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Invest in Harlan County Beer Company

Brewery & restaurant in Harlan County, Kentucky the historic heart of Appalachia

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High-margin – Taproom beer sales have approximately 92% gross margins
High-growth – “Taproom first” breweries have double-digit growth
No competition – there are no bars, only two restaurants in the surrounding area serve alcohol, and the nearest breweries are more than 2 hours away
Diversified revenue streams – combine high-margin beer sales with food, events, and merchandise, to build a diversified revenue
Founders own the building– the founders and management team own the building and will lease it at $1/year for five years
Perfect location and timing – in the middle of downtown Harlan across the street from the courthouse
Transform Appalachia – the decline of the coal industry has decimated Eastern Kentucky, now is the time to quickly diversify Appalachia's economy. Say thank you to the coal miners who helped build America by drinking a beer
Experienced team with a winning track record – The founders are experienced investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners owning restaurants, coffee shops, film and recording studios, technology companies, and multiple real estate ventures

Our Team

Gill Holland Founder
Developer, film and music executive, and entrepreneur. Community builder. Father born in Harlan.
Serial entrepreneur, author, real estate investor, small business owner in Harlan. Harvard MBA/PhD

Why Harlan County Beer Company?

One of the most magical and biodiverse landscapes, yet a day's drive from 2/3 of the U.S. population.

Coal jobs are at the lowest point ever in the history of the United States.

No community has been harder hit by the decline in coal than America’s most famous county. From 2012-2020 80% of coal mining jobs in Kentucky were lost.

But, Wherever There is Change, There is Opportunity

Harlan County is positioned to take advantage of strong existing trends accelerated by Covid: →Work-from-Home→ Flight from cities→ Regional tourism

Incredible natural beauty, world-class outdoor recreation, and low cost-of-living is drawing people as they flee cities to work from anywhere they'd like

Rich culture and history makes Harlan County the most famous county in the United States

Harlan County’s First and Only (Legal) Brewery

Brewing high-quality beer and serving quality food in a 100-year old building on the Courthouse Square in Harlan County, Kentucky, the historic heart of Appalachia

We’ll do draft offerings on-site and growlers/crowlers for take home. We will begin with up to eight classic beer styles named after the most well-known coal camp towns in Harlan County.

We begin with a Portland Kettle Works Complete Brewhouse 4 barrel / 4 unitanks / 8 serving tank system capable of producing a broad range of styles in an anticipated capacity of 500 barrels per year. Portland Kettle Works is a well-respected American-made brewing equipment manufacturer.

High-margin and High-growth “Taproom First”

World Food Tourism Association named taproom brewery industry as top “opportunity for growth” in 2021 

Hyperlocal “taproom first focus” breweries that focus on onsite consumption are growing faster than ever; those breweries that attempted distribution but couldn’t reach economies of scale are declining. The reason is simple; taproom beer sales have a gross margin of 92%.
In the Brewer’s Association Jan/Feb 2019 journal, The New Brewer focuses heavily on the “Taproom Boom” and reasons why that business model is driving strong growth for small, independent craft breweries in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Furthermore, the World Food Tourism Association listed taproom craft breweries as one of the top 6 “opportunities for growth” in 2021.

No Competition, Perfect Timing 

Conditions are perfect for a taproom restaurant in Harlan County

No bars; only two restaurants in the area serving alcohol, and the nearest breweries are two hours away

Harlan just voted in late 2019 to become “wet” and allow alcohol sales. First legal brewery in Harlan County since Prohibition. 

Experienced Founders with Track Record who Own the Building

Located in the heart of downtown Harlan, right on historic courthouse square

Founders own the building and will lease it at $1/year for five years; location is right in the middle of downtown historic Harlan across the street from the courthouse.

Gill Holland and Geoff Marietta are serial entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and community developers. Gill's father was born in Harlan County; Geoff lives in the region where his wife is from; together they run several businesses, and have two sons named Harlan and Perry after the Eastern Kentucky counties.