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Jauntboards is a pre-seed, bootstrapped product designed to solve a 2 trillion dollar problem.
This is a Founder-Led product led by ex-Techstar founders.
Co-Founders are brand and product leaders who have worked directly with nearly 50% of Fortune 50s.
Jauntboards has been alpha and beta tested with over 185 companies informing the product and ICP.

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Jauntboards is the place you go to get a project done

70% of projects fail. And the #1 reason why? Because they lack a clear process.

*This is a 2 trillion dollar a year problem, btw.*

Turns out, process is a key factor in creating:

  • Strong RFPs
  • Clear Proposals and Scopes of Work
  • Projects that stay on the rails
  • And success that can be repeated

And this is a pre-AI statistic. AI is about to disrupt just about every process on the planet.

  • How and when do we integrate AI?
  • How and when do we integrate a human?
  • And how do we measure attribution to follow inevitable AI ethics and governance?

Jauntboards is the place you go to do get a project done.

Here's how it works:

If you have a tried and true process, Jauntboards makes it easy for you to document it so you can show clients and teams how success can be achieved. 

It keeps the big picture in mind. Helps teams align on the process or path they'll take to get there. And centralizes everything a team will need into one place – including every deliverable generated along the way.

If you don't have a tried and true process, Jauntboards allows you to create one with the help of AI.

Just type in what you're looking for and Jauntboards will suggest a process. And you can modify this process at anytime. In this instance, we'll ask it to create a process for "Ethical AI."

This process can be turned into an RFP, a proposal, a project, and – with deliverables attached – a case study. In other words, Jauntboards creates an end-to-end tool to help projects get done and make it easy for others to do it again.

Jauntboards empowers collaboration between teams, AI, and humans.

Need help with a project? Hire an agency.

Need help with a specific part of a project? "Hire" an AI. Or a freelancer.

With the click of a button, AI can even take an entire pass at your project – saving businesses weeks of time and thousands of dollars.

And when you're able to document and democratize how this is done with the infrastructure of Jauntboards, you'll have the ability to repeat success.

When you're able to repeat success, your company is scalable. And when your company is scalable, your company is sellable.

Jauntboards empowers collaboration with the independent network.

It's predicted that over 50% of the workforce will be independent by 2027 – and that stat was pre-AI. Jauntboards is perfectly positioned to create a new way to pull freelancers and independent agencies into projects to empower a truly agile and flexible workforce. Something that will be highly needed with the massive restructuring of people and of processes across industries.

Why are we the right team to lead us into the future?

Because we've built our entire careers proving we are. We've personally been trusted by almost 50% of Fortune 500s as agency partners – creating software, analytics platforms, design systems, big ideas, and marketing campaigns.

What's our revenue strategy and pricing structure?

Total addressable market is 2 trillion dollars.

  • This is a bottom line problem – 70% of all projects fail due to lack of clear process.

But we have other addressable markets in sight.

  • This one is a top line problem – over 50% of the workforce will be independent by 2027 and will need a way to sell their services and collaborate independently, together as teams. Right now, companies like Fiverr, Upwork, and Breef serve as project brokers, creating a pipeline of project opportunities to freelancers and agencies. But none of them are designed to curate custom dream teams for project success. Jauntboards enables a project manager + UX/UI designer + and developer to operate as an agency without having to actually form or operate one. Jauntboards is the perfect infrastructure to allow companies to come to Jauntboards to build an RFP, request a proposal from an agency, or hire a freelancer mid-stream. This is a 455 billion dollar market.
  • And lastly, don't forget – when you have a scalable company, you have a sellable company. By building your infrastructure on Jauntboards, you have everything you need to scale a company and make it easy for buyers to see that success can be repeated. This creates an adjacent addressable market in the M+A space. Another 2 trillion dollar market.

Regardless of where things take us, we have the team to get us there. If you're interested in investing in AI, the independent network, or a product that actually has the potential to make it BIG, please consider investing in Jauntboards.

Let's go! 🚀