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My film and gaming background led me to discover something that no one ever has before – videos can be made into games just by playing them into existence. Now it’s not just coders and 3D artists who can make games; anyone can – on any topic! I just can't wait to see what the world makes with Overplay!

Yes! That’s right. Overplay was featured on the latest season of ABC’s Shark Tank!

AND 🚨​spoiler alert🚨—​ we accepted an investment from Mark Cuban, who also joined as a strategic advisor. Watch our Shark Tank segment here!

This is a unique opportunity to invest alongside Mark Cuban as well as world class venture capitalists and luminary LPs including Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn), Susan Wojcicki (former CEO YouTube), and Bob Iger (Chairman & CEO, The Walt Disney Corporation). With such skilled and highly networked investors and advisors on our side - including you - we are well on our way to making Overplay the next big thing in media and gaming.

Overplay is revolutionizing a $574 billion digital media landscape with the first frictionless platform for user-generated games.

With Overplay, everyone can turn their videos into games— in minutes, with no code. 

Two out of three Americans find short-form videos the most engaging content on social media, and we’re making these videos even more entertaining and engaging than ever before! Overplay could change how we interact with video, and each other, forever.

Overplay’s app can be used to quickly and easily make games from anything: funny moments with your friends, cat memes, cooking tutorials, extreme sports POVs, and more!

Imagine the NBA creating playable highlights reels, movie studios releasing trailers that are games, and car companies making commercials where you virtually test drive their cars. Overplay’s app and licensable technology allows billions of creators, social media users, and brands to amplify audience engagement by making their content interactive.

It’s super simple to make a catchy Overplay game using only a mobile phone. With the help of AI tools within Overplay’s app, creators and brands can transform their videos into extraordinary games - instantly.

And with our direct integration with Adobe Express, it’s even easier for creators to create games from their existing video content. 

Overplay sits at the intersection of three massive markets: social media, video advertising, and casual gaming. We are merging everything that makes these markets successful into one revolutionary form of digital media that will be consumed and created by BILLIONs of potential Overplayers worldwide.

Playable ads are already a massive success in the gaming world, yielding a 7X higher conversion rate compared to other ad formats. Interactive ads also prolong attention by 47%. It’s no wonder that 9 out of 10 marketers prefer playable ads to anything else. 

Currently, playable ads are most commonly used for advertising games themselves, and they can only be used on casual gaming platforms due to technology limitations.

With Overplay’s API, brands can apply a thin layer of gaming on top of videos already being streamed in advertisements. Because our technology is so simple and takes only a few minutes, Overplay cuts down on thousands of hours of production time and millions of dollars in costs for brands to leverage this highly engaging ad format.  

Games are an untapped creative medium, and we’re unlocking a huge opportunity for creators. With Overplay, 200M+ professional content creators worldwide can leverage the videos they’re already creating to invite fans into their world, literally. 

It’s great to see your favorite influencer cook a meal or perform a stunt, but what if you could play along with them? 

Creators are using Overplay to:

  • Extend the mileage of video content
  • Repurpose video content 
  • Engage their audiences in a way never before soon
  • Grow their following quickly
  • Monetize content

Overplay holds two powerful patents that give us a huge competitive advantage over creator economy apps such as YouTube, Instagram Reels, Snapchat, and TikTok. 

Our first patent is for playing a game into existence, which describes our method of gamifying videos.  

Our latest patent solves a problem that has plagued mobile developers for over a decade. We’ve created the first-ever smooth transition between portrait and landscape when viewing videos on mobile devices. And get this — Dan used the Pythagorean theorem to invent the mechanics! Who said geometry class wasn’t useful!? 

Our all-star team includes an Emmy nomination; BAFTA award; Wharton and Columbia MBAs; game and app developers with more that 25 million downloads; and ex-leadership from Sesame Workshop, Scholastic, Jam City, and Deutsche Bank.

Projections are based on reaching the necessary number of users and downloads, as well as corporate partnerships. Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Creating, sharing, and playing games on Overplay is free for users. Our primary revenue drivers will include advertising and licensing. Overplay’s app will also feature playable ads as native content. 

With a new injection of capital, we can accelerate our API launch timeline and bring the incredibly successful playable game ad format to thousands of brands. The potential to monetize our technology by supporting interactive playable gaming video ads is tremendous.

Overplay is funded by Village Global, the venture firm backed by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

The gaming and creator industries include attractive exit comparables, underscoring the strong appetite by tech giants including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon to add creative media technologies to their platforms.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

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