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AI Backed-Human First Solution for the $12T Global Healthcare and Wellness-Market

Last Funded December 2023


raised from 52 investors


✨ Fast Growing 🤖 AI-Backed Health and Fitness ️‍♂️ platform for the Generation 50+ 🧓136k Facebook
✨ Massive-Global Growth Market, Aging Population, Rising Healthcare Cost plus the Power of AI
✨ Pre-Approved for German Government Co-Funding of $500K in 2023. Global Markets in Mind
✨ Unique Business model and target market by being multilingual and targeting 50+ Generations.

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"Retreat Living Reimagined: Dive into AI Fitness, Wellness, and Life-Changing Focus at LIV-life's Bali Oasis"

Seize Your Opportunity to Invest in the Future of Personalized, Affordable Retreat Living for Executives.

"If you don't have your health, you truly have nothing. I learned this firsthand in my twenties when I battled breast cancer and faced another significant health challenge. Drawing from my engineering background, I've channeled my experiences into a passion for transforming and enhancing the lives of others. From fitness and wellness to mental and physical health, our human coaches, supported by AI, are dedicated to improving lives worldwide. We aim to make the world's best knowledge accessible to all."

Lorrayne Pereira Ribeiro, Co-Founder of LIV-LIFE

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Disrupt and Reimagine Health and Wellness for the Growing Senior Demographic. As the affluent older generation multiplies, the thirst for longevity and well-being amplifies, yet affordable, personalized health solutions remain elusive. Leap into this colossal market gap with us, utilizing AI to democratize access to world-class health knowledge, tailored for each unique individual. Our mission goes beyond enhancing lives; it's about radically reshaping the health industry's future, enabling each person to flourish in their golden years like never before. With healthcare costs escalating and service quality plummeting, it's clear that everyone is primed for disruption. Make the leap; be the change.

Why You Should invest Now:

The Western world is aging, and healthcare costs are skyrocketing. The root issue? Our current limitations in human intelligence capacity. Elite doctors and coaches, while exceptional, are scarce and costly. But here's the game changer: AI enables us to amplify intelligence, to tailor knowledge on an unprecedented scale. It's a revolutionary juncture where the most rapid technological advancement in human history intersects with the globe's largest growth market. Be present at this pivotal moment; witness the dawn of a new era.

Come and Join us in our LIV Wellness Villa in Beautiful Bali-

Now, on to the serious stuff! Our population is aging, and while we're living longer, it's often not in better health. We can do better! If only we all had professional help to become the best version of ourselves!

Being sick is not only miserable, but it also costs both you and society a significant amount of money.

So how about teaching out coaches to use AI that is powered by the best knowledge in the world to support you 24/7 to be the best version of yourself?

When you combine the Healthcare, Wellness, Anti-Aging and AI potential, you are looking at a massive global market! While most AI companies are targeting early adopters, we are reaching for the more affluent, older generations who need better health now!

While LIV is working on a Very Customized-Personal Level, we are releasing our Master AI for free via a Facebook Chatbot! Why Fakebook- because especially in rural Africa it is the one platform everyone is using. Join us in this Mission!

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