MentalHappy (YCS18)

It's like AA groups but for all hard life events.

Last Funded August 2023


raised from 53 investors


💸 $1.2M in venture funding led by Northwestern Mutual
💫 Product is in use by licensed doctors and health professionals across the U.S.
💡Signed partnership with leading cancer patient recovery program
✅ Y Combinator alum (Summer 2018)

Our Team

Peer support has been my life's work since I was in high school over 20 years ago. At my core, I am a healer. And now, I am also a talented tech entrepreneur and can leverage tech to expand my vision of bringing emotional support to those who lack access to quality resources to cope, heal and live a happier life.


"There isn't enough "human power" to meet the tsunami-level demand for mental health services." - According to American Psychological Association  (source

We've designed, built, and launched a HIPAA Compliant mobile app used by health and wellness practitioners across the U.S. to expand mental health services. 

Our mission is to expand access to peer and group therapy services to over 1 billion people worldwide.

The Problem

Few Therapist and Crisis Level Demand for Mental Wellness

The U.S. is experiencing a severe shortage of therapists — according to the American Psychological Association (APA), there are only 31.3 licensed psychologists per 100,000 people (source). Many therapists and psychologists have long waitlists, making it harder for new patients to start treatment. And the pandemic has only widened the shortage gap and caused a mental health crisis in both adults and children.

Plus, 60 million people live in rural areas in the United States, where they just simply aren’t within driving distance of any type of mental health facility or office (source).

The Market

Demand for virtual mental wellness services is growing

We’ve tapped into a $200 Billion global market with a solution that many business models have simply overlooked— and that is the efficacy of expert-led peer support groups.

COVID-19 generated unparalleled demand for virtual mental health care services. But it seems that telehealth may be here to stay. According to McKinsey, overall telehealth use has stabilized at levels 38X higher than before the pandemic.

We’ve tapped into a $200 billion global market with a solution that many business models have simply overlooked— and that is the efficacy of expert-led peer support groups (source).


Expert-led peer support groups are a scalable solution that offer accessible, affordable, and culturally sensitive mental health resources.

How it started

Tamar is an experienced second-time founder.

She is also a Y Combinator alum. Tamar launched her first peer-support organization for her fellow high school classmates, an effort that earned her recognition from The White House.

Her work with MentalHappy has appeared in major publications such as Forbes, Nasdaq, TechCrunch, Silicon Valley Business Journal, and the CIPA award-winning book "Impact Founder''. She earned her MBA after graduating from Florida State University with a dual degree in Sociology and Economics.

Business Model

Health professionals love us 

(video includes real providers on the platform) 


✅  9000+ health consumers 

✅  110+ health providers leading groups 

✅  2 partnership with post cancer treatment program

Growth in New Health Providers of  26% MoM. 

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We are backed by Y Combinator, Index Ventures, Chai Angels, and more amazing venture firms and angels.

We recently raised $1.2M in seed funding led by Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures.

We intend to use this funding plus the funds raised towards onboarding more health and wellness professionals, ramping up our partnership efforts, etc.

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