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Last Funded April 2024


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Executive team with a combined 40+ years experience and Academy Award winning work.
In this limited lightning round, join over 1,700 people who have invested a total of over $1M.
Investors recoup 120% of principal plus pro-rata share of 50% of the backend plus fan based perks!
A true story about courageous women that will inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

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More than a movie, Pharma is a movement.

UPDATE: Our offering is CLOSED. Please reach out if you are still interested in investing. Email: [email protected]

Over 1,700 people with investments totaling over $1,000,000 have paved the way for the production of the feature film, Pharma. After generating immense interest at the close of our last crowdfund, a waitlist soon formed of people who wanted to continue to invest. With several hundred people ready to become part of our production family, we've decided to issue another offering to invest in our project!

The script is based on the incredible true story of Dr. Frances "Frankie" Kelsey and her fight to keep a dangerous drug from being approved for the US market. Risking her career and family along the way, Frankie wages war against big Pharma in 1960, resisting intense pressure and threats from inside the FDA to expose the biggest unmonitored drug trial in US history. 

Dr. Kelsey’s heroic efforts are an example of what one person can do to prevent disaster and change the course of history.

Frankie’s story will inspire audiences for years to come and shine a light on the overlooked tragedy that has impacted tens of thousands of people around the world. Her battle was one of David and Goliath proportions: One woman taking on the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry to expose corruption and prevent a national tragedy.

The ramifications of this historical event still linger today. Though Dr. Kelsey’s efforts prevented a US disaster, many around the world suffered. To date, survivors of thalidomide have not received full restitution. Our goal is to highlight the courage of Dr. Kelsey and shine a light on one of history’s hidden stories. We hope to encourage survivors, by showing them that their story has not gone unnoticed, and impact audiences to take action in the face of injustice.

Pharma is an important and critically relevant story for this moment in history. As we emerge from a global pandemic and new information comes to light each day, Frankie’s story highlights the risk of placing trust in huge corporations and government entities without proper oversight.

In addition to an award winning feature length script, the proof of concept and short film, Pharma, completed the 2023 festival circuit with multiple official selections, nominations, and category wins. The caliber of the project produced on a micro-budget, exhibits the skill and indie grit that the team brings to the table.

Producer, Ashley Bratcher, is an award winning actress and the star of the box office hit Unplanned. Unplanned premiered at number 4 its opening weekend in the box office among major Studio competition including Captain Marvel, Us, and Dumbo. According to Box Office Mojo, the film took in an estimated $6,110,000 at the end of the weekend, with a cumulative per-screen average of $5,770 on just 1,059. To date, it has grossed over $21 million dollars off of a modest $6 million dollar budget.

Ashley’s heart for telling true stories that encourage positive change has been the driving force for bringing Pharma to the screen. In 2020, Ashley founded her own production company, Simple Jane Films, to focus on creating content about ordinary women with extraordinary stories. She is backed by an executive team with a combined 40+ years experience in filmmaking. Their areas of expertise include development, screenwriting, production, casting, distribution, public relations, marketing, and business law.

The team's resumes boast Academy Award winning titles including The Theory of Everything, Darkest Hour, Ray, The Patriot, The Blind Side and more... generating hundreds of millions of dollars in the box office.

Our goal for Pharma is to raise $5 million dollars for the development and attachment of key talent through our crowdfund raise. Part of this budget will be allocated to ongoing development, with the remaining balance allocated towards production, post production, and distribution. Hitting milestones throughout the offering allow us to maintain momentum and move the project forward. If you decide to invest, you’ll be raising awareness that this story should be seen on screens around the world.

Though investing in movies is incredibly risky, and a return on investment can never be guaranteed, we feel that the profitability of biopics has remained consistent over the years. Films such as Hidden Figures, Erin Brockovich, and The Imitation Game have realized enormous profits at the box office. These kinds of movies often become classics, proving the test of time, and creating more downstream revenue for years to come. 

*Success in other projects does not guarantee success in Pharma. There can be no assurance that the projected results will be obtained, and actual results may vary significantly from the projections.

Pharma is a story of investigative action, emotional drama, high stakes, and courage. This is your chance to be a part of movie history and own a piece of our film.

In addition to making a really amazing movie, we’ve always wanted to build a community where our fans and investors feel connected to our project beyond just a dollar amount. We want you to be able to share this journey with us and have an experience that makes you excited and proud to be a part of the Pharma investor family.

$100: Access to INVESTOR ONLY live virtual roundtable discussions with the filmmakers to discuss behind the sceneschat with special guests, and participate in Q&A.

$1,000: BE IN THE MOVIE! You’ll receive a guaranteed spot to join us for a day of filming as an extra in the movie!*

$5,000: Receive a signed copy of the Pharma film poster.

$10,000Get a first look at the script! This script has been kept top secret. With this perk, you’ll be granted exclusive access to read the script before it makes its way to the big screen.**

$20,000: Invitation to the World Premiere! You’ll join us on the red carpet as we celebrate the opening of the film. Mingle with celebrities and be the first to watch the story come to life on the big screen!**

$50,000: Own a piece of movie memorabilia! This perk is for our movie buffs who love collector’s items! In addition to receiving an autographed movie still from the feature, you’ll be gifted a one of a kind prop following the release of the film.

$250,000: Receive 2 VIP passes for the world premiere that includes a private meet and greet with the stars and a trip down the red carpet.*

*Travel and lodging not included. **A signed NDA will be required prior to receiving a copy of the script.

Ready to invest?

Our offering involves preferred stock ownership, giving you a stake in the film alongside us. Investors are prioritized to recoup 120% of their principal investment before profit-sharing begins. Following this, investors receive a pro-rata share of 50% of the backend, along with exclusive perks outlined above.

How does the film make money?

There are a variety of ways for films to generate revenue:

  • Box Office: The most traditional and significant revenue stream for films is box office earnings. When a film is shown in theaters, a portion of ticket sales goes to the film's distributor and production studio. The percentage varies depending on factors like the film's budget, distribution deals, and performance.
  • Home Entertainment: Films generate revenue through home entertainment sales and rentals, including DVD and Blu-ray sales, digital downloads, and streaming rights. This revenue stream has become increasingly important with the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more.
  • Television and Cable Rights: Films can also earn revenue through licensing agreements with television networks and cable channels for broadcast rights. These agreements may include both domestic and international distribution.
  • Product Placement and Brand Deals: Some films generate revenue through product placement and brand deals, where companies pay to have their products featured prominently within the film. This can include everything from cars and electronics to food and beverages.
  • Ancillary Markets: Films can generate revenue from ancillary markets such as airline and hotel screenings, educational distribution, and licensing agreements for theme park attractions or museum exhibitions.
  • International Sales: Films can earn revenue from international distribution deals, including theatrical releases, home entertainment, and television rights in foreign markets.

How are profits distributed?

  1. Recoupment of Costs (Expenses): The first step in the waterfall is often the recoupment of production costs and other expenses associated with the film. This includes expenditures such as production costs, marketing expenses, distribution fees, and overhead costs. These costs must be recouped before any revenue is distributed to investors or profit participants.
  2. Debt: The next step is to allocate revenue towards settling any outstanding debts or deferred payments that the production has incurred. This includes any loans or financial obligations the production may have, as well as any fees that have been deferred for producers or directors involved in the project. (Frankie's Story LLC is currently debt free!)
  3. Investors' Preferred Return of Capital: Once costs are recouped, the next step is the return of capital to investors. Investors receive their initial investment amount plus 20% before any additional profits are distributed.
  4. Distribution to Producers and Talent: After investors have received their preferred return, additional revenues may be allocated to producers, talent (such as actors, directors, and writers), and other key participants based on their contractual agreements. This could include profit participation or backend deals. (A key point here is that the people making the project don’t participate in profits until investors are paid back first.)
  5. Residuals and Guild Payments: If applicable, payments to guilds (such as the Writers Guild of America, Screen Actors Guild, and Directors Guild of America) and residuals to talent for their ongoing participation in the film's success may be distributed at this stage.
  6. Profit Sharing: Once all prior obligations are fulfilled, any remaining profits are distributed to investors based on a pro-rata share of 50% of the backend.
  7. Contingent Compensation: In some cases, there may be additional layers of contingent compensation or bonuses based on the film's performance, such as achieving certain box office milestones or profitability targets.

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