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of a $5,000,000 goal
$33M valuation cap Future Equity
I'm investing in MTailor because of Miles. I've known Miles for a long time and he's one of the most intelligent and tenacious people I know. Miles is someone who won't ever give up once he's set his mind on something, which he's demonstrated in his dedication to MTailor.

As for MeasureUP, it's a product that will exist. It solves a huge problem for both retailers and customers, and has the potential to expand the TAM of not just online clothing retail, but clothing retail as a whole. I believe that Miles and team can build a compelling product with the data that they've collected from their users along with their years of dedication to this problem.


Profitable ecommerce business with $5M+ in annual revenue
Backed by Y Combinator and Khosla Ventures
Utilizing the largest commercially tested fit database to launch new SaaS visualization platform
Cutting edge AI and computer graphics to end online returns
20% more accurate than a tailor - become the sizing platform for all online retail
Metaverse implications by scanning your body and face to make one’s appearance realistic
Founder turned down largest Shark Tank Deal ever & was recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Our Founder

Why MTailor?

We've perfected the technology that retail companies need -- to create a significantly more profitable and better user experience.

Online clothing returns represent a $13.5B per year problem for retail sales. 30% of clothing bought online is returned, with 70% of those returns due primarily to fit. Compare that to just 6% returns for clothing bought in-person, and it’s obvious that there’s a big problem here.

Can you imagine a world where, before you buy something online, you know that it’s going to fit perfectly? With just a phone, our patented AI-based technology scans consumers to create a digital clone of their bodies. We then physically render how clothes will look on their exact bodies.

By developing this technology with our own brand first, we have been able to close the feedback loop for iterating on the user experience and the technology. Now it’s ready for others.

Since launch, MTailor has fit more than 100,000 customers, creating the largest commercially tested fit dataset in the world. More importantly, we're generating $5M+ annual revenue with this 'trojan horse' brand.

The Total Addressable Market (TAM) is currently $15 billion per year and will only grow as ecommerce grows. MTailor’s technology will become the global standard for virtual apparel fit and try-on.

Brands will drive adoption of MeasureUP because it will help them solve “online fit anxiety.” As more consumers interact with MeasureUP, we will gain a consumer base that more brands will want to tap into. So brands drive new consumers, and a growing consumer base draws in more brands.