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eBroadcast TV's "Your Beer Show"

The first fan-owned 4D television network creates a new genre of entertainment


First to combine TV, live events, & social media to create remote audience-interactive 4D SocialTV.
Co-founders experienced in media, e-learning, live radio, and television production.
Four years spent on Research & Development.
Developed a production technology that utilizes top talent and lowers production costs.
Created an online marketing strategy that leverages passionate people and turns them into loyal fans.
Goal is to become the first fan-owned E-TV Network. 

Our Team

Founder, CEO, Executive Producer
Visionary – and I can help others see it. Resourceful. Stuff happens. I find people, places and things needed so stuff doesn't stop us. Flexible. Teams have great ideas. It’s up to me to blend them.
Chris Cashman Production Co-Founder, Live Show Producer-Director
Producer of feature films, T.V. talk shows, shorts, music videos and commercials. Wrote, produced and directed the award winning films "Club Frontera," “Carts,"​ "Revelations"​ and “Goofyfoot.”
Brendan McCourt Production Co-Founder, Technical Producer-Director
Brendan puts his Audio/Video production and Web/Graphic design skills to work in the Software, Insurance, Non-Profit, Broadcast and Music industries-shooting/editing photos and videos for broadcast.