Turn any video into a game

Funded October 2023


raised from 1,213 investors


🎮 1M+ games played & 150K+ alpha app downloads
🔥 7K creator waitlist
🏆 Powerhouse co-founders created apps with 25M+ downloads & took companies to IPO as bankers
Partnered with Abobe & backed by the Adobe Fund for Design

Our Team

My film and gaming background led me to discover something that no one ever has before – videos can be made into games just by playing them into existence. Now it’s not just coders and 3D artists who can make games; anyone can – on any topic! I just can't wait to see what the world makes with Overplay!

Overplay lets anyone turn their videos into games and share them with the world - in minutes. We’re revolutionizing the $167B gaming industry with our patented, AI-powered technology.

Overplay makes content more entertaining and engaging. It’s what’s next: social media meets gaming. Overplay puts the power into creators’ hands.

Gaming has emerged as the world’s most popular source of entertainment. Yet the power of deciding what games get created lies in the hands of a few.

Imagine if everyone had the power to make games easily and quickly. These games would be more diverse, more representative, and more creative – just like TikTok and YouTube videos.

Overplay is democratizing gaming by giving creators the power to make the games that they want, from the videos that they shoot.

We’re what's next for creators. In just a few minutes, creators can make their content more fun and replayable. They can create deeper experiences for their followers by starting challenges and rewarding them with trophies, badges, and other incentives to play. Passive video can only go so far - Overplay takes content over the top.

From major league highlights and extreme sports POVs, dance challenges and music videos, to cooking tutorials and educational clips, Overplay allows creators to amplify their content by making it interactive. 

Overplay earned a broad patent for playing a game into existence, which describes our method of gamifying videos.

We have no direct competitors and consider our primary competition creator economy apps, such as YouTube, Instagram Reels, Snapchat, and TikTok. User-generated gaming platforms like Roblox often require weeks and teams to code and create games, but with Overplay creators can tap, swipe, and move their phone to quickly build their own games and upload them to our app for anyone to play in minutes.

Overplay isn’t just a revolution for individual creators. Brands will also reap huge benefits from our product. Professional content creators including sports leagues and teams, movie and television studios, streaming networks, and music labels can also use Overplay to make their content interactive.

We’ve also secured a strategic partnership with Adobe to show how short videos created on Adobe Express can be made into games in no time, with no code.

Imagine the NBA creating playable highlights reels, movie studios releasing trailers that are games, and car companies making commercials where you virtually test drive their cars. The number of potential use cases for advertisers, brands and creators is truly staggering – and Overplay will be at the forefront of it all!

Playable ads are already a massive success generating $32.5B annually, but they're currently limited to casual games. Our Application Programming Interface (API) will allow Overplay games to be integrated into any type of app or website, and most excitingly – existing Advertising Networks. With Overplay, now ads for any product and every brand can be interactive!

The potential to monetize our app through interactive ads that are also games is massive. The conversion rate for interactive ads is 3X higher than for conventional ads, with mini games showing conversion rates as high as 700% more than other ad formats. Interactive ads within Overplay’s app will increase ROI and conversion for advertisers, and take the success of playable ads mainstream.

Overplay’s Co-founders Dan Projansky and Caroline Strzalka met while working together at Sesame Workshop. The apps they created there have over 25M downloads and counting.

Our team includes an Emmy nomination, a BAFTA award, a Wharton and Columbia MBA, 2 IPOs, and decades of experience in digital content and media, UI/UX and game design including Sesame Street, Scholastic, Deutsche Bank and more.

Overplay is targeting the 1.5B users of entertainment apps, and 200M creators already contributing to platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Game previews can be readily shared with followers on every major social media platform, drawing new users to the Overplay platform. Our ease of use in both rapid game creation and gameplay will allow the platform to be accessible to nearly the entire creator market.

This slide contains forward projections which cannot be guaranteed.

This slide contains forward projections which cannot be guaranteed.

Overplay hopes to see a multi-billion dollar valuation within 3-5 years, with a timeline for acquisition or IPO similar to that of comparable creator economy companies. While we can’t predict the future, we can say we will work tirelessly to get our investors the best return on their investment.

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