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⚡️Grew product suite by 248% since launch in Nov '21. On track to complete this year.
💰 Highly scalable to meet demand in the $537.9B Professional Home Improvement Industry
💪 Founder with +15 years industry experience, taught +25k pros, hired by brands like Angi & Yelp
📈 Innovating service delivery in the $64.4B business consulting industry

Our Team

Home improvement pros build business by sheer force of their will and their unrelenting desire to succeed. They are masters of their craft but not of their businesses, so they struggle unnecessarily! We level the playing field by meeting them where they are and giving them the information and tools they need to get to where they want to GROW!

Have an Industry Expert in Your Pocket

On-demand access to the expertise of an elite industry-focused business consultant without the price-tag or the time-drag for success-minded Home Improvement Pros!

Why Home Improvement Professionals? 

Home Improvement Professionals run small businesses that were created out of a passion for what they do, not out of a deep understanding of how to run a business... much less how to do it all successfully and profitably!

Big corporations have the people and the purchasing-power to hire consultants to support and advise them along the path to success, small businesses don't. 

They are behind the success curve

Home Improvement pros feel stressed and overwhelmed, constantly wondering if they're missing something. 

They are spending more time trying to figure out what to do to move forward than actually moving forward -- and that's time they can’t get back -- time they could be spending with family or enjoying life beyond work. 

They don't have:

    They are ready to get out of this vicious cycle. 

    And now there is a simple toolbox to guide them on their path to efficiency and success where they can learn how to achieve repeatable predictable success...

    Who are we?

    Homepro Toolbox is the “business coach in a box” for for success-minded home improvement businesses at every level.

    We provide an expertly curated digital resource center with a diverse community, highly effective best practices and easy-to-use solutions.

    Our subscription-based model meets the business owner where they are today and supports them in getting to where they want to GROW!

    100% mobile access to answer to their business questions, anywhere, anytime. 

    How is it different from what's out there now?

    • The right consultants can be hard to find and expensive to hire!
    • Training courses are long and are hard to take from off-the-shelf to tailored-to-the business.
    • Content targeted to an exact issue can be hard to find or worrisome to trust online

    Our platform allows users to customize their experience and find the right tools, insights, and community exactly when they need it.

    No two businesses are exactly the same, but the issues they face and their solutions are universal.  That's why we provide to our members highly-targeted, short, easy-to-use content that's designed to work the way real business owners and their team work today! 

    Why are we qualified to teach this?

    Our Founder, Madeleine MacRae, has spent her entire career in the B2B side of the Home Improvement industry.

    She founded her Coaching & Consulting firm in 2015 and has become a sought-after authority for small business education in B2B home improvement circles.

    She works with iconic brands, has a weekly podcast, speaks at trades shows, and has personally taught over 25,000 pros and coached 100s of top-performing businesses.

    The content inside of Homepro Toolbox is the EXACT SAME content that Madeleine teaches to her high-end private clients and shares from the stage.  It is the SAME content that has driven multimillion dollar sales growth!

    ... and the B2B Home Improvment Market is HUGE!

    Our Mission

    Homepro Toolbox is on a mission to become the undisputed market-leading business resource for home improvement professionals by inspiring business growth, creating community, and providing proven, realistic, and implementation-focused tools. 

    What have we achieved so far?

    Work on Homepro Toolbox started in August 2021, the first video resource was filmed in September and the initial phase of a fully-functional, branded, cohesive platform, with 109 powerful tools, launched on Black Friday 2021.


    We have been laser focused on product development and have grown the content suite 248% to over 270 tools.  We anticipate completing phase 2 of product development by August 2022 and by reach over 350 tools before the end of 2022 (not guaranteed).

    We are ready to shift gears into sales, marketing and SCALE!🚀

    We're raising money to amplify our visibility, accelerate our growth, and take a commanding lead in our market.  Join the crowdfund to help us maximize our momentum!

    .... If you've read this far, and you're saying to yourself: "That sounds great, Madeleine, but how do I get my ROI?"

    There are 3 things you can do:

    1 - Check out our deck, loaded below (under the downloads heading), to see our projections and ambitions for growth.

    2 - Be sure to dig into our FAQ sheet to answer some of the questions you might have like: where do we expect to be in 5 years, what risks are there to our success, what we are currently doing, and so much more.

    3 - Head over to the Questions Tab to find the answer the question you might be asking: "What is a SAFE all about?"and to ask any further questions you might have!

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