Latina Owned, Clean Skincare with $3.2M+ of Revenue

Last Funded May 2024


raised from 415 investors


$3.2M Revenue in three years, $2M Gross Revenue in 2023
Turned down TWO Shark Tank offers
55,000+ D2C Customers
Sold in over 400 retail locations, including Nordstrom, Credo, Free People

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Natural Skincare Made with Nopal (Prickly Pear Cactus)

I am Sandra Velasquez, the Mexican-American creator and CEO of Nopalera— a clean collection of bath and body products powered by the Nopal cactus— an ancient symbol of Mexican heritage and one of the most sustainable, versatile, and nourishing plants in the world. 

Nopalera is leading the Brownspace Opportunity in beauty with its culture-forward brand that speaks directly to an underserved customer - Latinos - the fastest-growing segment in the United States.


Beauty shoppers are notoriously fickle. Our 40% customer repeat purchase rate speaks not only to the quality of our products but the power of our brand and the emotional connection our customers have to it. 

We’ve sold $3.2 Million in the last three years. And we are just getting started. Last year we grew 216%, and we aim to repeat this growth in 2024.

People ask: “Why did you turn down TWO Shark Tank offers?!” Ownership & Self Worth is the answer.

Retailers want something they don’t already have - nobody had a brand like Nopalera on their shelves. Within the first year, we attracted dream retailers like Nordstrom, Credo, Free People, and over 400 influential boutiques nationwide.

This proves another critical point - that Nopalera is not only for Latinas. Just as L’Occitane is not only for French people and olive oil is not only for Italians.

Latina is our cultural point of view, but clean and elevated skincare is for all. Our successful nationwide distribution demonstrates how the Nopalera brand resonates with everyone.

Our customers love our products because they are culturally relatable, sustainable, and efficacious.

Nopalera’s current target customer has helped to get the brand to where it is today. The audience is primarily comprised of Latinas with purchase decisions driven by the fact that it is a Mexican, woman-owned brand. They’re motivated by its bold design aesthetic centered around the nopal, the founder’s story and audacity, and the collection’s clean ingredients.

They feel a direct connection to the success of Nopalera and advocate without being asked - frequently gifting products to increase awareness within their community. They are inspired to see their culture reflected in an elevated way.

It is not only the community that loves to tell our story, the press does too.

Nopalera is leading the Brownspace Opportunity in beauty while inspiring our community to stand in their worth. 

The nopal is also market-proven and currently being used by premium skincare brands. However, Nopalera is unique in that it leverages the Nopal as a primary ingredient in body products and branding focus. 

Why a community round?

Women of color receive less than 1% of venture capital funding, but we have raised $2.6M from amazing VCs like L’attitude Ventures, Katalyst Impact Fund, and Morgan Stanley. They see our significant competitive advantage in taking over the Latino segment of the massive global beauty market.  

Given our community appeal, I am excited to enable our customers to share our success as investors. Nopalera is built through a customer-centric lens, and a community round aligns with our long-term mission. 

My vision of Nopalera’s future includes celebrating financial success WITH our customers.  

I am so excited to invite you to participate. Join us and be a part of building a Latina legacy brand.