Papa John’s Central Europe

Fast-growing Papa John’s franchise with exclusive rights in Russia, Poland, & Germany

Last Funded May 2023




🍕 Exclusive rights to Papa John’s markets totaling 260+ million—nearly 80% of the U.S. population
🍕 Massive market including 3 of the top 7 pizza markets in the world
🍕 Proprietary, patent-pending IT platforms for online sales, driver tracking, & quality control
🍕 Steady double-digit YOY growth & one of the highest average check in the world (Germany)

Our Team

The pursuit of adventure and great pizza led me to this business. I started my career thinking I was going to be a banker but ended up delivering pizza (in Moscow no less) and I couldn’t be happier!

Our Story

Central and Eastern Europe hold 3 of the world’s top 7 pizza markets—all 3 incredibly undersupplied and growing rapidly. With proprietary, patent-pending IT, a vast existing system of assets, and a supply chain covering 7,500 km², PJ Western is poised to capture a huge slice of this new market.

In the U.S., there’s one branded pizza restaurant for every 10,000 people. In Germany, that number is 40,000, and in Russia—140,000. The market is ripe, and there’s a fast-growing need for high-quality pizza that is delivered efficiently, affordably, and sustainably.

PJ Western boasts a reliable revenue growth at 31.2% CAGR over the last 12 years, and our growth hasn’t been slowed down by recessions or even a global pandemic!

Our contiguous supply chain includes a vast network of restaurants and production facilities and covers over 7,500 km², spanning from Germany across the world’s largest country—Russia. An existing infrastructure and established brand dominance here allows a rapid expansion into large parts of Central Europe.

PJ Western’s impressive history boasts proven experience breaking into multiple new markets while generating record-breaking sales, and a team well-versed in leveraging existing assets to capture new markets efficiently.

Household names across the world are choosing to partner with and represent PJ Western. Partnerships include Microsoft, WWF, 20th Century Fox, Reebok, VIASAT, NHL legend Alexander Ovechkin, and NBA player Andrey Kirilenko.

Russia, the world’s largest country with a population of 140 million people, holds a massive market potential as the demand for fast-food delivery here grows at a staggering 30% annually. PJ Western estimates to capture 40% of the total market thanks to existing infrastructure, brand dominance, and limited international pizza brand competition. Forward looking projections can't be guaranteed. 

Continued growth in the Russian market enables the rapid expansion into Poland and Germany, both highly underdeveloped markets, with the latter boasting the highest European income per capita and the 4th highest pizza consumption in the world. Capturing these markets allows even further expansion.

Proprietary, patent-pending IT assets include a well-established infrastructure of web and app platforms, and an innovative, unprecedented quality-control system. The existing supply chain spans 7,500 km² and includes dough production and quality control at a 10-50% gross margin.

The Yandex Rover Delivery bot autonomously navigates sidewalks and footpaths in any weather, bringing with it up to five large, steaming pizzas with accompanying drinks at the speed of a regular pedestrian. Optimizing the bottom line with safe, efficient, and affordable delivery to all.

Over the last decade, we’ve worked hard to deliver much more than pizza. We’ve built more than 10 basketball courts for underserved kids, and, as a predominantly female-led company, we’re building a more progressive Eastern Europe. Our commitment to the environment includes our program to save endangered species and a delivery system built on electric delivery cars, bikes, and our own two feet

We have the potential to fill the fast-growing need in these regions for high-quality food delivered efficiently, affordably, and sustainably. Our growth will skyrocket as we build several thousand new restaurants and kitchens, expanding our brand dominance and supply chain. We want you onboard when we scale to this level.

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