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Fast route to replace fossil fuels with cheap, zero pollution & zero nuclear waste fusion energy.
Highest ratio of fusion energy out to energy in of all private fusion companies.
Achieved the highest confined temperature of any fusion experimental device, over 2 billion degrees.
Patents issued in the US, China, Australia, Canada and the EU, with patent pending in India.

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Fusion Energy - A Pollution-Free Economy and Prosperity For All

Fusion energy can entirely replace fossil fuels. LPPFusion is on a fast path to developing nuclear fusion generators that will produce safe, clean, unlimited energy, far cheaper energy than any present-day energy source. We call our technology Focus Fusion. It can solve our global environmental challenges and at the same time lift the standard of living for all. Our Focus Fusion generators will:

  • Use pB11 fuel that produces ZERO RADIOACTIVE WASTE
  • Produce only Helium as the by-product of our fusion reactions
  • Have pB11 fuel sources, hydrogen and boron, that are essentially unlimited. They come from regular water, seawater, and boron deposits, and are enough to last billions of years.
  • Decentralize the power grid and reduce dependency on the fragile grid system.

Once developed, our patented, small Focus Fusion generators can save trillions of dollars annually in energy expenses, subsidies, environmental cleanups and health related costs.


Our published, peer-reviewed experimental results are far ahead of any private fusion company. All fusion research efforts aim to get more energy out of a device than is put into it, a condition known as Net Energy.

The volume of these cubes compares Q Total values or "Wall - Plug efficiency", the ratio of fusion energy out of device to the total energy into the device, or

Q total = (fusion energy out)/(total energy into the device)

In March, 2023  we published a paper in a special issue of the Journal of Fusion Energy showing that we led all fusion companies in key experimental results, achieving” the highest ratio of fusion energy generation to device energy input (wall-plug efficiency).“ The paper also demonstrated that, compared with all fusion projects, including the giant government ones, we’ve achieved “the highest confined ion energies of any fusion experiment (>200 keV) as well as, recently, the lowest impurities of any fusion plasma.”

We are 80 times ahead of MIFTI and 600,000 times ahead of TAE, the only two other fusion companies that have published fusion results using the same experimental deuterium fuel. HB11, another fusion company, has run experiments with the same pB11 fuel that we intend to use, which is much more reactive than deuterium. But so far they have only achieved half the ratio of MIFTI, less than 1% that of LPPFusion. Other well publicized fusion companies, like Helion, Commonwealth Fusion and General Fusion have published no fusion yield results at all.

With just $10M in funding, we are only 30% behind the deuterium results of the giant government projects like JET and NIF, that have spent $4B and $20B respectively. The race is far from over and we still have to take big steps to reach more energy out than in, but right now we are in the lead of all private companies! That is not just us talking-- last November the International Business Times reported that LPPFusion leads private fusion companies in results.

Last year, we made big strides forward. We successfully completed the development of our new dual switches—a task that had taken us three years. With the new switches, we achieved a 40% increase in peak current to 1.8 million amps, meeting our goals and doubling the energy available to produce fusion. This broke the record for any device of our type for efficiency of energy transfer.

If we can get adequate funding--$2 million this year—we can reach Net Energy in 2024. If we then get funding of about $100 million for the much larger engineering development stage, we can produce a working prototype generator by 2028—fusion energy in this decade!


The industrial revolution was powered by switching from wood as the main energy source to fossil fuels. Just as fossil fuels lifted the global standard of living because their energy density was far higher than energy from wood, fusion energy, with millions of times higher energy density can revolutionize human society, providing a decent standard of living for every person, while maintaining a sustainable global ecology.

The pB11 fuel that our generators will use has the HIGHEST ENERGY DENSITY of all known energy sources, so Focus Fusion energy is millions of times more powerful than fossil fuels. Global energy needs could easily be met with thousands of tons of pB11 fuel per year, not billions of tons of fossil fuels.

Our views on pB11 have passed peer-review. In November, 2023, we published in a special issue of Physics of Plasmas a paper showing that “the approaches that combine hydrogen-boron (pB11) fuel with high-density plasma have an easier, less resource-intensive path” to economically practical fusion energy. This fastest route of course includes LPPFusion’s own approach using pB11 fuel and the dense plasma focus device.


Fossil Fuels pollution kills 7 million people annually. This pollution has contributed to the pandemic by weakening the resistance of the population and diverting vital resources away from health services. The profits from fossil fuels concentrate resources into the hands of a few thousand "oiligarchs" who control both the global petroleum and the global financial companies.  With Focus Fusion, this drain could easily be redirected toward health, education and housing while providing new jobs, and clean environment. Drinking water shouldn't be a luxury. To understand why Focus Fusion can FULLY replace fossil fuels see this video!


Focus Fusion Electrodes View From The Bottom, Through The Vacuum Chamber (during assembly)


Since Edison’s time, there's been one main way to produce electricity. A heat source — whether it's coal, oil, or nuclear fission — boils water to produce steam that spins the turbine of an electric generator.

Our Focus Fusion generators will be different · Free of expensive turbines and generators, we will produce electricity in a fundamentally different and much cheaper way than previous energy sources. The energy from fusion comes out of the same process that powers the sun and is released in the form of a high-energy, electrically-charged beam of helium nuclei. This electric energy is captured by an electric circuit by allowing the pulsed beam to generate electric currents through a series of coils, similar to how a transformer or a particle accelerator in reverse works. The process of induction used here has been employed in electrical technology since the 19th century — we've just figured out an efficient way to harness it.


We’ve chosen a far easier path than that pursued by the big government-backed fusion energy research and development efforts. They are trying to stabilize the natural instabilities — wiggliness — of the extremely hot, electrically conducting plasma where the fusion reactions occur. Our strategy is to use these natural instabilities of plasmas to produce energy, instead of fighting them. And we use a different fuel, hydrogen-boron (pB11) fuel which produces no radioactive waste. This allows us to use the dense plasma focus or DPF device, that is so small you can hold its heart - the electrodes - in your hands. The DPF device was invented in the 1960's by other fusion researchers but we've improved it. 


Solar and wind lack the power density and continuous availability to replace fossil fuels by themselves. That would require covering 20% of the world's land and strip-mining the ocean bottoms. The amount of land needed for solar and wind farms would take away from lands that we need for reforestation.  Because the energy density of wind and solar is very low, the world simply can not fully rely on these energy sources.  This is why, without fusion, we still can't move away from  fossil fuels.  They remain the main reliable energy sources of today, the base-load energy sources.  But fusion energy with pB11 can easily take over as a base-load energy source. 


Our team is small but great inventions like the airplane, the transistor, the integrated circuit and the World Wide Web were invented by small teams, not huge organizations. Chief Scientist Eric Lerner, a leading physicist in dense plasma focus (DPF) research for 40 years has pioneered in the application of astrophysics to fusion energy research. Ivana Karamitsos, Chief Information Officer and Director of Communications has had 12 years’ experience managing our IT infrastructure and producing the media for our PR outreach. Scientist Syed Hassan, a plasma physicist, has more than 20 years’ experience with the dense plasma focus device. Rudolph Frisch, Mechanical engineer and Secretary, has been President of Allsteel, a manufacturer of industrial metal-forming equipment, for 15 years.

Behind our core team there is an army of "invisible" contractors that make our research possible: accounting firms, IT contractors, independent simulation gurus, graphics volunteers, contractors and friends, fans, and family members who do what work they can and offer support. We collaborate with fusion researchers around the world and with astrophysicists who contribute to the plasma theories that are the basis of our understanding of the DPF device. Last but not least we work with Board of Advisors comprised of investors who help us make major business decisions, such as what should be a price of a share.

With this team we intend to complete the current research phase, proving we can get more energy out of the machine than we put into it. We plan to build a much larger team, 150-200 researchers and engineers, to develop a research device into a working protoype generator ready for manufacture.

Experimenting in our lab in Middlesex, NJ

Left: Syed working under Focus Fusion Experimental Device; FoFu - nick name for Focus Fusion; Right: ICCD image of Plasmoid, colored.

Team, over the years...


We'll use our investment round to fund the final stage of our Phase 1 research that will lead to the demonstration of net energy production. Your money will be used to finance at least a year of research.

We've proven that we can achieve the highest confined temperatures of any fusion device in the world. Our next research step is to prove that we can produce more energy than we put in, a goal known as NET ENERGY. Success in this Phase-1 research will enable us, with $100+ million in additional government and grant funding, to carry out Phase-2, a 3-year engineering phase that will produce a working prototype generator that will be suitable for mass production. That will lead to Phase 3, rapid commercialization. We will sell licenses to manufacture our generators to large, deep-pocketed organizations, like national power authorities, that can ramp up production rapidly without the need to raise capital. The upfront fees on these license and royalties on sales will be our main income stream

Neither governments nor big corporations are funding this research. But you can.

To fix our broken system, politics alone can not do it. We need fusion energy to build clean economy and prosperity for all.

Usually science research projects of national importance for humanity are funded with tax money. But fusion research does not have 4% of the annual budget of the Apollo program, not a half percent of that of the 2003 Iraq War. Unfortunately our government has not invested in fusion, and certainly not in Focus Fusion. Our budget is $700,000 a year, too little for optimum speed.

If you can not invest today, you will do just as much good for the world by SHARING this page with one person who needs a spark to light their day now.


Historically, those who ruled society stood in the way of the development of new sources of energy, because control over power production has always been tied up with political and economic power. New ways of producing power threaten the Powers That Be. When feudal lords were the Powers That Be, they fought against the use of coal, which threatened their fuel monopoly based on the woodlands. But those kings and lords were swept aside by revolutions  and new types of societies developed fossil fuel power as the basis of the Industrial Revolution. Society went forward and those Powers that Be became the Powers that Were.

Fusion power threatens the multi-trillion-dollar profits of the fossil-fuel industry and of the world financial system, which has been tightly tied to petroleum for decades. Now you have the power to decide if the oil, gas and coal barons, today's Powers That Be, will become the Powers that Were. By funding fusion, you can Flip the Power.