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Transforming the Classic Mercedes Parts Industry

Last Funded May 2023


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Strong Global Demand, Large International Market - $800M for parts up to 1993 alone
Stable Industry in Uncertain Economic Times - Auto Parts Sales Grew During Lockdown
Passionate Customer Base - 13,000+ Newsletter Subscribers
Secure & Diverse Supply Chain - Already own $2M retail worth of inventory

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Classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles are incredible feats of engineering that have preserved beautifully. They appeal across cultural and age lines. The parts are hard to shop for and many competitors are aging out of the industry.

The MBZ Parts Story

For classic Mercedes-Benz owners, access to parts means the difference between a rusting vehicle under a tarp and a gleaming vintage machine cruising down a roadway. Without parts, these extraordinary vehicles are consigned to history.

MBZ Parts is transforming the classic Mercedes-Benz parts industry. Fueled by our custom digital catalog, $2M worth of parts, and years of hands-on experience with classic Mercedes vehicles, we’re pushing closer to our goal to be #1 in our niche in the US.

Our customers come from all over the world, from all walks of life, from every generation. One thing that binds them together is their love for their classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles and their passion for restoring them. Many of our customers plan to hand their classic models down to future generations; others have inherited their cars from loved ones, cars that are imbued with tremendous emotional significance.

At MBZ Parts, our easy-to-use website, our huge inventory, and our exceptional customer service backed by unparalleled product knowledge ensures that our customers can continue restoring their treasured vehicles for decades to come.

The classic Mercedes-Benz parts industry has, prior to the founding of MBZ Parts, been a fragmented field that struggled to keep up with 21st-century technology. Many parts purveyors specialize in certain models, or they only provide parts for a few model years. And without a functional eCommerce site, even those limited parts inventories were inaccessible to all but local customers.

With our website providing access to parts from all vintage Mercedes-Benz models from the ’50s through the early ’90s, MBZ Parts makes it easy for owners to continue restoring their vehicles. And those owners are committed to keeping their vehicles in cruising condition. Global annual sales of classic Mercedes parts top $800 million.

Our business is growing rapidly, and we expect it to explode in the coming months. Our inventory is vast, we have a large and passionate customer base, and our team has a deep knowledge and understanding. But our secret sauce – what really sets us apart from every competitor – is our modern, easy-to-use eCommerce site, powered by our custom digital catalog.

While others in our industry struggle to embrace technology, we have leaped ahead, providing customers with an unparalleled online shopping experience. Our WeFunder campaign will help us put the finishing touches on our site as well as support an expansion of our digital and physical infrastructure.

Every member of our leadership team is a car lover and has an intense appreciation for the engineering and aesthetic behind classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This appreciation has only deepened through our experience with the individual parts themselves, as the elegance and quality are apparent in every detail. We’ve dedicated ourselves to making sure that these cars can be preserved and appreciated for decades to come.