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A marketplace with all inclusive and customizable bathroom packages

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 10 investors


Bathroom Renovation - a broken industry worth $59.2 Billion, definitely worth fixing.
The construction has a slow tech adoption but it's ripe for disruption.
The e-commerce is mature, and customers are ready to start buying large ticket items online.
Construction is getting social, but no one is paying attention.

Our Team

It's a large and existing industry which I have a lot of experience in, which also presents us with the opportunity to create a very innovative company due to its existing large demand, neglected customers base who have adopted a new shopping behaviour which isn't so far being addressed by the current players.


If you are not renovating your bathroom or thinking about it, you probably know someone that is renovating or fetching the strength to do it, and that's because the bathroom is the top priority for most homeowners renovating but it's a daunting and challenging process that requires sourcing, selecting and buying over thirty different elements spread all across the internet, local outlet stores.

Ordering, paying, and receiving multiple orders, finding a reliable contractor, and successfully managing a project and its unknowns, it's a puzzle homeowners struggle to put together! 


A collaboration design tool and marketplace featuring curated bathroom products and all-inclusive bathroom packages, helping homeowners and contractors to customize designer bathrooms into their real spaces.


Through our e-commerce platform, customers will get inspired, shop exclusive individual products, or pick a whole new bathroom from our designed collection, filtering by style and budget.

Using their phone, shoppers will then enter their bathroom dimensions and photographs into a dedicated dashboard and get paired with a local and independent contractor from our nationwide community (if they need one), to carry out the installation.

Using our SaaS solution, the contractor will customize the customers’ selected bathroom to meet their real bathroom space, adjusting product sizes and quantities as necessary. Our software creates visuals of the customer’s real bathroom and provides a personalized shopping cart with all the products needed for a full bathroom remodel.

As soon as payment is received, our software places automatic orders across multiple suppliers, who send the products to our distribution center.

While we manage the multiple orders, feeding each dashboard with delivery information, the customer enjoys the visual mock-ups of their new, dream bathroom with a certainty of outcome, along with a Bathroom Renovation Guidelines - a complete educational source containing the best practices, a step-by-step of how the remodeling works, and what to expect during the process - all in one place.

At our distribution center, all of the ordered products go through quality control and are put together on a single pallet to optimize deliveries and maximize customers’ experience.

The appointed contractor then starts the work, while our customer care team remains on standby to provide support if anything goes awry.

Customers can sit back while their new dream bathroom is installed! That’s a lot of headaches saved, and a lot of neglected bathrooms reimagined!

Studium Dekor, affordably designed bathrooms, made easy. 


The US home renovation market is worth $450 billion per year, and bathrooms alone around $59 billion. It’s a very large old fashion industry, full of neglected customers, with a digital and social shopping behavior, which isn’t so far being addressed by the current players.

Home Depot and Lowes combined have a 30% market share, and the other 70% is highly fragmented; it’s all about shifting materials from point A to point B without much-added value to the consumer.


Our route to market is very social and 100% based on the new consumer behavior.

We’ll target our audience with collections of dream bathrooms, crafted by designers that they wouldn’t be able to privately afford, using products that they wouldn’t be able to find everywhere. 

 Our approach includes a strong presence on all social media platforms, partnerships with social influencers, customer referrals, brand ambassadors, affiliate programs, collaborations with fashion brands, and boutique hotels around the world.


We are a B2C product-based company, and we make money by selling bathroom products at an average of 50% gross margin.

The products range from furniture, sanitaryware, tiles, faucets, lighting, decorative items, etc.

Our second revenue stream comes from onboarding thousands of contractors into the platform. These contractors will be selected from existing platforms such as Houzz and Angie's List, and an extra layer of vetting will be added to improve the standards of our contractors' community.

We’ve forecasted an accumulated revenue of $259 million over a 5-year period, along with 7200 contractors using our solution to customize bathrooms all across the US. (not guaranteed)

  • 68% of that revenue will come from individual products
  • 29% from all-inclusive bathroom packages
  • And 3% from contractors' subscription
Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.


My name is Danielle Queiroz, founder and CEO of HUBHOUZE. I’m a third time founder, with over ten years of experience in Interior Design, Home Renovation and Tech. 

During the customer demand validation, I had an intensive interaction with the consumer which gave me invaluable insights and credentials to build this company moving forward. 
In addition to capital I am also looking for my power team - so if you’re a rockstar  CTO or an e-commerce specialist looking for a new challenge, I would love to hear from you!


I am raising $200,000 to build the tech MPV, which will unlock access to further capital. The project will have a duration of six months from the day the funds are available and here is how I am going to use the funds: 

6.5% of funds raised will go towards the Wefunder intermediary fee.


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