Unleashing the untold magic of chickpeas to harness explosive plant-based trend

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Innovative plant-based products that deliver on flavor and texture, without compromise!
Rapid 4x annual growth in 2 years and 40x growth online
5x industry award winner for product taste & innovation
500+ 5-star customer reviews online, including Amazon & Shopify

Our Team

Our founder, Jess, grew up on highly processed foods, frozen TV dinners, and fast food, which led to a variety of health issues. She healed herself through proper diet, and became passionate for clean cooking. Compromise is not in Jess’s vocabulary. Having enjoyed the comfort foods of her youth, she was determined to cook healthy and delicious.

Why Fabalish?

During an unprecedented consumer shift towards healthy, sustainable foods—and through the magical versatility of the humble chickpea—Fabalish serves up an ever-expanding line that not only meets an explosive demand but also competes with conventional foods in terms of flavor and texture.

Our eating habits are killing us and the planet. Diets contribute to 678K deaths each year in the U.S. alone. Our food system is a key contributor to the climate crisis, and intensive animal farming causes animal abuse at an unprecedented scale. Time for a massive paradigm shift, and chickpeas are stepping up to the plate.

Consumers are ready to rise to the occasion: a majority of millennials and Gen Z are prioritizing plant-based diets, buying more organic, and going meatless. Younger consumer preferences are shaping the market with a clear, multifaceted demand: plant-based, organic, allergen-friendly, clean-label.

In an increasingly competitive food landscape, we believe Fabalish is uniquely positioned to be an industry leader: our chickpea veggie bites and aquafaba dips/sauces are alone in the market to check all of these important, fast-growing, consumer trends and compete with conventional foods in flavor and texture.

Chickpeas are a known superfood with endless health benefits. Aquafaba— lesser known but even more magical and versatile—is the egg white-like liquid released when you boil chickpeas. Turns out it’s an incredible replacement for egg whites, yolks and dairy products—and a cause for rejoice among vegans.

Our refreshingly simple, healthy, and delicious lineup of products includes impossibly creamy and flavorful dips/sauces, and the market’s first baked, organic falafel (think chickpea veggie bites). All of the goodness, and none of the highly processed ingredients that meatless protein usually contains.

Our founder Jess, like so many American children, grew up eating highly processed, unhealthy foods. As a result, she developed health problems that gave her no choice but to forge her own path towards clean eating. Eager to help others, she became a private chef for families with health issues and dietary restrictions. One by one, she won them over with the magic of chickpeas and aquafaba...and that’s how Fabalish was born

Since the inception of Fabalish in 2019, demand has far exceeded expectations. With 4x annual growth, 40x growth online, distribution amongst large retailers like Hungryroot and Fresh Direct, 500+ 5-star reviews online, and $1M projected revenue* in 2021 — we believe that Fabalish’s traction is unstoppable. *Projections cannot be guaranteed.

Tapping into a $60B market of dips and frozen prepared foods, and perfectly poised to capture the explosive, unstoppable consumer interest in organic, plant-based, allergen friendly, and clean-label foods... we believe it’s only a matter of time until Fabalish products are staples in every household.

Founder brings major culinary cred to Fabalish with 15 years of professional kitchen magic, and a degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute. Her Fabalish food artistry hasn’t gone unnoticed: awards include Winner of Best Condiment and Finalist for Best Plant-Based Startup at the World Plant-Based Awards

Reporters and consumers are raving about Fabalish. With regular appearances in publications like Yahoo News and Consumer Reports, and features in Livestrong and Entrepreneur, Fabalish is proving the plant-based lifestyle is growing. And with a 48% retention rate, it’s clear buyers are hungry for more.

Jess is a seasoned chef and Paul was part of a successful prior exit with experience in operations, financial strategy, and project portfolio management. Advisory board is—and this is an understatement—stacked with experienced industry veterans and investors.

In a crowded marketplace, Fabalish products stand out from the plant-based crowd with critically acclaimed taste and texture. With future rollouts like burgers, breads, cookies, snacks, and frozen desserts, our belief is that Fabalish is a visionary company making the high-quality food of our future.

2021 is all about accelerating growth and achieving $1M in revenue. With new branding coming online, key hires secured, expanded distribution, and increased press coverage, we believe Fabalish is well-positioned to meet its target for $50M in revenue by 2026 with an ultimate exit valuation at 3-5x yearly revenue. Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

This solid go-to-market strategy includes ALL the big brands and makes competitors green with envy...

*Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Explosive rates of plant-based and organic-focused consumers, critically acclaimed flavors and textures, a proven model of distribution, incredible partnerships, and a sky-high retention rate—all make this unique innovation unstoppable. Will you be an early investor as this pea scales to rule them all?