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Invest in Pace Diagnostics

Revolutionary point-of-care, affordable early detection Lung cancer and Tuberculosis diagnostics

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Raised $2.5 million in seed investment; Won > $6 million in grants from US DoD, NIH, and NSF
Huge markets and financial opportunities: 3.1 billion USD tuberculosis & 20 billion USD lung cancer diagnostics in 2022
Our products - low cost, accurate, non-invasive, non-lab dependent lung cancer & tuberculosis tests
Our CE Mark is targeted by Q1 2022, allowing product distribution in EU countries; clear path to FDA clinical trials
We have a portfolio of proprietary material, filed patents and licensed IPs
Each year: 10 million new TB infections & 2 million deaths; 2.1 million new Lung Cancer cases & 2 million new deaths
Our TB test is specifically developed to meet all WHO requirements for performance, cost and use
British Biocell International (BBI) is our manufacturing partner

Our Team

10 M tuberculosis infections w/ 2 M deaths yearly. 130 M yearly tests are needed (WHO) 1 billion smokers globally. 15% of smokers get lung cancer. Non-smoker can get lung cancer. Millions people go untested due to lack of affordable medical technology to support large-scale testing. We can meet this need w/ our patented breakthrough technology


These are forward-looking projections and can't be guaranteed.

These are forward-looking projections and can't be guaranteed.