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We provide an AI assistant in your pocket and hyperlocal mobile marketing



reserved of a $300,000 goal
 $10M  $9M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $100K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $9M valuation cap and 2% discount
$250, $500, $1K, $10K


One of 25 founders selected for Amazon’s Inaugural AWS Impact Accelerator for Black founders.
Secured Letter of Intent valued at $1.1M in sales and $4M sales pipeline.
We are the privacy-first, data-driven artificial intelligence friend at your fingertips.
Trusted interaction with technology creates better customer experiences.
Helped customers generate a 56% increase in first-time customers over our competitors.
Providing first-party data in a world without cookies!
Protection for businesses as mobile marketing laws become tighter; we meet the needs NOW.
Over 50K supporters across social media

Our Team

I became a business owner after realizing how hard it was for me to find relevant information in my local area without sharing my data. I decided to create a safer platform that puts privacy and relevancy by allowing consumers to voluntarily share their data and opt-in to connect and engage with more relevant local information on their phones.


Nodat boasts an AI Assistant that connects consumers to local businesses and information, designed to better help businesses create hyperlocal connections with the right customers.

Nodat is the privacy-first and consent-driven marketing platform that creates consumer empowerment to engage and connect with brands while creating space for advertisers to understand and communicate with their audience using the voluntarily-given data telling you what they really want.

We believe that finding the right customer begins with creating the right customer experience. Nodat’s proprietary AI technology named Savant or Savvie is the friend in your pocket, helping end users navigate the app while it learns more about them on a voluntary basis, helping them to keep their precious data secure, allowing businesses access on their terms. This builds trust so when businesses find these "right" customers, they can connect and turn them into repeat patrons through notification, SMS and geo-targeting.

We’re attracting the best customers by addressing their problems and concerns:

  • They are worried about their privacy
  • They are not prioritized in an advertising-first landscape
  • They rely on search engines that give them the least viable and actionable results

For businesses, Groupon, Google Maps, Yelp, TapMango, and other similar platforms are complicated, ineffective, and expensive because of small businesses:

  • Can't retarget customers that find them.
  • End up spending more on advertising and discounts than they earn in new revenue.
  • Don't see an increase in foot traffic.
  • Aren't showing up in the Google Local Pack or the on the first page of search.

Small businesses are losing over $1.6 Trillion a year because they can't effectively target the right consumers using these tools.

Nodat is a platform built to connect customers, influencers, and supporters to the local businesses and experiences they want to know about while being a targeted and cost-effective solution for businesses.