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Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) to Restructure Limiting Mindsets, FAST!

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raised from 11 investors
$9M valuation cap Future Equity
$500, $2.5K, $10K
Thomas N Hawes Hunden Co-Owner, The DevCo Family of Companies
It is my privilege to be the lead investor in Meta-Brain Labs. The method that Alexandrea has developed is tremendously valuable and it's like nothing else that I am aware of. When we get tripped up by our negative self-talk, when we're under pressure and under stress, this method and technology helps us get out of our own way and I've found that to be tremendously effective. I am investing because I'm very optimistic about Alexandrea, the team she has put together, the methodology that she has developed, the software and interface that is developed, I am very confident in this venture and that is why I decided to get on board in a big way.


Meta-Brain Labs Science-Backed Chatbot App restructures mindsets to help people achieve their dreams
2023 Golf pilot study validates our scientific process: Golfers improved 20' putts by 32% in 2 weeks
Brain-Computer Interface market size set to exceed $9.4B USD by 2032, with 16.7% CAGR from 2023-2032
Global Sports Technology Market Size is $20.1B in 2022, and is projected to reach $76.4B by 2032
Patents filed, pending, protects the company for any integration of a chatbot with biometrics
An AI Ethics Council has been established to guide AI implementation, to predict human mindsets
Leverage biometric-guided self-knowledge to actualize dreams, goals and desires
Our data will ultimately be used to map personality to the genome to predict disease risk factors

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