Camper vans of the future: $10M+ revenue with 100+ vehicles delivered

Last Funded January 2023


raised from 646 investors
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$10M+ total Revenue and on track for $10M in 2022 (not guaranteed)
Leads the RV industry in Class B RV innovation and technology
Months long order backlog since launch; 250+ customers willing to give an average deposit of $2,500
$3M raised from 3,700 investors in 2020 and 2021

Our Team

Originally built for personal use by our founders, Laurie and PJ Tezza, the prototype CV1 immediately drew attention and questions. We first connected with buyers through $5 ads on Craigslist. Response to our offering was so sensational that we stopped all paid advertising after only a month.

Creating Adventures Every Day

We love the outdoors. We are always thinking about the next campground, the next trail, the next summit, the next beautiful mountain lake. We're building camper vans with modern, high-tech designs to help America get outdoors to have fun and experience the beauty of nature. Unlike bulky RVs, our vans are a pleasure to drive, make adventuring easy, and are ideal for getting off the grid. We have found thousands of others who feel the same way and are eager to become ModVans owners and investors. We need your help to grow faster and meet this unslakable demand!


Owning a ModVans multipurpose vehicle is a smart alternative to buying three separate vehicles for family, work, and play. ModVans is the superhero of camper vans, hauling kids to and from soccer practice by day and road-tripping by night. It’s a cargo van for work during the week and living space for play on weekends; it’s an adventure van that doubles as a daily driver.

Originally built for personal use by our founders, Laurie and PJ Tezza, our prototype quickly caught the attention of thousands of adventure seekers eager for an alternative to cumbersome, complicated RVs.

Since our launch in 2017, ModVans has gone from prototype to delivering over 100 vehicles worth $10m to customers all over the US. We have achieved positive cash flow with virtually no money spent on marketing or sales. That’s some remarkable organic growth!

In 2021, we added 2 new exciting Class B RV models - we now offer our award winning, class leading modular design in 3 different vehicle sizes!

In 2022, we delivered our first production /X Series model with the largest battery available in any RV (2,100Ah / 26kwh), high efficiency DC electric heating and cooling, and our high-tech control system for monitoring and controlling RV systems from our app and the cloud.

Also in 2022, we will reveal to the world our innovative plans and designs for the E-CV1 - a fully electric model that takes full advantage of a true electric vehicle platform: Request ModVans EV Info.

Today, ModVans’ innovative modular and multipurpose vehicles are already replacing RVs, trucks, and SUVs for over 100 families all across the US. Strong data indicators demonstrate over $1B worth of immediate demand right on our website:

  • $1B worth of “shopping carts” created on our website - consistently over 200 new carts/month
  • Months long order backlog since launch
  • 250+ customers willing to give an average deposit of $2,500
  • 3,700 investors, many who have purchased or expressed purchase intent
  • Thousands of phone and email inquiries: Over 3,500 contacts in our CRM
  • Over 15,000 social media followers

Our long-term ambition is to win a portion of the estimated $1T per year combined market for Camper Vans and SUVs.

Off the Grid Capabilities

ModVans innovations let you go totally off-grid. Our massive, 26kwh battery gives you weeks of battery power and can run A/Cs and heaters for multiple days. 300-510 watts of solar power extend battery runtimes. Options like All Wheel Drive, built-in dual compressors, off-road tires and off-road lights let you get further from civilization and closer to nature.


Market response has been so phenomenal that production cannot meet demand. We want to meet that demand head-on! Rather than make people wait as we bootstrap our way to expansion, we launched this crowdfunding campaign so we can scale production and R&D more rapidly.

In 2020 and 2021, we raised $3m from 3,700 investors. We’ve used the funding to scale production from 2 vehicles/month to 6 vehicles/month AND and to engage in some massive R&D projects:

  • 2 new model vehicles in production with customer deliveries: CV1/M and MH1
  • /X Series in production (CV1/X delivered with CV1/MX and MH1/X on the way) with extreme capacity battery and high-tech app-based control systems
  • Initial design and engineering for our E-CV1 fully electric model

In 2022, our goal is to raise millions more to build a larger factory to accommodate increased production and to complete R&D on our fully electric E-CV1 model!

Join ModVans and our 3,700 investors on our exciting ride!

ModVans designs and manufactures high-tech, multipurpose vehicles and sells direct to consumers via our website,

Over the last 4 years, ModVans has successfully delivered over 100 vehicles to happy customers all over the US. We have grown production and revenue every year, have over $10m in lifetime revenue, and are on track to hit $10m in revenue for 2022.

We currently offer 6 vehicle models in 3 different sizes.

After only 4 years, ModVans leads the RV industry in Class B innovation and technology. ModVans vehicles have unique designs that offer innovative features such as:

ModVans is delivering vehicles featuring industry-leading technology such as:

  • Largest available battery in an RVIA certified, production RV: at 26kwh, it’s the size of 2 Tesla PowerWalls!
  • High efficiency DC powered heating and cooling is 20-50% more efficient than standard systems!
  • An RV control system designed from the ground up with custom circuit boards, firmware, and servers that allow our cloud service and our iPhone and Android app to monitor and control batteries, charging, heating, cooling, water system, entertainment system, and more from anywhere in the world! The ModVans app can be installed on any iOS or Android device, and all circuit boards can be upgraded over-the-air.
  • Class-leading solar charging capability: we currently offer up to 510 watts, and custom solar roof options are in development!
  • Ready for Remote Work with 5G cell booster antenna available now and SpaceX Starlink support is coming soon!

ModVans vehicles compete in the $6.5B Camper Van market and the $1T SUV market.

ModVans has proven demand with over $1B worth of orders initiated on our website and many other strong demand indicators.

ModVans has a substantial “economic moat” with a long list of competitive advantages: innovative features that required substantial effort, talent, time, and money to develop; a growing patent portfolio; and a significantly lower cost of sales by selling direct to consumers via our website.

ModVans has a track record that demonstrates its ability to design and manufacture desirable vehicles and features, deliver them to paying customers quickly and effectively, and provide service and support to customers all over the US. Check out our Facebook group to see what our real-world customers are saying!

ModVans has exciting plans to build a much larger factory to help us meet demand and quickly grow revenue. Register for ModVans 2022 Investor Day Presentation.

ModVans has exciting plans for a fully electric RV model that utilizes an EV chassis: Request ModVans EV Info.

ModVans has a detailed formal business plan that includes the following information and more:

  • Product information on our current line of 6 RVs
  • Plans and progress information for our upcoming EV models
  • Plans for new factories and production capacity
  • Sales and market analysis
  • Marketing plans
  • Demand verification
  • Detailed competitive analysis

Request 30 Page Business Plan.

Email us at [email protected]; meet us in person at our factory in Oxnard, CA; come see our exhibit at Overland Expo and Adventure Van Expo; or join our 2022 Investor Day Presentation.


Investors in this campaign are purchasing ModVans’ stock. For stockholders to see a significant return, ModVans must increase the value of investors’ stock and achieve an exit. ModVans is a private company, so the value of its stock is difficult to ascertain. However, we have publicly sold stock to investors and those sales can be used as data points to evaluate our performance:

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Because ModVans is a private company, its stock is not easy to trade. Investors require an “exit” to get a return on their investment. ModVans envisions these possible exit events:

  • ModVans grows the company until an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and stock exchange listing is the best exit option for our investors.
  • An entity such as a large company or investment fund purchases ModVans at a price that meets the requirements of the majority of its stockholders.
  • ModVans lists its stock for sale with an exchange or one of the upcoming online secondary markets.

ModVans believes there is a very large market opportunity and we have the talent and timing to take advantage of it. Our plan is to grow the company and its value until IPO.


US Based Workforce

Good jobs at ModVans are available to people from all walks of life. ModVans has a commitment to good benefits and good pay for all its employees. All our employees are US-based and we have few or no part-time employees or contractors. All full-time employees get full benefits that include:

  • Paid health care (we pay 100% of a silver policy)
  • Paid time off (12 days/year + 7 holidays + 5 days holiday “bonus”)
  • Lowest starting pay is $18/hr
  • All employees can quickly earn raises

We plan to relocate our manufacturing to a new city in the near future. One main decision factor in location choice is quality of life for our employees: our employees want to own their own homes. Remaining in our current Oxnard location would require paying wages that would make us uncompetitive.

Saving the Planet

Our current vehicles have internal combustion engines (ICE) and emit greenhouse gases. At this time, ICE chassis are the only ones available that meet reasonable consumer price and range requirements. The typical alternatives, Class C RVs, larger Class B RVs and towing a trailer behind a large ICE-powered SUV or truck are all much worse for the environment. They typically require a separate dedicated camping vehicle, consume much more fuel, and emit a lot more greenhouse gases.

We understand and agree that steady progress is not enough. Our upcoming E-CV1 model will be all electric. We intend to be ready for production as soon as the underlying chassis are, and, based on the progress of EV chassis manufacturers, we are confident this will happen in the very near future.