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Radix Motion

Increasing the connection between brain and body Neuroscience & immersive tech

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We are solving problems from "social distancing", letting people play in 3D from afar.
We created the first social platform that combines AR and VR with almost 2k users.
The social platform we are building is aligned to our wellbeing and Terence Mckenna’s Vision.
Our products are based on our CEO's published neuroscience research into embodiment and psychedelics
We have a strategic partner/investor (RLH) using our tech for a responsible psychedelic revolution
Our team lives and breathes immersive technology and both co-founders are experienced entrepreneurs.
The future of human communication is in 3D. We have patent pending tech in that domain.
Our AR & VR apps were built with a 90K investment, don't you want to see what we build with more $?

Our Team

Opened the first immersive VR lab at Radboud university. Published the first academic paper using the Predictive Coding frameworks to explain what psychedelics do to brains. I've built prototypes for 3 other start-ups and a VR experience for FB.
55% of human communication is body language but our current use of social media actually disconnects us from our own body leading to problems of growing depression and obesity. If we don't utilize technology in ways that are healthy for our bodies and actually connect us we are at risk of losing our humanity.
Matthew How CTO
Helped launch the first interactive and procedural animated virtual character on twitch. I'm a full stack developer with a passion for dance and media.