Alternative to elastic bands: headache-free, damage-free, and drama-free clips for curly hair

Last Funded April 2024


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PuffCuff available @ Sally Beauty, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, 120 stores; on Amazon, Target, Macy's, FAIRE
Over 760K units sold, 188K+ D2C customers, retailed in 80+ countries
65% of the global population has curly hair
Triple-patented curly hair technology empowers, eliminates discomfort, and boosts acceptance

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A Revolution in Hair Care & Confidence

PuffCuff is not just an accessory; it's a revolution in hair care and confidence. With over 187,908 loyal customers and a global presence in 80+ countries, we're not your typical hair brand. Our innovative PuffCuff hair clamp secures and styles curly, coily, and textured hair comfortably, eliminating the need for traditional, damaging alternatives.

Beyond products, we empower individuals through education, boosting self-esteem, and embracing natural hair textures. We've even introduced Kuffit, a budget-friendly companion brand. Your investment fuels our mission to redefine beauty standards, making quality hair care accessible to everyone, regardless of their hair type or budget.



Forecasts predict the hair accessories market to reach $35.41 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 12.7%. PuffCuff aims to capture 0.5% of that market share, equivalent to $177 million in 2026.


  • 65% worldwide have curly/textured hair, facing styling difficulties.
  • Hair industry focuses on straight hair, neglecting curly/textured hair.
  • Conventional accessories hurt and harm curly/textured hair and scalp.
  • Curly/textured hair needs gentle, effective tools for styling.


  • Unique clamping mechanism secures hair without damage or tension.
  • Various sizes cater to diverse hair types.
  • Fills the gap in the hair industry for curly and textured hair.
  • Offers a secure and comfortable hold for hair.
  • Ten years of social proof with a devoted following.


When I went natural, finding suitable accessories for my thick, natural hair was challenging. Most products cater to straight, fine hair, not my coily, thick hair. These accessories caused pain, damaged my hair, and frustrated me. In 2011, my 99-year-old grandmother, who was my heart, moved in with us. Reflecting on her peaceful acceptance of her impending death, I questioned if I would have similar peace in my own life. To pursue my dreams, I decided to give PuffCuff a chance. PuffCuff LLC was launched in August 2013, and the first PuffCuff was sold on Amazon.com in February 2014.

Ceata has been reported as the only African-American woman to possess four US patents for natural hair styling tools.







PuffCuff LLC is a minority woman-owned business that started in 2013 with a simple idea: create an alternative to elastic bands by offering easy-to-use hair clamps for naturally curly hair that create stylish updos, buns, and ponytail styles without causing headaches or hair damage. PuffCuff is the one-stop-tool-shop for the global textured hair community.


E V E R Y O N E   H A T E S   T H E   R U B B E R   B A N D

Elastic, rubber, banana, and claw clips are tough to use on curly hair. These inefficient styling tools break or need to be adjusted for hair thickness and texture. Straight hair is straight, unlike curly hair. The hair tool industry concentrates on that trait.

For use and comfort, the tools mentioned above require straight hair. They pull and tug the hair shaft to bulk it up, causing migraines and hair damage. Curly-haired people simply need a tool for holding their hair in place.

#1 Thick Hair Problem:

Not being able to wear your hair up all day because it hurts too much!

VALUE PROPOSITION: No headache. No hair damage. No drama.

Our products provide a convenient, reliable alternative to elastic bands for those with thick, textured, or curly hair. Unlike elastic headbands, rubber bands, and other outdated hair accessories, PuffCuffs make styling easy, simple and painless.


PuffCuff holds hair without binding or cinching it. Its short, tapering tines embrace curls and textures like fingers. PuffCuff's simple hair clamps make curly hair up-dos, buns, and ponytails without headaches or hair damage.

PuffCuff gives thin hair volume by not cinching or binding it.


PuffCuff's marketing expertise and the founder's personal connection to the products help us sell to natural hair and other curly hair consumers. Hiring social media and PR staff and engaging influencers will continue to boost growth.


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PuffCuff®, a five-size unisex elastic band alternative, answers multicultural society's demand for healthy, pain-free styling.

PuffCuff is great in four smaller sizes. These products are good for folks with longer hair, less density, or who wish to put up a portion. Buns, side buns, and puffs are just a few of their creative hairstyles.


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PuffCuff also offers styling tools and headwear designed to seamlessly fit into any routine for curly hair, including the PuffCuff designed EdgeMaster® and TangleMaster®, crafted to reduce damage-causing friction and pulling.



The KUFFIT, launched in 2021, embodies the philosophy of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, but do it better." Developed as a response to cheaper copycat products, it offers a value-driven alternative for fans of the PuffCuff who find its premium price prohibitive. By leveraging manufacturing in China, the Kuffit ensures reduced production costs, delivering a superior yet more affordable product to the market.

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  • Growth Opportunity: This PATENTED clamp has silicone-wrapped teeth to provide extra grip.
  • Extends Customer Base — Who & Why? The remaining 35% of the global population consists of individuals with smoother hair textures who are also seeking alternatives to elastic and rubber bands.
  • Revenue Growth: TPC GRIPS' will increase revenue by 15%, based on existing customer data.


TPC PATTERNS is the highly anticipated addition to our product line, meeting the demands of our loyal customers who have been eagerly waiting for a stylish and secure hair accessory. Our new line of unique patterns will become a customer favorite, fulfilling their desire for a fun and innovative way to style their natural hair.


PuffCuff strives to be the ONE-STOP-SHOP for all tools needed for styling and caring for curly, textured hair. 

We sell PuffCuff in a variety of packs, ranging from the PuffCuff ORIGINAL retailing at $18 to the FAMILY Pack at $40. We offer a collection of wet products and complementary tools to the PuffCuff, through bundles that range from $70 to $120. 

current and future business models


PuffCuff has become a popular hair accessory brand among those with thick, textured, or curly hair who value convenience and dependability. Customers who prefer to shop in-store can now find PuffCuff products at retail stores like Sally Beauty.

Overall, having PuffCuff available in retail stores like Sally Beauty allows us to offer more options to our customers and helps us continue to grow and expand our brand.


PuffCuff Total Market Opportunity


Of our total round, $250,000 is being raised on Wefunder


Immediate Strategic Initiatives:

Strategic Hiring:

  • Fractional CFO: A strategic hire to navigate financial pathways meticulously for robust, sustained profitability.
  • Fractional CMO: Crafting and amplifying a compelling brand narrative, enhancing our market presence.
  • Fractional COO: A strategic expert in operations management, business strategy, and process improvement.
  • Inventory/E-Commerce Manager: Ensuring operational smoothness with effective inventory management and prompt deliveries.

B2B Expansion:

  • We are launching a strategic B2B partnership initiative targeting vital sectors such as healthcare facilities, food services, and the military. We aim to supply the PuffCuff as a versatile hair management solution to both professionals, like nurses, and their patients. This dual-focused approach facilitates the efficiency and comfort of professionals in performing their duties. By implementing this initiative, we anticipate expanding market accessibility, a more streamlined customer acquisition process, and significantly widening our overall market presence.

Product Innovations:

  • PuffCuff GRIPS: Specifically designed for individuals with silkier hair textures, offering a gentle yet secure grip without the use of restricting elastic bands.
  • PuffCuff COLORS & PuffCuff PATTERNS: Introducing vibrant and diverse color options and unique patterns, these new lines will cater to and celebrate the diverse tastes and styles of our broad customer base and open up options for brand collaborations and licensing deals.

Investing in NIL Deals with HBCU Students:

  • In a bid to gain exposure and grow our community, we will invest in Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals with students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). This initiative not only supports the students but also fosters engagement and brand affinity within the community, reinforcing PuffCuff's commitment to empowerment and success.

Retail Expansion:

  • A strategic initiative to enter selected retail spaces, increase accessibility, optimize customer acquisition costs, and broaden our reach.

PuffCuff Cares Foundation Logo

PuffCuff Cares Foundation: Leading Hair Equity in Every Sector

The PuffCuff Cares Foundation, at its core, is committed to enhancing holistic patient care within healthcare settings. Central to our mission, Ceata will generously volunteer her time and expertise to train nurses in the effective use of PuffCuff and similar tools. This essential training empowers healthcare professionals with the skills necessary for comprehensive hair care, ensuring patients, particularly children and women, receive empathetic and personalized care during their hospital stays. By focusing on specialized hair styling assistance, we aim to uplift patients’ spirits, bolster their self-esteem, and provide a sense of normalcy in their healthcare journey.

From the Heart of Healthcare: A Pediatric Psychiatric Nurse's Testimonial on the PuffCuff


We’re opening a $2 million investment opportunity, inviting you to be part of a journey characterized by growth, community support, and legacy-building. Your investment in PuffCuff isn't just a financial decision; it's a commitment to supporting a brand that stands for inclusion, empowerment, and success in the beauty realm. Although the future is uncertain, our dedication to the PuffCuff brand and its potential for impact and success is steadfast.


In the beauty industry, major acquisitions such as Unilever's $200M purchase of Dollar Shave Club, Johnson & Johnson's $3.3B takeover of Vogue International in 2016, and recent significant acquisitions of both Scunci and JD Beauty Co highlight the sector's growth and potential. PuffCuff, with a projected (not guaranteed) annual revenue of $5M from 2029 and targeting a $25M valuation, is hoping to attract a strategic buyer within six years.

This investment opportunity isn't just about supporting PuffCuff's vision; it's also about realizing potential financial returns for you. Beyond acquisition, we aim to uphold our core values, invest in real estate, and support emerging businesses, aligning with our goals of achieving generational wealth. Join us in this promising venture and play a pivotal role in shaping the future.