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By 2027, majority of the workforce is projected to be independent, full time or with a side hustle.
We've found a glaring gap in the gig economy and are positioned to go after at.
Jauntboards is led by second-time, ex-Techstar tech founders.
Founders are agency leaders who have directly worked with nearly 50% of Fortune 50 companies.
Pre-revenue startup, fully bootstrapped, just closed angel round prior to launching Wefunder.
Alpha tested with over 100 individuals and brands to inform core features and future roadmap.
Total addressable market is 1.5-2 trillion (1.5 freelance economy / .5 creator economy).
There's nothing like this in the market making this a true blue ocean opportunity.

Our Team

We're building the platform for the future of work.

"Independents" will be the new majority workforce by 2027.

Thanks to Covid, The Great Resignation, the recession, AI, and a general desire to make more money and have more freedom, over 50% of the workforce is projected to start side hustles and attempt to build independent businesses.

We call these folks "independents." They are freelancers, creators, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs who have decided to take a big bet on themselves.

The problem is, while the 9-5 helped us develop skills, it didn't teach us how to build successful, scalable, or sellable businesses.

As a result, millions of people look to the gig economy to "throw them a fish" instead of "learning how to fish." This keeps millions of people in survival mode having traded paycheck to paycheck for project to project.

We're on a mission to help millions of people get out of survival mode and create coherence between *who they are* and *how they make their money*.

What is a jauntboard?

In its simplest definition, a jauntboard is your process. For anything. Launching a podcast. Publishing a book. Selling a home. It's the thing you know how to do, and the way that you've chosen to make money.

We're living in a world where it's getting tricky to answer the simple question, "What do you do?" What do you say when you've got multiple revenue streams and wear many hats? You send them a link to Jauntboards.

As people explore you (or your independent business), they will come across the products and services that you offer. As they click into these offerings, they'll be able to explore your "jauntboards."

Because you've democratized your process, Jauntboards allows your customers flexibility and choice in how they'd like to get the work done.

They can do it ($), You can do it together ($$), You can do it for them ($$$).

In other words, Jauntboards turns your process into a product, a service, and/or an opportunity for ongoing consulting.

Now, you can start getting paid for what you know, not just what you do.

But what if you don't know how to do something? Like setup your accounting, run paid ads, or legally hire other 1099s.

There will be a jauntboard for that.

Jauntboards will launch a marketplace, fully democratizing people and processes for just about any job to be done. This will empower anyone to do anything themselves – or quickly hire someone to get it done.

We're not just creating a SaaS platform.

We're creating an entirely new economy and new way to collaborate.

But we haven't even gotten to the true power of our platform yet.

Every successful independent will inevitably hit a moment where they must decide, "Am I going to start saying no to work – or am I going to scale?"

Scale, as you know, can't happen without a repeatable process. And, it usually can't happen without pulling in other people.

Because you've already documented your processes on Jauntboards, you can more easily scale.

Scalable companies are sellable companies.

Most freelancers and creators have zero clue on how to build a business that's worth something in the future.

Finally, a way to take a freaking vacation or have an actual path to retirement.

Okay, so why us? Why are we the best founding team to build this thing?

First, we are our customer. After successfully freelancing for years, both of Jauntboards co-founders became agency leaders in the branding, marketing, and tech space.

We intimately understand the freelance economy, creator economy, agency world, startup world, and enterprise world. Not only have we personally built brands and products for 50% of Fortune 50s, we've done it for ourselves.

We are second-time founders (ex-Techstars) and world class agency leaders. We are confident that we can build tech for the new way work will get done, and more importantly, surround it with a brand story and positioning that will get everyone talking. We've been doing this for the biggest brands in the world and now we get to do it for ourselves.

Jauntboards has been alpha tested with over 100 users and brands.

Here are a few of our early-stage interviews that indicated we were onto something really powerful and unique.

We also have early indicators that Jauntboards could revolutionize the startup, VC, and M&A spaces. To test this, we'll be using our own product to build in public.

As people follow along, they'll be able to watch how we use our own tool to launch, scale, and justify the highest valuation possible. Wink. We'll use Jauntboards to scale – and to prove to a future buyer that success can be repeated. And it will be the most meta thing we've ever done.

Click to explore our jauntboard

What is our revenue strategy and pricing structure?

While we've identified several paths to revenue, we'll be launching our beta with:

  • A typical freemium SaaS model. Free to start with a PLG model that will move users into paid options as their business scales. $30/individual, $300/team, custom/organization. Even the free plan will generate revenue as users productize their boards (10% of revenue to Jauntboards).
  • Hourly consulting with our team. During alpha testing, we learned that people were willing to pay money to have access to our team, as needed. While some people wanted consulting on how to do something really unique in their industry, others wanted assistance building out their own processes, especially if they're a "creative type." Therefore, we'll give the people what they want, make some money while we're doing it, and position ourselves to have a better product on the product and marketing needs from users moving forward.
  • Monthly retainer with our team. This option is for businesses and brands who see value in the product, have a budget, and want access to our process experts, creative team, and marketers to build and distribute best-in-class Jauntboards.
  • Other potential paths to revenue are as follows:

A glance at the market

The TAM for the freelance economy is 1.5 trillion, while the TAM for the creator economy is 500 billion. This puts us at around 1.5-2 trillion of a total addressable market.

Current US stats:

What is the future of work?

The way work will get done is forever changing. We can either sit back and let tech layoffs, AI, and corporate handcuffs slowly chip away at our happiness and livelihood. Or we can build something new – and something powerfully human – together.

We can choose to decentralize, collaborate, and create an entirely new economy sharing money and resources back and forth with each other.

As people take agency back over their lives, especially aligning their passions with how they make money, power and money shifts towards the individual.

This will change everything.

We want to be the brand that leads this change and makes it happen. And, more importantly, want to have influence on an entirely new workforce – and way of doing work – where we can inspire ideas like:

  • There's more than enough to go around (abundance)
  • You may be independent, but you don't have to do it alone (collaboration)
  • You don't have to hoard people or information (democratization)
  • You are more than who you think you are, what you do, and the thing you built (consciousness)

A note from the founders:

It wasn't many years ago when it was actually illegal for normal people (like us) to invest in tech.

We want to extend a major thank you to the Wefunder platform who fought the good fight and actually changed laws so anyone could invest – and reap the rewards of a successful exit. When we found you, we knew we had no other option than to fundraise on your platform. It's not just a good strategy – it's in complete alignment with why we're building this product in the first place.

And to those of you who are interested in investing, while we can't promise success or a 10x exit, you have our word that we will build this thing with you, for you, and we will build it with our entire heart.

We believe we're a good bet. But ultimately, you get to decide that.

Thank you for your consideration – and your support.