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Multipurpose camping vehicles for family, work and play

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$1T Market: SUV/Pickup Truck/Minivan/RV Replacement
Proven Demand: $12M deposit backed reservations, $6M signed sales orders, $3.6M revenue
Proven Operations: 50+ Customer Deliveries, Building 6 CV1s/month (and growing fast)
Competitive Advantages: 3+ Patents Pending, Rapid Design, MRP, Direct to Consumer Sales

Our Team

Originally built for personal use by our founders, Laurie and PJ Tezza, the prototype CV1 immediately drew attention and questions. We first connected with buyers through $5 ads on Craigslist. Response to our offering was so sensational that we stopped all paid advertising after only a month.

Invest in ModVans

A smart alternative to owning three separate vehicles for family, work, and play. ModVans CV1 is the superhero of campervans, hauling kids to and from soccer practice by day and road-tripping by night, it’s a cargo van for work during the week and living space for play on weekends; it’s an adventure van that doubles as a daily driver.

Multipurpose Vehicles Great for Vacay and Everyday

  • Safe, comfortable seating for up to 7 people (5 standard)
  • Easy to drive, park and service Ford Transit chassis
  • Available 4x4, AWD and Twin Turbo EcoBoost engine
  • Affordable: $500/month with RV financing
  • Popup Top with over 6 1/2‘ standing room  and spacious bed
  • Modular: all cargo area components removeable
  • Camping features: A/C, furnace, fridge, sink, stove, toilet, shower, 2 beds
  • New models, modules and features in product roadmap

A $1 Trillion Market

Can the CV1 really really replace an SUV or Pickup Truck? 5 years ago, our founders replaced an aging 7 passenger SUV with the CV1 prototype and we haven't looked back! 3 of our first 5 preorders were to families with kids. Since then, over 50% of our deliveries are to families replacing a daily driver. Critically, with available RV financing, insurance and warranties, the CV1 is more affordable on a monthly basis.

Proven Demand

We first connected with buyers through ads on Craigslist. Response to our offering was so sensational that we hit our goal of 5 preorders and stopped all paid advertising after only a month. Since then, all sales have come from unpaid organic growth via Google searches, customer referrals and mentions online and in the press. Since our launch in mid-2017, we have $12M in deposit backed reservations, $6M signed sales orders and $3.6M revenue from CV1s delivered to happy customers. 

Market response to the ModVans CV1 has been so phenomenal that production cannot meet demand. We want to meet that demand head on! Rather than make people wait for years as we bootstrap our way to expansion, we decided to launch this crowdfunding campaign.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ModVans has grown sales and delivered completed CV1s to customers. Navigating supply chain issues has been challenging (to say the least), but we are surviving and thriving! 

Proven Operations

In 2.5 years, ModVans has achieved the following milestones:

  • Prototype to production in 6 months
  • 40+ customer deliveries in 2 years
  • Acquired critical certifications
  • Moved from 2,400 square foot shop to 8,400 square foot
  • Grown from 3 to 12 employees
  • Made key hires in engineering and production

You can read more about our recent progress at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/modvans-moves-bigger-digs-makes-plans-survive-covid-19-p-j-tezza/ and https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/modvans-production-capacity-expansion-p-j-tezza/.

If you have any doubts about our ability to successfully operate the business, feel free to schedule an in person visit at our shop in Oxnard, CA!

Competitive Advantages

ModVans has these key barriers to competition:

  • Modular design enabled by over 200 custom parts and utility patents
  • Easy to drive and service (compared with high roof Class B RVs)
  • Camping features such as beds, fridge and A/C (compared with SUVs)
  • Lower monthly cost

While we have large, well financed competitors, it takes those companies years and millions of dollars to bring new products to market. Smaller competitors would have to spend thousands of hours in R&D, gain critical certifications and build up a large stockpile of chassis.