Indy Brand Clothing

Modern lifestyle clothing brand inspired by the outdoors

Last Funded August 2020


raised from 77 investors


165% average growth Year-Over-Year for the last 5 years.
Over $1.6M in direct to consumer sales in 2019.
50% woman-owned.
Created a worldwide lifestyle brand with no outside investment.

Our Team

Our love of the outdoors inspired us to create a modern clothing brand with a feel-good message. 

The Indy Brand Story

In 2013 Ben Campbell was working for Mike Sperry at a local screen printing shop in the customer service department. Ben always had an eye for creativity and decided to design some unique graphic shirts for his wife Courtney. They were different than anything else on the market. A lot of his inspiration came from nature, and the beauty all around us, including music and travels around the world. He got a great reaction from friends and family so he decided to start selling them on the side.

That’s when he approached Mike and asked him what he thought of the designs and if he would have any interest in partnering with him because of Mike’s business background. Mike was busy at the time growing his screen printing company and didn’t give much thought to the idea. But Ben asked a few more times and Mike finally showed the designs to his wife Kelly. She loved them and said why not! They got Courtney involved and that’s when Indy Brand Clothing was formed.

And it took off!

At first, it was a part-time gig with no real thoughts of it growing into a big brand. In the first 2 years, we put all the profits back into the company and literally paid ourselves no more than a couple of thousand dollars total. Then in 2016, the third full year, we grew a ton allowing Ben to go full time at the end of the year and Mike soon following a few months later in 2017, after selling his other business.

We expanded globally.

Since that third year, we have continued to set the trends for the modern outdoorsy brands, creating unique one-of-a-kind graphics for women, men, and children. We have not only created a clothing brand, but also a lifestyle that appeals to the wild at heart, the adventurer, and anyone who wants to live life at their fullest. Our brand promotes a love for the outdoors in a feel-good all-inclusive way. In 2018, we expanded our marketing efforts into Canada and Europe, and in 2019 went global. In 2020 we will continue to grow our worldwide distribution.

And people love us!

Our Instagram following has been one of our biggest growth factors with a following of more than 263,000. We also have over 105,000 on Facebook.  We love the interaction and connection we have gained through our social media channels.  It has allowed us build a strong brand community and create relationships with our customers all over the world.

Social good

In 2018 we launched a “National Park Rocker” line, and donate 10% of the proceeds from that line back to the national parks.  We love being able to give back and help sustain the beauty that our national parks provide and inspire us with.

What's Next?

We are constantly selling out of products and receive requests every week to sell wholesale to large and small retailers, but are lacking the necessary capital to fulfill everything to make that happen. The investments we receive would allow us to get costs down, purchase higher quantities, and spread Indy Brand to retailers worldwide.  We would also like to increase our marketing efforts to grow our brand awareness. 

The Opportunity

Active lifestyles and the trend to wear more casual leisurewear is continuing to increase the outdoor retail market revenues.  While the retail clothes market is declining, the outdoor apparel market is growing by an average of 5% per year and is expected to reach 19.4 billion by 2026 compared to 12.7 billion in 2018. People are looking for new brands that speak to them in a unique and personal way.

Our sales from 2014 to 2019 continue to increase.