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A dark comedy about a world-weary Bible salesman and his last days in Yadkin


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120% of return of principal + pro rata share of 50% of net profits

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Producer Megan Petersen collaborated on Feature Film with the Duplass Brothers
Accomplished cast of actors across multiple streaming platforms: Netflix, Hulu, and HBOmax included
Southern story filmed in historically preserved, yet forgotten locations all across North Carolina
A dark, character-driven comedy made to entertain, dazzle, and emotionally move an audience
An award-winning team who have run successful crowdfunding campaigns with huge audience engagement
Feature debut of Writer/Director Parrish Stikeleather who's made numerous award-winning short films

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*net profits

*Investors will receive investment back if and when the film turns a profit.

*In the event we forego traditional distribution, our next plan is Self Distribution, see below for details.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.


$30,000 or more: All previous perks as well as an Executive Producer credit on the film, in addition to a private link of the final film.

$20,000 or more: All previous perks as well as a Co-Producer credit, IMDB credit, and an invitation to any private screenings with the Cast and Crew (travel, lodging not included) as well as a signed copy of the script.

$10,000 or more: All previous perks as well as a 1-Day visit to set (travel, lodging not included) as well as an Associate Producer credit. 

$5,000 or more: All previous perks as well as a Special Thank You in the CREDITS of the film and a personalized Lead Card from Piedmont Bibles Ltd (the fictional Bible company that appears in the film).

$2,500 or more: All previous perks as well as a typewritten Thank You card from the Writer and Director.

$1,000 or more: A social media Shout Out on LONG DRIVE TO YADKIN's Instagram page for officially joining the team!