Quorum X Diagnostics, Inc.

Simple, faster better diagnostic tests for Covid, Covid-flu, Pneumonia, BV/Yeast, and more

Last Funded December 2020


raised from 392 investors


Preparing for FDA EUA Re-submission in May 2022 with our 4-min Covid test.
đź’Ą Estimated $195 Billion dollar market size for diagnostics by 2027.
🔬Pipeline includes Fast Tests for Covid, Covid-Flu, Pneumonia, BV/Yeast, & more.
Fast-test for Pseudomnal pneumonia prototype ready projected date 2024.

Our Team

Global need. We realized we could use the same unique technology (that was used to build our QXD-1 Fast test for Pseudomonal Pneumonia) and use it to build a test for COVID.

The first 4-minute at-home Antigen test for COVID

Quorum X Diagnostics (QXD) is a women-owned & minority-owned, biotech startup based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

We are a medical diagnostic company developing fast, better, simpler diagnostics for at-Home and Point-of-Care.

Our first 2 products are the first 4-min Covid Antigen Test called COVIDNOW- the fastest test on the market (presently preparing FDA re-submission) and the FAST-TEST for Pseudomonal Pneumonia (Prototype Ready).

Is there still a Covid need and a global Opportunity?

COVIDNOW– a 4-minute Covid antigen test, Phone app, and AI reader technology.

-Resubmitting for FDA EUA approval this month.

-2-10M monthly production capacity

-3 go-to-market strategies-

1) Shopify website-ready to launch

2) We can be nationwide in 1000+Pharmacies w/i weeks of FDA EUA approval via our Physician 360 relationship.

3) 4 sales people-ready to go


Presently, there are 14 at-home kits for Covid-19 however, this is a vast national and global need that will not go away. Pandemic or Endemic people are always going to want to know if they have Covid. However, our test is 2-3X faster than the competition.

We are cracking into an industry projected to grow to a $195 Billion dollar industry by 2027.

QXD has an amazing team and we're the team to get it DONE!

QXD Pipeline Includes:

1) COVIDNOW– a 4-minute Covid antigen test, Phone app, and AI technology.

-Resubmitting for FDA EUA approval this month.

-2-10M marketing capacity

-3 go-to-market strategies-We can be nationwide in 1000+Pharmacies w/i weeks of FDA EUA approval via our Physician 360 relationship

2) the FAST-TEST for Pseudomonal pneumonia – #1 and # 2 cause of ventilator and hospital-acquired antibiotic-resistant pneumonia that can result in death.

Prototype ready

3) BV/YEAST – BV & Candidiasis similar symptoms but with vastly different outcomes. BV increases risk/spread of HIV and impairs childbearing capability.

Design In-process

4) Exploring- Flu/Covid, Pneumonia Multiplex, Bronchitis, UTI, etc.

For the Fast-Test for Pseudomonal pneumonia, the current technology consists of PCR(6-1.5hr-$150) and Culture tests(3+ days $85-200) both techniques are expensive, time-consuming, and require expensive equipment and a highly trained staff. Our test is a 3-min lateral flow that can be completed anywhere simple, fast, and inexpensive.

QXD had filed seven total patents, with 5 being international for intellectual property protection, 1 Trademark application


We listen to bacterial armies as they plan to attack the body (they talk), we identify what they are saying and planning. This allows a faster way of identifying them, quantifying and determining their next move.

We are identifying microbes through unique proprietary biomarkers which can reduce testing times from weeks to days on bacteria and 3x faster with Viruses, like COVID.


Sept 2017-Incorporation

Spring, Summer 2018-Preseed raised 100K

2018-R&D prototype complete for FAST-TEST for Pseudomonal Pneumonia

Summer 2019-PCT utility Patent filed

Fall 2019-FDA presubmission filed

Jan 2020-Covid hits

Feb 2020-We decide to do a temporary pivot and start developing a COVID at-home kit

March 2020-Development begins

Summer 2020- seed raise of $650K

September 2020- Prototype ready, Phone app in Process, Patent filed, FDA presubmission complete, Clinical's start,

Jan 2021-Clinical's Complete

Feb 2021- FDA EUA application submitted

April 2021- FDA EUA Application Returned with some edits,

May 2021-Clinical trial's opened up to test kids

Aug 2021- Kid testing complete

Jan 2022-170K raised

April 2022-Bench retesting to be completed, FDA EUA re-submission

QXD Deck Version 1159pm SunD5 (1).pdf


  • The 4-minute COVIDNOW® antigen test currently has the fastest development time compared to competitive products that currently have EUA approval.
  • COVIDNOW® is SIMPLE. It was designed to be easy to make self-testing at-home a viable option for everyone!
  • QXD’s COVIDNOW® test is an antigen test vs. an antibody test meaning it can detect active infection.
  • The sensitivity of the COVIDNOW® test is able to detect an active infection in asymptomatic individuals.
  • COVIDNOW® does not require a prescription.
  • QXD's partnership with Physician 360, the telemedicine service, provides an additional distribution channel through P360 kiosks located in 1,000+ stores across all 50 states.
  • All patent applications required for the proprietary technology used to produce QXD’s rapid diagnostic tests have been submitted and are currently pending.
  • QXD has a clear exit strategy. Within five years continue the development of the proprietary technology and build out the scientific and organizational infrastructure of the business model at which point it would be optimal for a larger corporation to take the vision to the next level.
  •  COVIDNOW® is pending EUA approval

Making an investment is a huge decision and one that we don’t take lightly. Rest assured, we are dedicated, determined, and passionate about what we are doing.

QXD has an amazing team and we're the team to get it DONE!