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Our Guide to Startup Investing

Under current regulations, only Accredited Investors (i.e., wealthy people) may legally invest on Wefunder. That’s been the law for nearly 80 years.

However, that law is changing soon! Thanks to the JOBS Act, everyone — no matter how wealthy — will soon be able to invest as little as $100 in their favorite startups. The SEC will release final rules in the summer of 2014.

Investing in a startup is very different than buying stock in a public company listed on the NASDAQ. If you’ve never invested in a startup before, start by reading Crowd Investing 101. It’s a basic overview with all the vital info.

If you’d like to go deeper and really understand the nuts and bolts of how this works, that's great! To help, we’ve included video interviews from professional investors, a FAQ with common questions, a glossary of key terms, and some highlighted readings from experts.

If you have questions about anything, please ask us! We’ll actually answer.