πŸ₯‡ 1st Mover Digital Wellness App Using Emotion AI for Underserved Youth

Last Funded September 2021


raised from 56 investors
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πŸ“ˆ 30k users + explosive traction at 583% user growth per month
πŸ’Έ Headstream Accelerator 2021 Finalist with support from Melinda Gates' Pivotal Ventures
βœ’οΈ 6-8 B2B customer contract intents from health and education worth $600k
πŸ’° $8 trillion market in augmented psychological data for future of learning & work
πŸ€“ Advisory team from Inc. 5000 voice technology and patient research companies
πŸ† Defensible positioning with 2x provisional IPs for Empathy AI owned by evrmore
πŸ‘‹ The Clubhouse for equity of opportunity and social mobility
πŸ’ž Social tech backlashes + COVID aftermaths will continue to demand for digital wellness

Our Team

Volatility and traumatic life events are at the center of mental health issues, yet we're drowning in apps that offer reactionary measures at a premium, with limited support that lacks the time horizon or practicality to give underserved young people the transferable life skills and social mobility they need to lead a rewarding life.

The emotional wellbeing GPS for young people to speak their truth and stay on track!

Say goodbye to old-school social and say hello to confidence and a rewarding path through life.

For 15 to 25-yr old transitional age young people (and us adults, too!), unhealthy social network interactions have been the top contributing factor to rising cases of mental health issues and suicides.

We fall prey to unhealthy ways of looking at the world and how we look at ourselves β€” our worth, and our ability to naturally bounce back from setbacks.

Social media as we know it, has been exacerbating body-image issues, bullying, and seemingly harmless things like worry-spirals that we all experience. 

🌟 We're featured on The Mental Health Dilemma as a changemaker for the new world of social technologies!

How we're using AI as an empathetic agent for personal growth.

πŸ˜” Heavy use of text-based and video platforms has been hijacking our life stories.

We're drowning in apps that offer surface connections that are overly reliant on text-based communication or introduce video-based stressors that don’t translate into wellbeing and meaningful relationships. At a time when despair and learning loss are compounded, we have the technology to address them at scale. 


Give the gift of awareness, core values, and actual mentors who would support their growth β€” for now, or for life. 

This is crucial for young people, especially during this unprecedented time we're experiencing in the COVID era, and the long-term implications of extended isolation and life on hold.

evrmore delivers social + emotional development and support that integrate seamlessly with virtual learning environments, with practical tools that are trauma-informed and provide the personal value structure that's been missing in social technologies, for far too long.

By fuzing our senses, memories, and experiences into a cohesive story, evrmore helps us see into what we want to become by understanding our past and where we stand to gain now and in the future. It's the most powerful technology that's practical, repeatable, and sociable.

Anxiety detection, wellness monitoring, and core skills development are untapped and siloed data markets that can be integrated by evrmore.

*these are forward-looking projections and are not guaranteed

✨ πŸ’¬ πŸ₯‡ evrmore uses emotion AI that distills life context and best-class user experience

Key components of evrmore

1. Voice AI with Psychometrics NLP β€“ Built on the Empathy AIℒ️ platform, with cutting-edge language and emotion analysis β€” evrmore provides a comprehensive snapshot of the user's current mental state and situational context to reveal hidden patterns and useful tools to improve wellness. ✨

2. Individualized Feedback & Self-Narrative Development β€“ Each user has an internalized, evolving story of the self that provides an ongoing sense of developing values, based on their own interests, perspectives, and world view. πŸ’¬

3. Mentor Access & School Integration – The core user experience presents a game-like path for users to go on quests, set their goals to gain access to interest-based mentors, dynamically matched to their current academic and personal trajectory.πŸ₯‡

πŸš€ We're growing our userbase that's scalable and exponential @ 583% ~ 1200% month-to-month!

Our target market is hyper-responsive because evrmore fills a void.

For every .75 cents we get a sign-up @ 10x and demo requests β€” which forecast a $6 million revenue from app subscriptions, and a $3 million B2B pipeline in the first 12 months.

*these are forward-looking projections and are not guaranteed

We're raising $250k on Wefunder so we can hit important milestones based on our current growth.

πŸ“±  launch iOS app and Alexa skill (Amazon)
πŸ’ͺ🏽  increase business development to expand into B2B markets
🏫  onboard and integrate with more schools, districts, and health systems


    Our growth plan & innovation cycle

    β€’ App launch is scheduled for late June, followed by Alexa Skills and Apple Watch
    β€’ Q2 2021 β€” SaaS for wellness (phase 1) β€” We're currently working with a few school districts for pilots of the edtech dashboard
    β€’ Q4 2021 β€” SaaS for wellness (phase 2) β€” We're having similar co-creation sessions with leading mental health practitioners and clinicians for pilots of the healthtech dashboard
    β€’ Q1 2022 β€” SaaS for enterprise β€” EAP (employee assistance and integration with health systems)