Narrative Food

Food that tells a story, delivered to your doorstep

Last Funded April 2020


raised from 117 investors


Earned over $3.5M in revenue since 2010.
Delivered over 33,000 orders to more than 3,000 customers across 1,000 zip codes in Southern California.
We have long-standing relationships with over 100 organic growers and small-scale food makers in Southern California.
Close-knit customer base, including many LA influencers.

Our Team

Nourishment comes from way more than calories, proteins, and fats. We are also nourished by food memories and culture, by our community, and by our friends and family. I am passionate about supporting our customers with healthy food choices in the context of an inclusive and richly regenerative food system and a diverse, healthy community.

We deliver food and memories.

Know where your food comes from. Know you're part of something bigger.

"L.A's hottest farm-to-door home delivery service" Chalkboard Magazine

At its core, Narrative Food is more than just another start-up food delivery service, online grocery, or meal kit. The company's goal is to inspire people to value Good Food sourced from a regenerative agricultural system, and to connect to the people, stories and places which make up the Narrative Food community.

Some of our favorite suppliers...

Our Products

Support local growers and food makers.

Narrative Food curates delicious, nourishing, handcrafted, artisanal and organic produce and provisions from trusted small-scale purveyors, and delivers to discerning and satisfied customers all over Southern California.

From left to right: an example of what's included in a Narrative Produce box, the pantry of Jennifer Field Piette (founder of Narrative Food), Dare 2 Dream pasture-raised eggs.

We are best known for our Narrative Provisions Boxes. Each box tells a story with curated ingredients and recipes inspired by local food writers and creatives, cultural events, holidays and special occasions. We also include unique stories of the people and places behind the products in every box.

From left to right: ingredients included in the Add a Little Lemon Narrative Provisions box, the insert included in the Add a Little Lemon Produce box, one of the prepared recipes from the Add a Little Lemon box curated by Sara Leana Ahmad.

We have featured recipes from a wide range of local food creatives, including influencers like Helene Henderson of Malibu Farm, Kitchen Healer Jules Davis, Amelia Saltsman, author of the Santa Monica Farmers Market Cookbook, Barrett Prendergast, of the blog Valleybrink Road, Jessica Koslow of Sqirl, and many more...

Our Services

Have your meals prepared, cook better.

The Narrative Food community now also includes chefs who are available to prepare the weekly boxes of provisions, in customers’ homes. Other planned services include:

  • Customizing food deliveries and meal plans to meet a customer’s particular nutritional goals
  • Coaching services to build our customers’ confidence in the kitchen
  • Kitchen optimization sessions so our customers are set up for success.
From left to right: Narrative Produce box, Chef Services, My Favorite Meal is Breakfast box.


Narrative Food is a woman-owned and operated, Los Angeles based, B Corp certified, produce and provisions delivery service founded by Jennifer Field Piette.

Although we welcome all stakeholders, we endeavor to support other like-minded women-owned businesses, ranchers, farmers and chefs.

Narrative Food's founder, Jennifer Field Piette, is also very active in the B Corp Women CEO group, where she was a founding signatory of the #WeTheChange declaration and a member of the Female Founders Collective.

How we plan to grow

We have proven our concept for many years, but we have never had any marketing budget to reach a larger customer base. By investing in marketing and our core team, we hope to quickly increase our customer base and free up the founder to focus on growing the business instead of running the business. 

Given we are already serving 1000 zip codes across Southern California, we have an ample audience from which to build our customer base quickly. Our infrastructure is presently under capacity, leaving us considerable space for growth without additional costs.

As with every campaign, the following are future projections and cannot be guaranteed, but we will work our hardest to achieve it:

Join us to create lasting food memories for our community!