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A new way of communicating for the deaf and hard of hearing
MotionSavvy has built a two way communication device for the deaf that translates sign language into speech. With this device, MotionSavvy gives deaf people the ability to better communicate with their peers without a 3rd party translator present. The US government currently spends $10B+ on services for the deaf and hard of hearing. MotionSavvy fills the gaps where current services fail to be effective.
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Startup investing works a little bit differently than investing in the stock market, but the underlying principles are the same. You pick a company based on its growth prospects. If you believe a startup has great growth potential, then it may make sense to invest some money into that startup in hopes of earning a potential future return.

You should know that most startups fail and don't return any money to investors. Rarely a startup will succeed and return a lot of money, but it is hard to pick those winners because there is so little information to go on. Also, startups that do succeed typically take years to get there and your investment is illiquid during that period.
While startup investing is extremely risky, highly successful startups can deliver exceptional returns. There is also the emotional satisfaction that comes from investing in startups, which is its own kind of reward. It is genuinely an incredible feeling to know that you personally have helped bring a spectacular new innovation, such as flying cars or accelerating science research, into the world.

Many startup investors also leverage their expertise in a particular industry, such as law, real estate or manufacturing, where their domain knowledge can prove an advantage in analyzing business models and likelihood of success.
First and foremost, you should research the read the startup’s complete profile on Wefunder. Understand what it is they do and how they do it. Does their business model make sense? How is their business doing currently? How much have they been growing in the past several months and what milestones have they achieved? All of this information is available on Wefunder’s startup profile pages.

Remember that not all startups are immediately profitable. Many take alternative paths to profits by building valuable assets, such as large user base or next-generation technology, that they plan to leverage for profits or greater acquisition value in the future.
Startup investors have historically achieved better financial outcomes, on average, by investing in more than one startup at a time. By diversifying, or spreading their risk around and investing smaller amounts into many startups at once, many investors have increased their likelihood for better returns. Note that past performance is not indicative of future results. Wefunder offers the opportunity to invest in both individual startups and Portfolios of startup companies.

Recently Funded

funding successful
A new way of communicating for the deaf and hard of hearing
$10B market. 38 million hearing impaired in US market
funding successful
An exclusive Black Card with special perks & VIP access for millennials
$100,000+ revenue in May. 300 new members and $75,000 in revenue in the past 7 days
funding successful
Personal Assistant for Your Airbnb
by Guesty
533 Paying properties. $1500 avg. lifetime customer value
funding successful
An activity and summer camp marketplace for kids
265% monthly growth. $1.8 Billion market ($15B Camps industry)
funding successful
Software that increases the capacity and life of lithium ion batteries
Increases battery life 4x; retains 96% capacity after 5 year. Stores 10-40% more power
funding successful
Translation as a service at 1/5 the cost of traditional translators
40 pre-launch paying customers. 700K words translated
funding successful
eBay for manufacturing equipment
by Asseta
Earned $131,000 in August. 250% month-over-month growth
funding successful
Affordable benefits for your company in minutes.
15 clients enrolled. 700 applied to waiting list.. Built entire product in 3 months
funding successful
Legendary food from across the country, shipped to your door
$100k of revenue in 4 months. 100% monthly growth since launch