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First round oversubscribed with $1,061,000 raised
The 2 co-founders first startup produced more than a 10 x return & exit via sale to a public company
Just 8 months live, we've had over 33,000 unique users
Over 1,000 nonlegal jobs for lawyers on the ex judicata Job Board

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We help lawyers who want to leave the practice of law find new careers

Thousands of lawyers want to leave the practice of law and transition to new careers. They do not know where to begin.

ex judicata provides an end-to-end solution--from identifying careers that are the best fit based on the individual attorney's personality, work history and skill set--all the way to actually securing a nonlegal job on the ex judicata Job Board.

100% of the jobs posted on the ex judicata Job Board are nonlegal positions for lawyers

Since our launch just 8 short months ago, we've had wonderful engagement with the marketplace. The timeline shows some of the milestones that we have hit including 33,000+ unique users that have visited and 1,000+ jobs on our Job Board

Our first funding round was oversubscribed with $1,061,000 raised from 18 investors led by Bart Schwartz, Chairman of Guidepost Solutions, formerly, Chief of the Criminal Division, US Attorneys Office for the Southern District.

ex judicata reunites co-founders Neil Handwerker and Kimberly Fine whose first startup, Fulcrum Information Services, yielded a 10x return to investors with exit via sale to then publicly traded Sylvan Learning.

Why now ?

In the late 80s, co-founder, Neil Handwerker, sought to transition from the practice of law to business. There is no roadmap and no support. Fast forward to 2022, not all that much had changed. Except, the sheer volume of lawyers seeking to leave law for new careers.

At this moment, it is very likely that you have a colleague, a relative, a classmate and/or a friend who is an attorney that wants to, or needs, to find an alternative career.  Since there has been so little guidance and support available, chances are that attorney has remained in place unsure of how to even go about choosing an alternative career let alone actually securing a nonlegal job.

The statistics on the growing career dissatisfaction are daunting.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics lawyers are the least happy workers in America (The Washington Post, January 2023) Substance abuse is growing at an alarming rate according to poll after poll. 44% of lawyers are considering doing something else (Meeting Fever, February 2024) Enter ex judicata.

Right now employers across the country are facing a shortage of skilled talent. Lawyers that seek to pivot are a new source of highly-skilled talent. ex judicata is building a two-sided marketplace: JDs looking for new careers being matched with employers eager for people who possess the qualities found in the JD skill set. They meet on the ex judicata Job Board.

On the day we launched we put up posters on an abandoned building in New York City near the courthouses. A woman was walking down the street. She stopped to take a picture with her phone. We asked: "Why?" She answered: "I am a lawyer who wants to find a new career."

How we make it all happen:

  1. EXJ Career Diagnostic – our tool designed to help attorneys match potential careers with their individual backgrounds, personality and skill set
  2. On demand training and development - Webcasts and courses to prepare JDs for business roles
  3. Our "Career Corner" features 10 coaches from the world of business helping lawyers redraft their CVs and LinkedIn profiles and/or providing traditional 1-1 counseling.
  4. The unique Job Board where 100% of the positions are nonlegal jobs for JDs
  5. Articles offering guidance on everything from crafting an elevator pitch to the essential questions every JD moving to business should ask during the interview process to our take on 'bad' alternative career options for lawyers
  6. Inspirational interviews with JDs who successfully moved to business .

The Feedback

We are gratified, and grateful, to have been embraced by the marketplace practically from day one. So many lawyers have reached out to us to say 'thank you'.

I am so excited to have found your platform. It's exactly what I was looking for my entire career.
I can't believe you've been live only 7 months. The need for ex judicata predates the profession.
Where was ex judicata when I needed you 10 years ago?
What can I do to help? see we're out raising money on in a Community Round on Wefunder...

All of the features on ex judicata--from the articles, to the interviews to creating courses and webcasts, to the Job Board--is the work of just 3 full-time people.

We are very proud of all we have been able to accomplish to this point. But monies raised will help us make a few select, tactical hires while continuing to run lean.

This is where you come in.

Lawyer Angels wanted

We believe we are already making a real difference in the lives of lawyers seeking alternatives to practicing law.  And we are just getting started.

There are many more jobs to capture for the Job Board, courses and webcasts to create, coaches to add to the 'Career Corner', interviews to be held, articles to be written and so many more lawyers we can help.

Investing in ex judicata is a pure win-win. You are helping us to help fellow lawyers and, we believe, advance the legal profession on the whole. And in the process you get to participate as an investor.

Please join us on a journey really just beginning.

Thank you.