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Neuromotor software analytics for fatigue & injury risk assessments -Angel backed



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$6M valuation cap
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Hx is a minority owned human movement analytics company.
We are revenue generating
We raised over $600K, $200K+ from Angels
Successful proof of concept with teams like Miami Heat; 6+ teams or leagues ready to buy our tech.

Our Team

1: We want to help the large population of people with mobility instabilities by using neuromuscular movement analytics to optimize performance, warning against overuse, and maintain active and healthy lifestyles. 3: There are a minimal amount of veteran minority woman led tech firms - let's inspire change.


Athletes push their bodies and minds to perform at high levels. As a result, over 40% of all athletes experience a foot and ankle injury due to overuse and instability.

Coaches and trainers want to reduce the risk of injury and improve overall performance but they only have subjective observation and player feedback to gauge overuse.

Because most teams do not have time to send their players to costly sports science and biomechanics labs, not only are coaches and trainers at risk of losing their jobs, teams also run the risk of playing fatigued athletes, losing billions of lost revenues due to missed games, experiencing decreased fan participation, and increased team medical costs.

But what if trainers and coaches could administer these performance tests outside of the lab - right on the court or field prior to each practice or game? Hx's computer vision technology does just that. 

With over 6 years of scientific development and pre-seed funding from the National Science Foundation, SBIR grant, we developed our proof of concept and 12 months of market research to validate the market need proof of concept that our technology can be used with any depth sensor camera to determine stability, and neuromuscular and joint movement.

With Hx Performance Check teams can test their players anytime, anywhere, and as often as needed. Hx reporting allows teams to track power, speed, stability, fatigue, and performance of their athletes as a baseline and over time.

The countermovement jump is a scientifically proven dynamic movement that measures, among other things, lower limb power and strength.

Hx helps teams play competitive, play smart, and play long. 

With a focus on teams, our pricing model for our youth team package will start at $20 per athlete per month ranging to $60 for our optimized package for professional teams.  

We expect to meet $15M in revenues by 2025.

The pandemic has increased the need for sports tech given this $17.9B market a steady CAGR of 17.5% 

While testing out our business, go to market, and pricing models at the Chase Fieldhouse, we have seen a steady increase in our pipeline.  

With expedited funding, we plan to launch our mobile application right in our hometown, Wilmington, Delaware.

Our competitors have been in the game for a while, but we have something they don't...innovative science that collects neuromuscular activity using computer vision technology. 

This rise will continue the development and launch of our MVP and monetize clients in our pipeline.

Out team is strong, but most importantly resilient, driven, and community oriented.

We have paying customers using our proof of concept model. 

Our science is patent pending, third-party validated, and published.

Out technology can go beyond sports technology.

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