Ranch Rider Spirits Co.

One of the top tequila cocktails in the US & the original Ranch Water 🤠

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 446 investors


Started fast in Texas: outsold High Noon & Cutwater. Currently the #2 canned cocktail in all TX
Generated $14m in revenue since launching our brand in January 2020
Grew to become the #18 brand in US in a large and high growth $2B canned cocktail market
We canned the original Ranch Water and sell more than all other Ranch Waters combined

Our Team

Simply the West 🤠🚀

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- Brian & Quentin

We once almost dropped a wheelbarrow of sugar off to our friends at Cutwater (because we don't need any), but were fearful of a lawsuit.

You know it when that liquid hits your lips: "something tastes artificial here".

The Best of the West!

We were the first to can this classic Texas bar call called "Ranch Water". It is a trend that is catching fire nationwide and we are the #1 selling tequila-based Ranch Water in the country!

Quality spirits and ingredients you can pronounce and buy at the grocery store: a delicious combination.

Have you ever seen a clear grapefruit?

A product that cuts no corners, and a business that is employee-owned & operated!

We raised $60k from professors & classmates to start a healthy food truck on campus. The food truck did almost $1m in revenue its first year and the investors made a great return. We now can the drinks we used to share with our customers after our shifts.

A highly motivated and experienced team - changing the ready-to-drink category one can at a time!

Our industry investors help us navigate the murky waters of the alcohol category. Our ambassador investors help us get the word out about these delicious drinks.

Canned cocktails and tequila are two hottest categories in spirits - sounds like a great combination!

We have three groups of customers who buy Ranch Rider: distributors, retailers and consumers. Sales from the most important group (consumers) are measured by Nielsen. This is the difference between "sell-in" and "sell-through".

A big part of why we are raising $ from Wefunder is to invest in sales & marketing. When we secure a big chain placement, we need to make sure it is selling through. The category has been flooded with new entrants, and the brands that perform best at retail will be the ones that stick around.

This is what we mean when we say we are a top tequila cocktail in the country: our Ranch Water sells more per store than any canned tequila cocktail in the country!

Excited to add thousands more from Wefunder to our community!

Here's some great press we've received:



And if we hit Cutwater distribution - we will be at $100m in revenue!

*Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Drop your innovation ideas in the comments, we'd love to hear them! Some fun updates coming soon....

Ranch Rider ❤️ Wefunder

This is the response to the question to "so how am I going to get my money back?". If we execute the plan as an independent brand, a larger company could purchase the business at some point. Then we will all get paid!

When you invest, help us by buying Riders & telling your friends - we could all make more money

Thanks for reading. Let us know if you have any comments / questions concerns and we will get back to you 🤠