AI and robots for the $625B beauty industry

Last Funded March 2024


raised from 1,742 investors


$2.96M year 1 average contract value (ACV) in signed contracts
19,000+ customers served
Monthly recurring revenue grew 475% since March of this year
Robots deployed in NYC, Miami, DC, Beverly Hills and the Bay Area

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Our Team

Clockwork builds AI-powered robots to make beauty services more convenient and accessible than ever before.

We live busy lives and too often de-prioritize self-care moments. Not anymore. Our vision is to build robots that make self-care a breeze.

Drawing upon our expertise in robotics, cloud infrastructure, and AI, we're entirely re-envisioning robots and their roles in our daily lives. We imagine a future where robots are omnipresent, much like how they are in industrial settings like assembly lines today. 

While our beachhead is beauty services, Clockwork's design serves a bigger purpose - ensuring that everyday robots are built with safety, reliability, ethics, and efficiency in mind.

The founders of the world’s most innovative companies like Dropbox, along with notable silicon valley VCs Initialized Capital and Pipeline Capital, all agree: Clockwork is a game-changer for the $1.5T self-care industry.

Self-care, including beauty services, play a vital role in our daily lives. Self-care is tied to increased confidence, reduced stress, and elevated levels of hormones that produce happiness. Despite all this, people are not getting beauty services as frequently as they want. 

The average American spends $3,576 a year on beauty services, compounded by 80+ hours in lost productivity during service delivery. As our lives have gotten busier and the constraints on the average consumer have changed, the beauty service experience has remained stagnant.

When it comes to beauty services, consumers are not being met where they spend most of their time- they must plan ahead, schedule, and travel to access them, further exacerbating the time commitment to engage in self-care. 

From CEOs who want to look their best before dashing out to meet crucial clients, to new parents juggling daycare, work re-entry, and daily pressures, the prospect of enjoying beauty services remains frustratingly out of reach.

With Clockwork, beauty services can be delivered affordably, in minutes, where people already spend their time. 

We’re starting with nails. 1 in 3 people paint their nails and ⅔ of women say they would always have their nails painted if it was quick, easy, and cheap.

An unprecedented number of people are working from home and brick and mortar retailers are increasingly competing with e-commerce. Commercial office operators and retailers alike need innovative ways to lure consumers out of their homes.

To survive these monumental societal changes, offices and brick and mortar retailers must provide consumers with experiences that cannot be replicated at home.

Source: Radyiant's State of the In-Store Experience report, 2021

We partner with commercial and residential real estate operators, retailers, salons, spas and more to deploy our beauty services robots at locations they manage, creating a delightful experience and convenience for our beauty customers. 

From ideation, to prototype, to commercial launch, Clockwork has brought our first product to market: a robot that paints nails faster and more accurately than a human - at half the price.

We have an impressive patented tech stack that could only be built by our team, given our unique background in robotics, cloud infrastructure, and machine learning. Clockwork has built  proprietary and scalable architecture for beauty robots, including  labeling tools, datasets, neural networks, localization, calibration techniques, and more. 

Within a second, our robot uses structured light cameras to capture over 100 images of the nail to create a 3D map. On a small scale previously unheard of, our custom AI network determines exactly where to paint and what to avoid with sub-millimeter accuracy.

High resolution 3D map of the nail annotated with AI

Our custom algorithm then directs the robot’s actions while painting the nail, taking into account the incredibly complex way nail polish behaves as a non-newtonian liquid, the shape of the nail, its contours, the pressure applied by the robot, and other variables. Through our cloud-based platform, beauty services remain uninterrupted, as robots are efficiently serviced remotely—no waiting for technicians.

Unlike many other consumer robotics startups, we’re in the field, generating real revenue.

Partners pay an upfront hardware deployment fee, a monthly fee, and a percentage of revenue generated from the services provided by the robot to end-users.

Our customers love that we give them self-care that fits into their lives on their budget, all while delivering a seamless and delightful experience.

Our regulars become our strongest advocates and most of our traffic is driven by word-of-mouth. Many of our customers have posted videos on social media that have garnered multi-million views.

Our partners love the additional traffic we deliver, and the increased time spent by customers at their commercial and retail locations.

Note: future projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our partnership approach allows us to scale alongside enterprise customers who have  large real estate footprints, enabling us to efficiently deploy our beauty service robots at scale.

Our over 10,000 requests for a robot with tremendous revenue potential demonstrate that the market is ready for us and give us a robust sales pipeline for future locations.

Note: future projections cannot be guaranteed.

With engineering and experience leading teams at Dropbox, Nvidia, e.l.f., Clorox, Toyota, and Uber, our team is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the unique opportunity in front of us. 

We’ve brought automation to the nail segment of the beauty industry, but we’re just getting started. Clockwork isn’t just a beauty services robot, but a true beauty robotics enterprise reinventing the beauty industry, all while making the all important act of self-care a universal reality.

Clockwork is redefining self-care, akin to the biggest industry disruptors of our time. With Clockwork, fast and budget-friendly self-care is a reality, freeing up time for the things people love.

We are backed by Garry Tan’s Initialized Capital, Pipeline Capital, and notable angel investors including Balaji Srinivasan (ex-CTO of Coinbase and former Partner at a16z), Max Mullen (Co-founder of Instacart via Product Co-op), Julie Bornstein (ex-COO Stitch Fix, ex-CMO Sephora), Dawn Dobras (fmr CEO Credo Beauty) among others. 

We’re now inviting our community to invest alongside our lead investor, Dropbox Co-founder and ex-CTO, Arash Ferdowsi and join Clockwork as we reimagine the beauty services industry.  

Note: We are the first to our knowledge to build the first AI-powered fully autonomous nail painting robot, but don't have definitive proof of that statement.