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Nuudii System

Patented, Grab-and-Go Boobwear that addresses fit, function, and fashion.

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💰 $2.8M+ sales, 75% increase YOY, 78% margins
💥 60,000+ customers in 40+ countries
💸 $980K raised through Kickstarter & Indiegogo + $1.3M raised in angel rounds
✅ 2 approved patents and a 3rd patent pending
🥇1st ever CPG boobwear; biodegradable packaging
💪 Team highly experienced in fashion, marketing & strategy, founder executive at multiple brands
📈 $100B+ global market (bras & sports bra) by 2027

Our Team

The idea chose me! Nuudii was born out of my desire to wear a sheer wedding dress. I couldn't find anything that would disappear under its fabric, allow me to look, but not be, braless and work with my skin-baring dress, so I invented it back in 2011!! My drive and passion come from seeing first-hand how it continues to positively affect women!

We make living with boobs easy ❣️

Bras suck. They’re expensive & overcomplicated, sizing is a nightmare, and they’re just plain uncomfortable.
 Also, they reshape us! Why can't we just be ourselves?

Women are busier than ever & deserve products that make their lives easier - not more complicated.

Nuudii System is the option between bra and braless. Our innovation is simplifying an overcomplicated market that frankly doesn't serve the needs of women today. We're calling BS on the bra industry for forcing women to reshape themselves for the last 100 years. With Nuudii's boobwear, women can reclaim and own their wonderfully unique shape.

Times have changed and women want to be themselves. Now is the time for body acceptance, and Nuudii asks you to love your boobs as they are.

Our lifestyle-versatile products can be worn from sleep to wedding and every activity in between.

Additionally, Nuudii's two-strap design can be worn over 12+ ways for a variety of fashion styles.

We engineered something that has never been done before! Our flex fabric hugs like skin, is supremely comfortable, and adapts to each person's body. 

With the combination of Nuudii's fabric, design, and two-letter sizing system, we've cracked the fit challenge. As a result, we have the lowest return/exchange rate in the industry. We've averaged 4% while the bra industry has an average of 37%!

Across all social platforms, we have over 30,000 followers.

Raising from people who believe in us is nothing new. From the beginning, we've been POWERED BY PEOPLE.

We launched on Kickstarter, raising $748k during our 30-day campaign and another $200k through Indiegogo. Our backers added on another $32,000 before they closed their pledges. Thanks to the 13,661 people who backed us, we are here today.

With the funds raised through crowdfunding, we were able to expand our size range, develop the halter system, and launch new colors and prints! Nuudii System is powered by people like you.

"I'm here because the playing field has been skewed for too long. Financial structures were put in place to exclusively permit the wealthy to get wealthier. Enough! I believe in the democratization of wealth. Power of the collective is inherent in Nuudii System, as were backed by 13,000+ people during our launch. Now that's some fuel! Launching our fundraising campaign through Wefunder allows us to continue our path of inclusion. Together, we have the ability to break down those old structures by building something inclusive and new. When we succeed, you succeed." - Annette Azan, Founder & CEO

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Increase D2C sales

The majority of our sales will continue to be through our e-commerce website, but we will also launch our branded stores through other marketplaces. Our focus will be on retaining and increasing our 26% month-over-month returning customers with exciting new products.

In 2022, we have begun to expand our marketing and ads to a broader variety of social platforms. This year, we will launch brand awareness campaigns to add to our sales-based campaigns to reach new customers. 

After this raise on Wefunder, we will focus our energies on influencer marketing and the expansion of our affiliate base to assist us in educating, promoting, and increasing sales.

Expand Wholesale

Before our Nordstrom partnership, we have been selling to a number of smaller boutiques.

Here's what Gonca, the owner of the boutique Bazzar Nosara, has to say about her experience selling Nuudii:

"Due to its versatility, there are incredible opportunities for cross-promotion. For example, a travel website that sells clothing might cross-promote Nuudii System for its compact nature. Also for retailers selling high fashion, which styles often don't work with bras, will now have the chance to offer a new solution. Nuudii System is a win-win for retailers and a big boost in sales for us."

Product Development

The essence of our brand is innovation! Our designer Sarah has been hard at work finishing up the development for this year's product roll-out. In 2022, we are launching three totally new "systems" as well as expanding our size range to reach a broader customer base that has been eagerly awaiting Nuudiis. We will also continue to release new limited edition colors and unique prints. 

Our most exciting development to date is launching through Kickstarter in March. This platform allows us to reach a much broader audience of people who are hungry for new products. During our first Kickstarter campaign in June 2019, we saw the dollars and pledges coming in at incredible speed. We reached $50,000 in the first two hours! With our current base of 60,000 Nuudii lovers, our goal for this second campaign is $1.5 million.

Stay tuned and make sure to sign up for emails to be the first to know when we go live.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

These are just a few of the dedicated people in our factory whom we love!

The irony is this bra/sports bra $100B industry has been built on customers' dislike of the products. Just imagine the potential for a brand like ours where women LOVE the products. This is just the beginning of our journey. Your investment will be the fuel that greatly impacts our brand and amplifies growth. Our aim is to continue to create innovative products that instill positivity and generate strong profits and wealth for everyone involved. Join us and be a part of our radical game-changing brand.