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Last Funded November 2023


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Oakland Roots & Soul Sports Club is the last, best hope for professional sports in Oakland.
First purpose driven pro soccer team in Oakland, CA.
"Coolest soccer team in the USA" (FourFourTwo Magazine) blending purpose, design, music, and sport.
Our teams win. Roots have reached playoffs every year. In Soul's debut season they reached playoffs.

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Become an owner of a new kind of sports team.

We believe a sports team should be deeply rooted in the community it represents.

We started Oakland Roots & Soul Sports Club to show that it's possible to build a successful, professional sports team around a higher purpose; to harness the magic of Oakland and the power of sports as a force for social good.

In just a few short years, we established Oakland Roots SC as one of the fastest-growing brands in American sport, dubbed 'coolest team in the USA' by iconic global soccer mag FourFourTwo and our merchandise has been worn by some of the world's most recognizable stars like Marshawn Lynch, Damian Lillard, G-Eazy, and Tom Holland.

Our purpose-driven approach, iconic design, and vibrant game day experience rooted in Oakland culture has created a new generation of diverse, passionate fans who have embraced the team as the future of Oakland sports. We submitted our proposal to build The Town's first dedicated pro soccer stadium and we are ready for the next exciting phase in our growth and we want YOU to be a part of it.

Oakland LOVES pro sports. Oakland DESERVES pro sports. This is our time.

In 2022 we launched 'Oakland Soul', a purpose-driven, women's soccer team competing in the national USL W League. As interest and investment in women's soccer explodes around the world, we're building on the deep, historical passion and talent in the Bay Area together with a commitment to create more opportunities for women and girls to create one of the most exciting products in the women's game.

Being purpose-driven means we consider our purpose in everything we do - the people we hire, the values we hold dear, the commercial partnerships we enter into and how we think about our impact in the community.

We're about action, not promises. We have received national and global recognition for our pioneering work in anti-racism and gender equity and are the first US team to join the global 'Common Goal' movement led by some of the world's top soccer stars like Megan Rapinoe, Naomi Girma, and Jürgen Klopp.

We're also investing in the future. Project 51O is our 'academy team', focused on developing local talent for a career in sports. After winning multiple division titles in our first year, in 2023 we saw a number of prospects sign academy contracts with the club and the first players move overseas to professional teams in the German Bundesliga.

We've come so far...but it's still just the beginning. We're about to enter the most exciting period of growth in our history, and your investment will help us further develop our talent, grow our fanbase and impact our community.

Timeline: We have come a long way, fam.

The idea is born to create the first, purpose-driven professional sports team in the USA. We form our Community Advisory Board, host our first public 'Town Hall" event, and, following an extensive community engagement process, unveil the Oakland Roots SC crest, which instantly becomes an iconic brand.

Oakland Roots SC debuts with its first four games in club history, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to transform a local community college stadium into our first home. Every game is a sell-out, including our first-ever win against Mexico's Club Atlético Zacatepec.

The global pandemic shuts down all sports and public events, but WE DON'T STOP. We double-down on our commitment to the community, becoming the first team in the USA to join the global Common Goal movement and hosting the 'Justice Match,' focused on racial and gender equity. We also play in our first championship game in history, the NISA Championship final against Detroit City FC.

Oakland Roots SC joins the USL Championship, the largest professional soccer league in the USA, and makes the playoffs in our debut season. We launch our academy team, Project 51O, focusing on developing the next generation of local talent. We gain global recognition for our work launching the Anti-Racist Project with Common Goal, and break the internet when NFL legend Marshawn Lynch joins the ownership group.

Oakland Roots takes over a training facility abandoned by the Oakland Raiders and turns it into one of the top soccer facilities in California. Our investment in youth pays off - Project 51O wins both the USL League Two and UPSL Division titles. We become founding members of 'Play Proud,' an initiative to create safe soccer spaces for the LGBTQ+ community. Another Oakland icon, rap star G-Eazy, joins the ownership group and. following another extensive community engagement process, we announce the crest for our women’s team, 'Oakland Soul.'

Oakland Soul makes its long-awaited debut in front of nearly 6,000 passionate fans and reaches the playoffs in their first season in USL W League. Oakland Roots and Soul Sports Club formally submit a proposal to the City of Oakland and County of Alameda to build a 10,000-capacity stadium on the Malibu Lot in East Oakland as the home for men's and women's pro soccer in Oakland. Our investor group grows to 70 people from all walks of life - and prepares to expand even further as we launch our first Community Investment Round.

What's next for the club.

The next decade's plan includes: growing our youth development program for the next generation of male and female talent; elevating Oakland Soul into the fully-professional USL Super League to create equity with the men’s program, and; the completion of real estate projects including a training facility, a 10,000+ seat stadium and workforce housing.

The Lead Investor will represent those who invested in the Community Investment Round. An annual survey will be emailed to Investor to get feedback to share with the Board. The Lead Investor will attend a Board meeting at least annually to report Community Investment Round updates and will attend the Board meeting as needed.

You're buying equity in the hope that the value of the team will go up over time. As a professional sports team, it's very, very unlikely that we'll pay out dividends or have excess cash flow to distribute to investors. Why? Because we plan on reinvesting any extra cash into winning on the field, growing the brand, increasing our community impact, and improving the fan experience. Future returns, if any, will come from an increase in the value of the organization.

We believe the club’s valuation has significant upside, driven by: the explosive growth of soccer in the United States, boosted by upcoming major events coming to our region like the Copa America (2024), FIFA Club World Cup (2025), FIFA Men’s World Cup (2026) and potentially the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2027; the continued growth of the USL in terms of visibility and commercial success; rapid growth of women’s soccer at the professional level; team revenue growth through increased ticket sales and sponsorships enabled by a larger gameday venue; the rollout of our player trading model; our brand's proven ability to connect sport and culture, and; the scarcity of quality, professional sports assets.

Become an owner.

The time is now. Become an owner by finding the right level of investment or perks for you. At the 510 green level and higher you get the official OWNER shirt. Join us on this incredible journey of building a club for Oakland First, Always.

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