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Optimizely for social sharing
Customers: 0 in May --> 150 in September. 33% average increase in user engagement
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Orange Fund II
Investing target: Y Combinator Winter 2015
Moonshot Fund
Virtual reality, robotics, AI, flying cars, bio-engineering, space, and more
Crowdsourcing Fund
Crowdsourced labor, expertise, contests, marketplaces, and more

Recently Funded

funding successful
An activity and summer camp marketplace for kids
265% monthly growth. $1.8 Billion market ($15B Camps industry)
funding successful
Legendary food from across the country, shipped to your door
$100k of revenue in 4 months. 100% monthly growth since launch
funding successful
A new way of communicating for the deaf and hard of hearing
$10B market. 38 million hearing impaired in US market
funding successful
Translation as a service at 1/5 the cost of traditional translators
40 pre-launch paying customers. 700K words translated
funding successful
Personal Assistant for Your Airbnb
by Guesty
533 Paying properties. $1500 avg. lifetime customer value
funding successful
Software that increases the capacity and life of lithium ion batteries
Increases battery life 4x; retains 96% capacity after 5 year. Stores 10-40% more power