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Indulgent vegan desserts that satisfy sweet cravings and nourish wellbeing

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$2.2M valuation cap
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First company to create scalable shelf life in fresh desserts with cold pasteurization*
First tofu mousse brand to market, differentiating with non-dairy creaminess and complete protein*
Products sold at Market of Choice, Zupan's, and New Seasons in the Pacific Northwest
We are raising to commercialize our co-manufacturing, allowing us to enter retail markets nationwide

Our Team

✨Join our mission to revolutionize the dessert experience, from an occasional, guilty treat, to an everyday nutrient-dense indulgence.✨

I've always loved desserts. They are sweet, nostalgic, and make life's moments feel special.

From an early age, I became interested in optimizing my health through nutrition. At the age of 13, I removed animal products from my diet, sparking a quest to perfect vegan treats that were indistinguishable from dairy. Friends and family from my small rural town fell in love!

In college, I realized that convenient, nutritious, and uncompromisingly indulgent desserts were missing from grocery store shelves. Inspiration struck that I could solve this problem!

With grants and mentorship from Lewis & Clark College's Bates Center for Entrepreneurship, I launched Goddess Mousse at farmers markets in the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan region.

✨I couldn't find good tasting desserts that were nutritious and indulgent, so I created Goddess Mousse!

Delicious desserts contain refined sugars, heavy creams, and ultra-processed ingredients that don't leave us feeling our best. Healthy desserts sacrifice flavor.

We believe in the best of both worlds!

🏆 In a selection pool that competed with dairy, we won Startup CPG's Shelfie Award for Best Dessert!

🌱 Tofu is our magical ingredient for creaminess and complete plant protein.

🎉We are the first tofu mousse CPG brand to market!*

  • Tofu provides creamy texture akin to dairy.
  • Non-GMO soybeans sourced from Ota Tofu in SE Portland. Organic soy in 2024.
  • Complete plant protein satiates sweet cravings and helps minimize blood sugar spikes.
  • Rich flavors built from fair trade cacao, nuts, fruits, and pure plant extracts.
  • Naturally sweetened with pure maple syrup.

🌅Our vision is for the Goddess brand to disrupt and lead the refrigerated desserts category.

We craft luxurious flavor that wins beyond the health conscious consumer, captivating the tastebuds of the average American dessert enthusiast.

💫Refrigerated desserts are an $8.8 billion growing category primed for disruption.

Vegan desserts are $3.2 billion and projected to double over the next decade.

Our entry to the market is within single-serve spoonable fresh desserts.

Kozy Shack dominates 90% of the Natural Products Index (NPI) for Single Serve and Refrigerated Puddings & Gelatin Desserts (SS&RF). Challenger brands such as Petit Pot own 3% market share and are growing 200%.

Plant-based puddings on the market don't compete on taste or texture, while outdated and unhealthy category leaders contain artificial additives.

🍨We're elevating the nostalgic pudding snack experience with premium quality and functional nourishment.

💧We are solving for shelf life in fresh desserts.

Up until now, the barrier to scale fresh bakery products without harmful preservatives has been shelf life. Distribution requires costly frozen storage and risks spoilage.

HPP naturally extends our product's refrigerated shelf life to 50 days while retaining freshly-made flavor.

Cold pasteurization allows us to scale nationally with biodegradable PET packaging that decomposes in the landfill within 5-7 years.

HPP is how fresh, nutrient-dense brands such as Suja Juice, MUSH Overnight Oats, and Hope Hummus have scaled national retail.

💎Our plan is to become a nationally leading dessert brand across a platform of indulgent, nutritious, and ethically sourced innovation.

🌎We are scaling with biodegradable packaging that returns to the earth after consumption.

Note: future projections are not guaranteed.

📈We're growing the right way:

  • Incremental, measured tests to optimize our resource expenditure.
  • Nurturing month over month repeat sales growth in current accounts before investing in expansion.
  • 40%+ gross margins, and a path to profitability in 2026 (not guaranteed).
  • Obsessive commitment to product quality.
  • Since launching into retail in 2022, we've tripled our retail velocities. (Units Sold / Store / Week / Sku)

🛒We've proven product market fit in the local natural and specialty channel, outperforming adjacent products on shelf.

🔐Our next milestone is co-manufacturing so we can extend our shelf life, duplicate our local success, and grow our regional distribution.

  • Once we begin co-manufacturing, we can grow sales! 
  • Our first commercial production run activates 35 doors within our current retail accounts. Our New Seasons and Market of Choice buyer has requested Goddess Mousse enter all locations.  
  • Our retail strategy is to win new accounts with performance data that outcompetes competitor products, and earns retailers a higher dollar per inch of shelf space. 
  • Our marketing strategy thus far has been organically built with in-store demos, farmers markets, and social media. Our future approach will be to partner with retailers on trade and shopper marketing that bring people into the category to discover the brand.  

🔮Plant-based dairy and HPP technology unlocks new innovation for fresh protein indulgence.

We've tested milkshakes and spoonable cheesecakes. The potential for the Goddess Brand to innovate is clear! 

😍Our customers are in love!

🌈We are inviting our friends, family, and customers to invest in growing Goddess Mousse!

We believe in democratizing knowledge and building community wealth through innovative products that improve the health of our bodies and planet. It takes a village!

Our achievements thus far have been made possible by the support, advice, and encouragement of our friends, family, and customers.

It only makes sense to share ownership with our earliest believers and continue growing our vision together.

We are currently raising up to $124k on Wefunder in order to move into co-manufacturing.

We will require an additional $26k to support our cash flow needs over the next 6 months. The additional capital will be allocated towards bridging a projected receivables gap. A receivables gap is the time between when a purchase order from a new retail account is placed, and when payment for the shipped product is received.

As a client of MESO, we plan to utilize their lending program in order to fund a projected receivables gap with a competitively priced loan that can be paid back within Net 30 - Net 90 days (payment terms for shipped product).

After reaching our first milestone of commercialized co-manufacturing, we will need to raise additional capital in order to continue executing our regional retail growth plan.

💰Investor FAQ

What will my investment be used for?

  • Your investment will be allocated towards completing R&D costs, funding inventory and labor for manufacturing, facility expenses, and supporting new regional locations with marketing spend.

What are the terms of the investment?

  • We’re raising on a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) with a $2.2mm valuation cap and a 20% discount rate.

What is a SAFE?

  • A SAFE is a popular method to invest in super early-stage companies. At its core, it’s an agreement – an investor puts money into a startup today and both parties agree that, in the future, that money can convert into stock.
  • The SAFE was created by two women on the Y Combinator team in 2013.

How will the shares I receive be determined?

  • In this deal, there is both a valuation cap and a discount rate.
  • SAFEs convert into shares of the issuer’s stock upon a “triggering event,” which is usually the company’s first priced financing round. For most early-stage companies, that will be a Series Seed or Series A financing.
  • The conversion price that you will get for the shares will be based on whichever is more favorable for you, the investor: the price implied by the valuation cap or the price implied by the discount rate on the new shares.

What is a valuation cap and discount rate?

  • The valuation cap sets the maximum price that the SAFE will convert into equity. The cap favors early investors because it puts a maximum on the investor’s eventual price per share– the lower the cap, the lower the price per share, and the more shares an investor expects to own later.
  • The valuation cap in the SAFE is not meant to be a true valuation– it’s in the contract to ensure early investors are later rewarded for taking a risk on a young company.
  • Let's say you invest in a startup using a SAFE with a $2 million cap. If the Series A investors decide that the company is worth $20 million dollars and agree to pay $1/share, then your SAFE will convert as if the price had actually been $2 million. By dividing $20 million by $2 million we get an effective price $0.10/share. That means that you will get 10x as many shares as the Series A investors for the same price.
  • The discount rate provides a discount on the share price in the next priced round of financing. If the Series A price per share is $1.00 per share, the SAFE investors with a discount rate of 20% will convert their investment into stock at $0.80 per share.
  • When the SAFE converts into priced shares, investors will receive either the valuation cap conversion OR the discount conversion, whichever is better, not both.

How do I receive a return on my investment?

  • When the company raises a priced round from professional investors, most often venture capitalists, the SAFE converts into stock. At this point, you are a shareholder owning equity, and you earn a return if the value of that stock goes up over time, and you are able to sell it.
  • Investors may hold their shares through the entirety of the company's growth journey through acquisition or exit, at which point they can sell their shares at favorable liquidity.
  • There is no guarantee that the SAFE will convert into equity or that there will be an acquisition or exit, at which point investors could sell their shares. There is no guarantee you will receive a return on your investment. You should only invest what you can afford to lose.

What’s the minimum I can invest?

  • The minimum investment amount is $100.

What’s the maximum I can invest?

  • Everyone can invest up to $2,500. However, you can invest more depending on your net income and net worth. You can view how much you can invest by adding your net worth and net income under “Investor Limits” here:

Do I have to do anything for Goddess Mousse as an investor?

  • Nope! This is a no-obligation opportunity for you to invest. All you’ll have to do is invest! We'll keep you updated quarterly on our growth!

When will the money leave my account?

  • If you fund your Wefunder Cash account, your funds will move from your account immediately, just like online shopping.
  • Once the campaign is closed, your funds are permanently deposited into Goddess Mousse via Wefunder. This is irreversible as confirmed investments cannot be refunded.
  • For other questions, please check out Wefunder's FAQs or contact [email protected].

*According to our own market research, Goddess Mousse is the first company to create scalable shelf life in fresh desserts with cold pasteurization and the first tofu mousse brand to market.