectible cards to 3D models. We are working on the next generation story-driven NFTs as the next frontier we are innovating on, with a lot of cool news and features coming... 

Join us in this amazing journey!

The next chapter of our story on Wefunder is written by you; we are now fundraising here to keep innovating on all fronts and make the World of Mazes a household name, and we'd love for you to be on our side through this amazing journey. 

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