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The World's 1st Social Film Studio

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🎬 Fans create their own characters and star in movies and shows using patent-pending technology
🚀 7.5M+ views on our first show produced with our community (Justice For Hire)
✅ App simplifies the filmmaking process to make it easier to tell great stories
💸 Incubated and accelerated at NYU, UCLA Anderson, StartED, and VentureOut
⭐ Advisors from Marvel, Legion M, the SEC, NASDAQ, FBI, New York Film Academy, Gizmodo
💪 United as fans, we’ll have a catalogue of intellectual property larger than any Hollywood studio

Our Team

There is no "one reason why" I started ReelwUrld™. It's more so something calling to us to be built. I will say this, 1) social networks are already cinematic universes, there's just no story that ties all the content together, and 2) put fans in the movies and you have the ULTIMATE way for fans to have an impact on stories they love.

The Real "Hollywood in your Pocket"

Imagine a social network where everything you post is part of your favorite movie or show. ReelwUrld™ is building that future.

EVERY movie and show has it's own social network and EVERY piece of content becomes part of an ever-expanding cinematic universe. 

With ReelwUrld™ apps, fans participate in—act, write, and produce—all their entertainment, and share in the success of their content and our technology. 

Star Wars and Marvel would be nothing without a the dollars SPENT BY US on tickets, toys, streaming services, and more. We have power in entertainment when we recognize how much our stories matter to our favorite stories (film and TV franchises). The next step in entertainment is your story.

Our long-term goal is to be the fan-owned, creator-owned home of fandom. You decide what and who you want to watch, even if it's you, and you share in the profits.

What is Justice For Hire (aka JFH)?

JFH is the first show and "crowdsourced cinematic universe" that ReelwUrld™ is producing with our community.  It's about a fictional app that's like Uber for heroespeople across the world can hire a hero or become one and get paid. Anyone can join the cast of the show on the real JFH app ( and create scenes starring themselves as their own characters.

JFH has been winning awards since we started producing the show with our community in 2018.  In 2021, JFH went viral on TikTok and we expanded to a global cast of heroes and villains.  Here are some key stats that let us know that the world was ready to make movies and shows together:

What is a Crowdsourced Cinematic Universe?

Imagine the Marvel Cinematic Universe, except Captain America and Iron Man were characters created and played by the fans. In a Crowdsourced Cinematic Universe, fans create the characters and star as those characters in movies and shows that ReelwUrld™ helps produce. We call every Crowdsourced Cinematic Universe a wUrld.

ReelwUrld's Crowdsourced Cinematic Universes are not to be confused with regular "cinematic universes," which are largely controlled by corporate executives, and creators of the original characters are barely compensated or included in the production process (just handed a $5,000 paycheck.

Our patent-pending Crowdsourced Cinematic Universe Model can be replicated for any story, any movie, any show, any franchiseand we intend on doing that for the world's biggest brands.

Note: These are forward-looking statements. We do not yet have deals with any of these brands.

How is ReelwUrld™ innovating?

We think differently about social video.  ReelwUrld’s approach is to simplify the directorial process, which has been overlooked by editing software providers and social video apps. Great movies have great directors behind them. 

Our technology guides storytelling, provides camera and performance direction, and instructs collaboration between community members. The results are cinematic videos that are united by story. 

Remember at the top of the page we said "Real Hollywood in your Pocket"?  This is what it looks like--our app makes making a movie as easy as posting on social media by condensing all of Hollywood's stages of creating, producing, and releasing a film into a simple app experience. 

Who is ReelwUrld™ for?

ReelwUrld™ aims to be the hub for creative fandom—the biggest conductor of collective storytelling in the world. Any company or person that wants to connect with or build an audience is within our addressable market.

How will ReelwUrd™ change the world?

The world needs a social network that uplifts culture, not exploits it. ReelwUrld's core value is that every story across the world deserves to be seen and heard, and ReelwUrld™ gives the world a way to tell their stories togetherfostering active compassion, personal growth, and education above all else. Authentic stories create a better world and are fun to share.

Competition & Comparables

Your time and attention are what any media or tech company is competing for.  As we analyze other players, we look at their successes as inspiration for what ReelwUrld™ can grow to be, and what they lack as our opportunity to offer our uniqueness.   Here are examples of players in media and tech that we believe we can model and outperform:

Media Players - Own and Control franchises monetized across content, products, and experiences. 

Tech Players - Own and Control platforms with a user-base and often license to media players.

Why we're a studio AND a tech company:

Companies like Nintendo know that if you don't have software, it's harder to get other developers to know what your hardware is capable of.  For example, Super Mario, Zelda, and other original titles allow Nintendo to show off the power of their latest console release, which excites developers to make more games for the console.  For ReelwUrld™, the content we produce using our technology shows both our fan audiences and our potential studio and network clients how our ecosystem works, making it more attractive for everyone.  Here's a chart on the value of our approach:

How will investors make money?

ReelwUrld™ is focused on accumulating diverse revenue streams by offering value to both fans and brands. This strategy allows us to generate revenue from our services, our technology, and from the content and experiences ReelwUrld™ communities create in a market that's worth over half a trillion dollars. For example, studios will pay us to use our app for their movies and shows to offer audiences the ultimate form of engagement. 

It's important to note, investing in entertainment has its risks.  Especially in the movie business, where the accounting is notoriously secretive.  

AND investing in startups has its risks.  Most startups fail, and if you buy stock in ReelwUrld, there is no public market to sell shares.  That means we either go public (and there's a public market for our stock), or our company gets acquired at a price that's high enough for investors to get a return (i.e. more than you put in). 

But with great risks can come even greater rewards.  ReelwUrld addresses all of these risks by shaping a new segment of the the entertainment market that emphasizes transparency and provides value to both the well established companies across movies & TV and the fans.  Please take a moment to watch the video below for examples of risks and rewards:

We believe that we can build ReelwUrld into one of the most valuable entertainment companies on the planet. We see a best case scenario for ReelwUrld to be profitable within 3 years. The 3 main ways we’ll make money for our investors are:

1. Selling to Fans - You’ll be able to buy action figures of yourself and friends, merch, and more right from our app.

    2. Selling to Studios & Networks - There are several ways industry deals can work, and we expect 2 models to drive revenue:  

    • Brand Activations - This is where a brand works with us to engage our community around its products, message, or events.  As an example, an app like Triller offers brand activations to sponsors, who can specifically choose which users on the app they want to work with for varying fees. This will be especially attractive to the advertising industry. 

    We've done several of these activations to date with WarnerMedia's Urban Action Showcase, San Diego Comic Con's Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza, and Wash The Hate in solidarity with the Asian-American community as case studies for the ReelwUrld experience.

    • White Labeling & Production Service Deals - This is where we license our app template and recreating it over and over for different clients.  In addition to using our tech, clients will need our help guiding communities of fans to create cinematic stories.  These deals will start at 6-figures. 

    For example, our first show JFH uses our app template that you can see at, while [insert Big Movie Franchise here] will have its own app that looks and feels like its brand image.

    3. Intellectual Property (IP) Rights - Owning and controlling rights to great stories and characters is how entertainment empires are built.  Below, we emphasize content partnerships and merchandising for ReelwUrld and our communities of creators:

    • ReelwUrld Content Partnerships - Our in-house brands, such as our first show JFH, position us with assets to package film & television projects that expand our brands on other platforms, whether thats a major streaming service, a theatrical release, etc.  These content partnerships come with varying deal structures and fees customary to IP holders.  Through our network of Hollywood veterans, we plan to strike the best deals for our IP for the benefit of ReelwUrld and our investors.  
    • ReelwUrld Merchandising - Merchandise for any of our IP can become a major stream of revenue.  The most famous story to this point is George Lucas taking the merchandising rights of Star Wars as part of his compensation for the original film.  As the popularity of ReelwUrld continues to grow, we expand our built-in fanbase for merchandise.
    • Original Story IP Owned by Creators - IPs created by our community that we have access to will drive revenue across all media and merchandising opportunities.  For example, one of our wUrld's or a character within them can expand from our app into movies, TV shows, comics books, games, toys and more.  We believe we'll find the next 100 Deadpools on ReelwUrld, which means we see immense value in creator-generated entertainment.

      IP and our sales to fans and studios/networks are intrinsically linked. The more value we build for our current community, the more we can charge studios and networks to do the same for them. For example, our wUrld JFH - a show with its own app - is proving a new model for audience engagement. The more popular JFH gets, the more studios and networks will want our technology and processes for their own franchises. 

      Additionally, there are many other accumulating streams of revenue we’ll have as seen below. 

      This slide contains forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

      Through our deep network across entertainment, we'll expand our team to meet the revenue opportunities as required.  To achieve that scale, our current strategy is:

      1. Make JFH one of the most popular shows in the world and expand our technology around that story.  

      2. Leverage the JFH success to start offering our client services to studios & networks within 18 months.

      3. Expand our portfolio of original IP, 3rd party IP, and deepen our technology offering around every phase of the filmmaking lifecycle (see the graphic several sections above).

      As the world's first Social Film Studio focused on making movies and shows produced with communities, we see our greatest revenue potential in continuing to unite how we conduct participation in massive collective storytelling and how our technology supports the needs of that process.  That means ease and sophistication of creating and guiding content production is key, and why our growth includes us investing heavily into developing our technology with greater camera and performance direction, auto-editing, auto-sound design, augmented reality, and more as we pioneer The Cinematic Metaverse and establish our position as the leaders in the market we're shaping. 

      Why invest?

      If you like movies, shows, gaming, cosplay, LARPing, acting, writing, directing, creating with others, or just making videos from your phone, ReelwUrld™ is for you.

      If you like being ahead of the curve, at the peak of a wave, on the bleeding edge of technology and culture, then ReelwUrld™ is for you.

      If you want to help forge an equitable future, where story and character are wielded as tools to craft a better society, then ReelwUrld™ is for you.

      All that said, you can watch the video below on how we'll be allocating the funds raised during this campaign.

                          PLUS, we have PERKS for EVERY investment level!  Check 'em out below:

                          CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through most of our presentation. As a BONUS, sit back, put on some retro synthwave (as you gaze upon the spoiler graphic below), and take a short journey through ReelwUrld's history.

                          Our History

                          Here's a few videos to expand your wUrld view (See what we did there?).

                          We started by looking at the entire entertainment ecosystem as a whole, then focused more on the untapped power of the audience. We spent YEARS figuring out exactly how to make it easy for an audience member to get into a movie or show.  We did so by creating screen tests, experimenting with everything from inserting people into scenes like the one below, starring Jan's son in place of Michael Jackson...

                 building story structures that allow for anyone to create their own scenes, like this one made by brilliant 9-year-old Taj Sood (shoutout to his video game pioneer dad, Ravi) and Darby Walker of The Voice.

                          Of course, without having film studios and TV networks onboard to produce blockbusters that include content from and appearances by creative fans (because Hollywood can be very slow to change with the times), half of the equation was incomplete.  Since we figured out how to help anyone with a phone tell their story and insert them into a larger story, we decided to build a shared story world - a cinematic universe - where stories can interconnect and characters can interact. Enter our first wUrld, Justice For Hire, which doubles as our first show, since we gather content from the audience which we then edit into a series.

                          We released this trailer for Justice For Hire after we won the award for Best Web Series at WarnerMedia's 2020 Urban Action Showcase...

                          ...Then we went viral on TikTok. Here's our THANK YOU video to our new fans around the world for over 7.5 Million views and thousands of inspiring comments on our first episode of JFH.

                          Our entire approach to content and technology is the result of years of dedication and focus, and we've been fortunate to have great support along way.  ReelwUrld™ was incubated at NYU, UCLA Andersen, and other wonderful institutions.  We also spent time at one of the most active startup accelerators in the world, VentureOut, where this documentary miniseries on ReelwUrld™ was made.

                          We also had our own panel at New York Comic Con's Metaverse main stage with our fancy thought leader friends and advisors Ahmed Best (Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge & Episodes 1-3), Jeff Gomez (world’s leading Transmedia producer, consultant to Disney on Star Wars & Marvel), Danny Fingeroth (author of Stan Lee’s biography, former editor of Spider-Man comics), Aaron Vanek (founder of LARP Census). The panel is co-hosted by ReelwUrld™ founder Jan Lucanus, DJ’d by global cyberpunk phenomenon Angelspit (yeah, we got a DJ for a panel), and moderated by co-founder Autumn Noel Kelly (former Newsweek journalist, Audience Development Editor for iO9 & Gizmodo).

                          We're all about transparency. ReelwUrld™ regularly shares company thinking and meetings on channels open to the public.  This spans from our JFH Community App Tests to our Advisory Board meetings.

                          This is still just the beginning of our story, and it continues with you and people around the world.  ReelwUrld™ is pioneering a new industry of social-filmmaking, where anyone with a phone is empowered to share their story cinematically. 

                          Downloads & Links

                          ReelwUrld Pitch Deck PDF.

                          ReelwUrld - Creative Impulse Intellectual Property Catalogue.