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🎬 Everything you post on our social network becomes part of a movie or TV show
🚀 7.5M+ views on our first show produced with our community (Justice For Hire)
✅ App guides the filmmaking process to make it easier to tell great stories
💸 Incubated and accelerated at NYU, UCLA Anderson, StartED, and VentureOut

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Our Team

The future of entertainment is YOUR story.

ReelwUrld is a cinematic social network where everything you post becomes part of a movie or TV show. 

Our patent-pending technology allows anyone to create their own character, shoot a scene, and become part of stories being told with a global community.

We bring the cinematic universe model to social media to create a new form of filmmaking where audiences actively participate in the movies and TV shows they are obsessed with (or collectively make their own instead). 

We're on the bleeding edge of creator-culture, leveraging TikTok and YouTube audiences in addition to fandoms of movie and TV franchises. The entire world is in film school right now (bc of TikTok). We offer the cinematic storytelling guidance that will take everyone to the next level.

We proved ReelwUrld works. 

Our first show produced with a community, Justice For Hire (JFH), has over 7.5M views on TikTok and 450+ cast members worldwide. We all want to be a part of our favorite stories, we just need the right platform. That platform is our app. 

Here’s how it works:

The process is simple—Create your own character and submit content via prompts that correspond to storylines. This content becomes scenes in the cinematic universe,* which are then remixed into the show or movie. Check out Justice For Hire Season 0 to watch this process in action. 

*ReelwUrld will host many community-produced movies and shows. This is the impact we've made with our first show, Justice For Hire.

Use of funds:

We’re on Wefunder because we want YOU to be able to make movies and shows of all genres on ReelwUrld’s platform. Our path to get there:

1. Expand our Tech from Web2 to Web3

We have one app for one show right now (it looks like this). We’ll expand to a blockchain platform that will house everyone's movies, shows, and cinematic universes. 

2. Expand our Productions

We’ll invest in original intellectual properties created on our platform— this means anything you make, and more—so they feel like the biggest movies and shows on the planet. 

3. Expand our Community

We'll keep raising the bar on our themed events to bring value to our community, as well build brand awareness. 

We simplify the directorial process, which has been overlooked by all editing software providers and social video apps.

Our technology guides storytelling, provides camera and performance direction, and instructs collaboration between cast members. This is what happens on a real film set, and we want to extend that experience to the casts on our social network.

We’re planning to be profitable in 3-5 years due to accumulating revenue streams.

We provide value to four global markets but make no mistake, we are market shaping. 

Here's an example of a revenue model we will explore.

Film studios will hire us to give their brands the ReelwUrld treatment to inject audiences into their stories. Our price tag will start at 150K per 3 month campaign. 

Audiences want to star in and create their entertainment except Hollywood won't let them.

The entire world is in film school right now (bc of TikTok). Everyone is telling their own stories, but not at the scale of Hollywood because we're not creating together.

This WeFunder campaign is part of our story. ReelwUrld must be built with fan ownership. Our goal is to help a billion people be in movies and shows by 2030. Please help us reach our goal by sharing this campaign, investing, or joining the JFH community.


Our Principles

We value giving-first, access, and transparency. We want our communities to think of us as a resource in their lives. Justice For Hire cast members can schedule Hollywood executive-stye story Development Calls right from our app to workshop their characters and ideas. We offer weekly, donation-based Tai Chi classes where proceeds go to causes suggested by our community. Our professional contacts attend Zoom meetups with our community, always with the intent of making themselves available and helpful to anyone in the JFH and ReelwUrld family.

Perks when you invest

A Closing Statement from ReelwUrld™ Founder & CEO Jan Lucanus

ReelwUrld™ is a dream that many of us have had for a long time, and I'm honored to say my life's work is dedicated to making it a reality we all share. So dedicated, in fact, that you may have met me in one of my mobile pitch meeting experiences in a Lyft or Uber.  If so, hi again!  If not, welcome, and here's a recap video on what I personally put into getting the word out on this vision:

I have a large body of work on how media is shifting to empower audience creativity.  Cinema is a language we all know how to read, but few of us know how to write.  Now, because of the behavioral shifts in culture made obvious by the likes of TikTok, the entire world is in film school

ReelwUrld™ is here to help guide us to capture the cinema of our own lives, in the real world, and our cinematic social network interconnects those stories.

Whether you want to make short videos, episodic movies or shows, or build epic cinematic universes with people across the world, our collective passion for storytelling unites us all. I look forward to seeing your story in the ReelwUrld™.

With Love,

Jan Lucanus, aka the guy in this video:

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