Perfekto (YC S21)

Affordable grocery subscription of high-quality products, fighting food waste

Last Funded April 2023


raised from 182 investors


Backed by Y Combinator, Goodwater Capital, Asymmetry Ventures, Duro Ventures, & Alan Rutledge
12x Growth in Revenues Year-over-Year
2022: Over 54,000 orders delivered, attending over 6,800 individual homes
Founders led Walmart's eCommerce operations, Uber Grocery for Latam & scaled a Swiss FinTech

Our Team


Get ready to revolutionize your grocery game with Perfekto!

Our subscription box delivers delicious, imperfect food directly from producers in Mexico, saving you time, money, and reducing food waste.

Launched in 2021 and backed by Y Combinator, Perfekto has already rescued over 500,000 kgs of food. In 2022, Perfekto delivered over 54,000 orders, attending over 6,800 individual homes and generating around $650,000.

Join our community round now and be a part of creating a better tomorrow with Perfekto!

The founders have done this before!

Juan has over 18 years of experience in Logistics, Supply Chain, and Operations. He established and managed Walmart's e-commerce logistics operations in Mexico from the ground up, which grew to over 1,000 employees. Juan also led procurement, sourcing, and logistics operations in Latin America for Unilever.

Anahí has experience in leading Uber Grocery for Latin America and integrating Uber with Cornershop. She opened up the Costa Rica market and assisted in developing CX for Uber Latin America. Additionally, she has logistics finance experience at Unilever.

Jan was a part of the founding team that scaled Swiss fintech Sonect to pre-Series B. He managed the expansion in Latin America, forging relationships with banks, retailers, and strategic alliances, and helped secure an oversubscribed $8.5M Series A funding round.

The perfekt Solution to a huge Problem

Latin America faces a significant problem with food waste and lack of access to high-quality, nutritious food.

Every year, millions of tons of perfectly edible food are wasted, while manycommunities struggle to get access to fresh, healthy produce.

Perfekto addresses this issue by rescuing fresh produce and other grocery items that might otherwise go to waste directly from farmers and food makers, delivering it to subscribers' doors, and passing on the savings to the customers.

By doing so, Perfekto not only helps to prevent food waste and save the environment but also makes high-quality food more accessible to all, ultimately benefiting farmers and communities alike.

How it works and the tech behind...

Perfekto has created a customized platform that enables customers to easily subscribe and personalize their orders online. Customers can choose between receiving a surprise box or selecting their preferred items, and with many processes automated, some customers spend no time at all doing their weekly groceries!

We've implemented technology throughout our operational processes to enable efficient scaling. As a result, we were able to deliver 12 times more orders in 2022 compared to 2021 with only a 2.6 times increase in headcount.

Most efficient supply chain in the Mexican grocery delivery space

Perfekto's subscription model for groceries in Mexico offers unique opportunities in a traditionally capital-intensive business model.

Advantages of the subscription model include precise demand planning, low inventory costs, and recurring revenue for more accurate working capital forecasts.

Zone-based delivery promises low-cost, high-efficiency deliveries, averaging $2 per delivery and expected to go as low as $1.3.

Our eco-friendly circular model allows for reduced packaging costs by reusing 27% of delivered boxes at least a second time and up to five times.

Perfekto's sourcing model directly from producers provides the possibility of obtaining incredibly fresh products, eliminating intermediaries, and improving product margins.

We also leverage the unique "Central de Abastos" or Sourcing Centers in Latin America to consolidate sourcing. In Mexico City, 80% of all food consumed in the city goes through this center.

Our community is growing and loyal

And we are managing the address a market that other grocery delivery companies struggle to capture...

We are already targeting a multi-billion dollar opportunity, but that's just the start.

Perfekto aims to serve the growing middle class in Mexico, estimated to be over 13 million households, representing a market opportunity of USD 16 billion. The potential for expansion into other Latin American markets is significant. Furthermore, Perfekto plans to generate additional revenue through B2B partnerships, advertising opportunities, and creating its own line of branded products.

Exceptional Economics and Traction

The Perfekt Time

While billion-dollar businesses in the US have already validated our model, we are the first to scale it in Latin America. Our local market dynamics, such as access to local producers and densely populated cities, work in favor of our success.

Industry-wide recognitions and backed by relevant VCs and angel investors