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Invest in Long Drive To Yadkin

A dark comedy about a world-weary Bible salesman and his last days in Yadkin


of a $75,000 goal

120% of return of principal + pro rata share of 50% of net profits

Membership Interest
$1K, $2.5K, $5K, $10K, $20K, $30K
Maxx Sutton
I have been following Parrish Stikeleather's work in film for over a decade. Parrish is uniquely effective at transporting you to unexpected times and places, all the while providing complex character interactions that challenges the audience to delve deeper into the narrative, prompting introspection and reflection. "Long Drive to Yadkin” is primed to be an excellent first feature debut for Parrish. It holds tremendous promise to showcase his exceptional talent and artistic growth. The concept behind the film is intriguing and displays a compelling blend of creativity, depth, and authenticity. I am thrilled with the opportunity to contribute to this project.


Producer Megan Petersen collaborated on Feature Film with the Duplass Brothers
Accomplished cast of actors across multiple streaming platforms: Netflix, Hulu, and HBOmax included
Southern story filmed in historically preserved, yet forgotten locations all across North Carolina
A dark, character-driven comedy made to entertain, dazzle, and emotionally move an audience
An award-winning team who have run successful crowdfunding campaigns with huge audience engagement
Feature debut of Writer/Director Parrish Stikeleather who's made numerous award-winning short films

Our Team

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*net profits

*Investors will receive investment back if and when the film turns a profit.

*In the event we forego traditional distribution, our next plan is Self Distribution, see below for details.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.


$30,000 or more: All previous perks as well as an Executive Producer credit on the film, in addition to a private link of the final film.

$20,000 or more: All previous perks as well as a Co-Producer credit, IMDB credit, and an invitation to any private screenings with the Cast and Crew (travel, lodging not included) as well as a signed copy of the script.

$10,000 or more: All previous perks as well as a 1-Day visit to set (travel, lodging not included) as well as an Associate Producer credit. 

$5,000 or more: All previous perks as well as a Special Thank You in the CREDITS of the film and a personalized Lead Card from Piedmont Bibles Ltd (the fictional Bible company that appears in the film).

$2,500 or more: All previous perks as well as a typewritten Thank You card from the Writer and Director.

$1,000 or more: A social media Shout Out on LONG DRIVE TO YADKIN's Instagram page for officially joining the team!